XPIKS: Super Charge Your Stock Photo Work Flow
XPIKS: Super Charge Your Stock Photo Work Flow

welcome back today I’m gonna talk about
the one tool that has really stepped up my microstock photography workflow I’m
excited to share it with you because it went from the difference of me just
getting a few pictures uploaded to being able to 10x that and get through
multiple at a time what I’m talking about is X piks free download application
to use so let’s dive in while I show you how to use it to step up your stock
photography game as well so once you’ve started X piks
you’re gonna have two options one’s gonna be to add a whole directory I
don’t suggest this unless you’re planning on doing a lot of work or to
simply add files I choose to add file so I can pick the ones that I have just
edited in Lightroom with my particular editing style and preset go to where you
keep your stock images I keep mine and a nice little folder called stock photo
select the files that you’re ready and it’s gonna load them all nicely and the
nice thing about X piks is it’s gonna give you a work spot to do most of the
metadata for the images that you’ve picked which is nice
that way you don’t have to go through on each site and fill in a description
title in keywords so I’ve loaded the four pictures that I took from a walk
that I recently took with my daughter just some things that caught my walk my
eye the first one is just a simple tree with a graffiti heart on it so for a
just title I like to keep it very simple just graffiti on a tree-trunk in a park I like to explain
expand on the description so we’re going to do graffiti on a leafy green tree
trunk and a park with a carved art some symbolic of young love from here once
you have your description in your title a nice feature is that there’s suggest
keywords when you click on that you’ll get to put in a simple description
carving on a tree you’ll be able to search from all images photos vectors
illustrations and on the right side you can pick from do you wanna search from
Shutterstock iStock Fotolia or local files well once you click search it’s
gonna go out to in this case shutterstock and bring in all images
that have that particular phrase on it and you’ll see there’s quite a few yeah
makes me kind of second-guess the photo but I’ve already taken it so you’ll go
through and click on a few of them I like to pick the ones that are kind of
similar overall pick a good battering maybe 10 to 15 of them and from there
it’s gonna give you these suggested keywords and that’s what all these
photos are gonna have in common four words that have already been
entered and a lot of stock photographers are notoriously lazy on their keywords
so make sure that you scrub through them to see if there’s any that just don’t
make sense then also go through the other keywords these are gonna be the
ones that aren’t used nearly as much through those particular photos in this
case it wasn’t an apple tree wasn’t vibrant lovesickness might be a good one
in there it’s about the only one I like but then you won’t click add suggestions
and it’s gonna add all of those back into the keywords in this case I I’m
gonna go ahead and then you move to the next photo I’m gonna just kind of speed
through this as I get the next three in there what I like about the suggested keywords
not only does it save a lot of time especially for grouping similar pictures
together because you can copy and paste but also if you go through the other
photos I’ve got several ideas for stock photo shoots for the future from just
different things that I’ve seen during the process so once you have all of the
photos you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna select all four of them it’s gonna
want you to then save this information and export those to the file once you’ve
exported sorry once you’ve saved which is a little down arrow you’re gonna be
ready to upload them the little cloud icon with an arrow and it’s gonna bring
up it’s gonna bring up all of your different stock agencies that you’ve
built in as you can see I’m using shutterstock Adobe stock dreams time
deposit photo pond5 it will have you put in your information and to be able to
test that you can add a new one simply just by title host pretty easy overall
and then once you have it you’re just simply gonna click the ones you want and
click start upload and it’s that simple X piks it if used properly it’s a great
tool to help you streamline your workflow because when it comes to stock
photography it’s about proficiency it’s not about
always having just the perfect every keyword because they sell for so little
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if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing for money

24 thoughts on “XPIKS: Super Charge Your Stock Photo Work Flow”

  1. My Hustle says:

    Question of the day. What is your favorite stock photography uploader?

  2. Raul J. Gomez says:

    Yoo damn. Hells yeah! This has got to help me out. Love that office background! Man I gotta step up my background game up!

  3. SIW Videos says:

    I am all for anything that helps do things faster & still does a good job.

  4. Life of READO says:

    Great Tips here!! gonna have to give this a go!!

  5. Angela Figueiredo says:

    Awesome tips! I really need to step up my game when it comes to my stock photography. I've been definitely slacking… Lol! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chaos Dreams says:

    A lot of awesome tips like always, great man

  7. Chyna Cruz says:

    Thank you for all the tips

  8. Austin Happy World* 奧斯丁美國大冒險* says:

    nice tips!

  9. Rachel Benefield says:

    Very awesome!

  10. Stuart Atton says:

    Keywording can be done in LR and/or MicroStockSubmitter, which will then upload AND Submit the files for U !! Even easier 😉

  11. Stuart Atton says:

    did U mean 'Xpiks' ?? can't find 'X-Picks' ???

  12. Throughmylens says:

    Good video

  13. Lena Gadanski says:

    Thank you! I am wondering how do you add model releases in Xpiks if you happen to have models in your photos?

  14. Anton says:

    I know its free,but Is there a limit on uploading photos ?

  15. Abhishek Singh says:

    Giving our details to third party software…. I don't think it's safe.

  16. Warren walks NYC says:

    Wonderfully presented with great info. Many thanks.

  17. Craig Anthony says:

    you can't legally upload the pic with the graffiti unless you have a signed release from the artist 😉

  18. All Places says:

    Shutterstock.Great video reall y helped me with my stock photography

  19. Ben Wehrman says:

    I've had a horrible experience with XPiks so far…It took probably 36 hours to do the upload of 250 photos (left my laptop on overnight), and after all that waiting, I got a TON of "unable to upload" errors. Now it looks like I'll have to go through all 7 sites I uploaded to and do it manually anyway, since every one failed to upload different photos…nightmare.

  20. tunnelmotions [ free motion backgrounds / loops ] says:

    Hi are you using blackbox? Im testing at the moment what is best fpr uploading videos and pictures. Im testing stocksubmitter and picworkflow and blackbox. I want upload images and videos. But nothing work good with both. I dont want add them on every site it should be able to done in the app.

  21. popkahchin says:

    can you do a review about stocksubmitter? It seems to have a lot more advanced features.

  22. Good Morning says:

    Thank you ~!

  23. tokyodave 66 says:

    Excellent tutorial! Thanks so much. Just subscribed.

  24. Patrick Lynch says:

    "They sell for so little" Maybe stop supporting agencies that "sell for so little" while giving you very little of that little. It just devalues the whole operation.

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