Wildlife Photography – WOLVES and BEARS part 1 | The travel to Finland
Wildlife Photography – WOLVES and BEARS part 1 | The travel to Finland

I’m now in place in the photo hide. There’s a bear. There is a bloody… okay… Bye We are here in Simon’s apartment in Aalborg and look at this… Simon is… sneaking away now… he is shy for the camera. Look we have the drone,… 500 is over there.
That was the 500. Equipment, equipment, equipment. More equipment. It’s going to be really nice that we have our car.
So yeah,… and for now we are done packing. There is cold beer on the terrace. So it’s very late past midnight now and… Simon has been almost jumping out of that window several times, because he is playing with a… DJI S… Was it 900? – S900
S900… and he’s trying to map all these channels. So, well now the plan is to… Yeah, get the last stuff packed. That means get everything packed and then get it to the car except the camera equipment. Get a few hours sleep, get up,… drive to the boat and then we can hopefully sit on that boat with a cup of coffee. So yeah… See you there. It is very early after about… three hours of sleep. We woke up. Of course we are late to go to bed last night. We played with the big drone and
packed the equipment and got a gin and tonic and a beer and… – Good morning
So… Tired I guess. So yeah, let’s catch that boat and let’s go to Finland. ♪♪ So we have just arrived in Finland now and… Now it all starts. Let’s go up north to the wolves and the bears and
to the big forest of Finland. ♪♪ We are now in Finland. We have been driving 1200 kilometers from home and we have about… 1.2 kilometer to a destination, the base camp.
And look at this. It’s absolutely awesome. ♪♪ We have one big problem though, and that is,… I think we took a wrong road.
Look at this. Road is blocked and I can’t get this one up. Ready to go back?
-Yes! I just figured out there are plenty of mosquitoes here.
So yeah, let’s get in. ♪♪ Look around. This is our home for the next… week or so.
We have today to relax and tomorrow afternoon we are going out to
the blind for the first time and… Until then it’s just time to basically get settled here and meet some other photographers, make some photos, make some videos, fly the drones,… It’s so good to be here. I’ve been here before and
it’s so nice to be back. Look around.
Look how awesome this is. Like, before we start going mental about how nice everything is, I think… It’s time to get the things out of the car or maybe go in and say hello, and then I’ll start… Yeah… ♪♪ So, finally we’re done packing. Almost. Simon’s coming with the last things here.
We have all our equipment, all the tripods,… the drone here,… the big lenses,… So everything seems to be a perfect trip.
Now, this is our little cave for the next… five, six days, maybe seven. We don’t know yet. Yeah, everything is ready now and… I’m super excited for this week. What we will see wolves, bears, wolverines, birds, squirrels,… I don’t know.
I have no idea, but I really pray that it will be good. But for now Simon is waiting for me and
we are going over there to have a…. little dinner, so… Yeah, see you later. ♪♪ It’s about 10 o’clock now and… we just returned from a swim in this… wonderful lake. And I can’t wait until tomorrow when we are actually going out to the blinds. For now… the plan is to stay up the whole night,… have like one hour, one and a half hour sleep
so we can turn our day rythm around,
because for the next five or six days, we’ll be sleeping like six hours during the day and the night we’ll be out in the forest or near the lakes looking for the wildlife here in Finland. So yeah, it’s time to… get the equipment organized.
Like… recharged all the batteries,
maybe get a little snack fly the drone now in the last hour and then,…
yeah,… a little nap and then… Let’s see… See you later or tomorrow. So, now we’re here. In the blind. There was one water hole and
I decided to step in that one. Oh… So, let’s get in. I’m now in place in the photo hide and it is probably 35 degrees Celsius in here,
because the sun is baking on the roof and… Like, the sweat is just coming down. [exhales] This is definitely something different than photographing in the muskoxen on Dovrefjell
in the middle of the winter. It’s like the direct opposite. But, I’m going now to get this equipment ready and… Today, I’ve brought only the
Canon 1DX Mark II with a 500 millimeter. Today was like so confusing, because sleep and awake and we went for a little run
to try to clear the brain and went for a swim and went to the sauna… and then it was food and
suddenly we just had pack in a hurry and like… yeah, so… Home in the base camp is the Nikon with 600. So the bad thing about that is, that I just don’t have it. The good thing is, now I can focus 100% on… the Canon with the 500. Making videos, making photos.
I have the 1/4 converter. It’s going to be awesome and I also have… a really nice gun mike.
So hopefully I can record some sounds. There’s a bear
There is a bloody,…okay Bye ♪♪ Okay, I had to put the camera down,
because there was a bear out there. I just need to… Just need to get set up, get the microphone out, get the cables up, so everything is perfect. But I have to admit… that… it’s challenging to do the vlogging from here
when I’m so excited about… the wildlife. [Exhales] It’s so warm. See you later. It’s still extremely warm in here, but at least the sun is gone now and I got my t-shirt on. The sun is hidden behind some clouds and
it makes a much better light. There’s been some bears and
I have got some pictures. But, everything just went crazy… the first hour, so… I couldn’t… like I wasn’t even ready and
I couldn’t set up that camera properly… and there’s so many things.
It’s challenging, but… Over there in the trees… is a bear lying down and
I hope it comes over here. Then I’m ready this time and
I’m ready with that one. So,….
Yeah Yeah, I’m sweating,
you can probably see that. And I’m really sorry
I had to start off this video without a shirt on. It’s just I was not ready. I didn’t mean to vlog without like a t-shirt on,… but suddenly it it all just began.
So, yeah. It’s so nice and quiet. And on my left hand side are
four other blinds,… also with photographers. And my good friend Simon is there.
I can see his lens pointing towards the same bear
as I’m talking about. But no more talking for me.
Let’s just… wait…. And maybe,…
Can you see over there? Wait, wait, wait, wait… Over there… Move the camera little bit. Right there… It’s my coffee… and I’m going to have a cup now. See you later. The wolf is here… ♪♪ Oh,…
I have to photograph this. Hold on. ♪♪

