Will Smith’s Instagram Photography Skills Are Better Than National Geographic
Will Smith’s Instagram Photography Skills Are Better Than National Geographic

100 thoughts on “Will Smith’s Instagram Photography Skills Are Better Than National Geographic”

  1. Micarel Sardin says:

    im 20 years old now, feelsOldman

  2. Natas Liah says:

    Sc¡entology looks so cool with W¡Il

  3. TesGon says:

    Will watch that “rock” for real. Is Johnson there? Can you smell it? What the “ rock” is cooking.

  4. Suyapa Opina says:

    I love his energy. 🤩🤩

  5. wataloopus says:

    cmon Will you the man but those pictures are extremely mediocre lol

  6. EmmylouBauer says:

    That small documentary seems lit tho…

  7. Mr. Red says:

    Cadê as legendas em PORTUGUÊS

  8. Mario Filio says:

    Amazing !! Jimmy I´m the Mexican Voice Actor Dubbing Will Smith voice for Latin America since "I Robot" until the recent movies and series.
    Wishing to meet you both soon.
    Sincerely Mario Filio!

  9. Osman Javed says:

    I don't understand why always will smith yell or he is just excited so much

  10. Diana Dumitras says:

    God, I love this man!

  11. Conn says:

    Jimmy & Will are two absolutely awesome guys!
    Can't wait to watch OSR!


    Can’t wait to watch “one strange rock”

    Fresh prince reboot?

    Also I think I have gone Will Smith bVog stupid!
    Finally someone actually famous to follow.

    My kids watch other people play Minecraft and think they is more of a celebrity than you.

    Don’t worry tho I made them do the dishes then watch FBoB and big willie style on repeat after, for good measure. They are better people now for it.

  13. Catherine Campbell says:

    I can't wait to hear Will's new music!

  14. Me Miss Marie says:

    Love him!

  15. 羊义 says:

    My stuff is hot lol

  16. MR. smith says:

    When I was 8 yrs old I start watching will Smith movies now I'm turning 38 yrs old I still see will Smith he still looks the same never age now I look older than him…

  17. CONJUNCTION says:

    What pink is that where did he get that sweater color from looks so good on his skin tone

  18. Muthia Adlini says:

    Honestly will smith and social media are like a match made from heaven😂

  19. Filmon Negasi says:

    Watching Will Smith in fresh Prince of Bel air and now is so strange

  20. John Falk says:

    Yea and Zedd is behind the Music for this project that Will smith is in!

  21. Jennifer Skipper says:

    Will check out my instagram vid I tagged you in!! This was you and I Friday April 6th in Glennville!!!

  22. Freni says:

    nice this is my favorite snowhttps .

  23. MrAlex3132003 says:

    Now I feel like watching Jay Pharoah video when he impersonates Will Smith and Denzel!

  24. Charlest Mayala says:

    Charles Mayala

  25. Charlest Mayala says:

    Will Smith Le Roi De La Foret 😀🔥

  26. Charlest Mayala says:

    Will Smith Igwe 😃

  27. Shanel Knight says:

    I. Love. Will. Smith. That is all.

  28. Zach Van Harris JR says:

    One Strange Rock could be a movie! I wonder if it will show on Netflix, I would binge watch it! I love that kind of stuff! Peace

  29. Halette says:

    It would be an amazing experience to grab some coffee with Will any day and just talk about life. Obviously it's not going to be just a simple "talk" talk I mean look at the guy's sense of humour. Makes you wanna grab a mug of beer instead rather than a freaking cup of coffee! 😂

  30. L. Wheeler says:

    His energy, his spirit and his creativity! It's so amazing to see it ! I definitely admire him so much ❤️

  31. Ana Botticelli says:

    I think Will is the more likeable and liked celebrity of all times.

  32. Hello ! says:

    Hi Genie! 🧞‍♂️

  33. Alexandria Taylor says:

    I like his pants!

  34. Juju Tatalamino says:

    that series gonna be awesome.. national geographic should be a world heritage site

  35. Surenaïde says:


  36. Random Channel says:

    1:38 SARA!

  37. Nikki C says:

    how can you not be in love with him

  38. Nikki C says:

    he’s amazing someone you want to be around all the time

  39. Nellie K. Adaba says:


  40. It'sMeCecy says:

    I wanna see Randy Mancuso with Jimmy

  41. Aubree Aidyn says:

    I love how he's excited for his channel !! Way to go will

  42. S W says:

    Will is such a fun and entertaining guy. Love him and Jada!!!

  43. Alan Lopez says:

    Does anybody know what shirt Will is wearing?

  44. Grace x says:

    he's just started social media yet he's mastered it

  45. Tiggertron says:

    Will Smith in his later age is definitely hittin the doobies lately 😂 his eyes be lit! 🗣️💨 and I don't wanna hear it's all those YouTube hours on his free time either lmao

  46. Emont Merritt says:

    imo jimmy fallon is better than jimmy kimmel

  47. Naomi Philip says:

    It's the same old will smith

  48. silas sale says:

    He's like the black Logan paul in a good way.

  49. بلال النوري says:

    EW hahahaahah 😀😁😂👌👌👌👌 is good 👌😂👌😂

  50. m to the R says:

    Never old, always funny, love!

  51. Ivana Mance says:

    Does he age?

  52. Dominique Willahan says:

    Tmw Will Smith discovers anaerobic organisms and extremophiles.

  53. Sonny Miller says:

    Thanks to Kevin Hart

  54. TytoAlbaSoren says:

    Who else came here from Will Smith's vlog?

  55. Yolanda Edwards says:

    This was an awesome interview! Love Will Smith 😘👏😃

  56. Joey Calvo says:

    I got mad respect for his down to earth story telling…….hahaha….it would be a awesom to drink a few beers and talk randoms with this human……..

  57. beto5380 says:

    I'm in love of his wife, but every time that I see Will Smith I know why I will never have a chance with her, he is so funny, smart, talent…this man is perfect

  58. Amazing Supergirl says:

    Our planet is constantly correcting itself. That’s why we have earthquakes and fires. It’s NOT perfect.

  59. Sal M says:

    The way he says he’s alive again. It’s like you can see it his eyes how much happy he is doing what he does.

  60. TIlak Sevak says:

    Will is super awesome and now we all can see on insta and youtube))) He could sing, he is a great actor, now a youtuber and a photographer!? Ha ha ha😂

  61. TIlak Sevak says:

    “And now the impala has come!”

  62. Andrew Flood says:


  63. Ani Chimdirim says:

    This man is legit wow… Amazing person mehnn, come on

  64. Gameload4life says:

    Pilly all the way

  65. Jo St. Louis says:

    I’m alive again jimmy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  66. Lar sen says:

    The one thing i like about will is that he never jokes about black about white ppl jokes on talk show at least from what i know. Like kevin hart

  67. Sruti Guru Subramaniam says:

    Will Smith is PRECIOUS

  68. Thobile Gwebu says:

    Love you and your beautiful family Will greetings from Swaziland

  69. Samantha Lee says:

    Two of my favorites! They're both so fun, animated, and genuinely nice guys in the entertainment industry. Love love love

  70. JAG770721 says:

    I can’t wait! NG

  71. Ron Raymond says:

    lol..these guys are funny af.😂

  72. Nort Phil Tabud says:

    i hope the rumor tht Will Smith's Suicide squad 2 wth Dwayne Johnson! be true! & tht will be more awsome 2 watch.

  73. Gabriel Matheus says:

    I live for his YEAAAHs

  74. عبدالله البلوشي says:

    3:30 Ah that's hot

  75. X says:

    I love Will!

  76. FORTNITE GAMER says:

    Worst YouTube rewind


    I was just kidding

  77. sbarnett37tiger Barnes says:


  78. Waheedah's Recipes says:

    Will Smith still looking great
    Haven't age a bit

  79. Jlor Jerez says:

    I dont know how someone could be SO likeable! He does everything right.

  80. arju scarlet says:

    Pink surprising looks really good on Will Smith it's the first time I've seen him wearing pink and it's beautifully distracting.😍

  81. Mike Thomassen says:

    What. A. Legend!
    Will Smith is just amazing, funny, energized and in line with himself…

  82. David says:

    I can tell being around this dude u get nothing but positive energy n laughs 😂

  83. Bianca Ojo says:

    I not only have chills and thrills down my spine…..

  84. Knight2 Knight says:

    My G yeah u know him The FP got the fire back in his eyes and in his life lives so yall best realize THIS World has caught 🔥🔥🔥 cause my Braah from West Philly bringin to ya with the hypest, righteous, out defyin he's my BAd BoY fa life u got right thats tight its my #1 brotha and hella live person U know him as Will (Throw in the Carlton dance if u feel..Haha) 500 My Brotha ✌😎📱🎵🎼🎵

  85. Jonathan Shearman says:

    Hey Will, (Hitting fist), i know where theirs a real baaad guuy, lololololol.

  86. RR Love02 says:

    thas hot…THAS HOT

  87. محمد الكبيسي says:


  88. Awesome Eduardo says:

    2:55 2:56 2:57 2:58 2:59 3:00 3:01
    Will: It's Like I'm Alive again, Jimmy
    Jimmy: Laughs

  89. SamiraTheAngel says:

    I learned all of that in science class😂😂

  90. Rain Free says:


  91. Marty McFly says:

    How can you not like Will? He’s such a good dude

  92. M J585 says:

    This guy is 50 and still HOTTTTTTTTT

  93. Sc0rPio XoXo says:

    My man.. 👌🏼😉

  94. RCLife says:

    I’m srry but jimmy Fallon might be the most unfunny guy of all time his show is just popular because of the popular people

  95. chae says:

    Seriously I saw the photos of Brooklyn at the polo ralph lauren thing he was at a couple of days ago and he looks as old as will smith. Also, how many smiths will the Will Smith smith with, with a will of a smith for a will willed to Yale Smith's Smithville smith.

  96. fade says:

    Normally Jimmy is the funny dude. Not during this interview. It’s Will Smith, ladies and gentlemen.

  97. Sa Gi says:

    Jimmy thinks he would be funny when he screams all the time

  98. Andrew Goosdy says:

    will your ate the best in the West and the north ok

  99. Mate Gamer14 says:

    Where ever when ever will smith is in something it always fun as hell man

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