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  1. Morten Hilmer says:

    Hi everyone πŸ™‚ It has been such an awesome trip to Finland and I am now sitting here back home on the farm with way too much footage! Sorry for making you wait so long for this first episode – and then it is not even full of wildlife photography… The next one will be… I promise:) I have put a link to the location in the description, if you want to go there yourself. Well I better get back to editing – part 2 is in the process πŸ™‚ See you out there !

  2. Tomas R says:

    Best inspiration is a cup of coffe and sounds of nature, then I can release the beast called 'imagination'' :))

  3. Lavli Singh says:

    Man your YouTube channel is real photography channel .

  4. svabis07 says:

    Awesome! I would like to know, how can I find this points for wildlife photo, and its some internet pages for looking for it? Thank you πŸ™‚

  5. Ken Sretsoc says:

    What is the place you’re staying to sleep at?

  6. Mick Jury says:

    You are the best Morton, absolutely love your work

  7. Lord Kambing says:

    Please cut the nonsense blahblahblah and go straight to the bears and wolves.

  8. Canadian Sasquatch says:

    Great stuff as always Morten. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing! Cheers!

  9. shrishak shrestha says:

    That drone is just …… 🀯

  10. Wafiq Alfin kamil says:

    Where you sell photos?

  11. Xperiences meresath says:

    You are wonderful sir Love you

  12. Theo Hembury says:

    The one thing I love more than your photos/vlogs is your passion for coffee πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚

  13. ADIF_ 1407 says:

    I'm from Indonesia, and I really like your content. I hope, you dare to try to spot in Indonesia. there are various interesting spots for you to try hehee πŸ™‚

  14. ADIF_ 1407 says:

    I'm from Indonesia, and I really like your content. I hope, you dare to try to spot in Indonesia. there are various interesting spots for you to try hehee πŸ™‚

  15. Heath Yeager says:

    excellent πŸ˜€

  16. Samarth Sriram says:

    I'm 16 years old and love visiting the forest. I go to a forest very close to my house and shoot animals there. You are like an inspiration to me. You inspire me to take better images. Thank you.

  17. King Charles XII of Sweden says:

    I know this is 5 months old but. You need a fan for that place.

  18. Steven Forman says:

    Truly liked it. πŸ™‚

  19. Marki Alright says:

    How rich are you sir?

  20. Dragos Sandu says:

    Dear Morten, I just discovered your youtube channel. you are so inspiring for me…come in Romania and let s go together in the carpathian mountains..we have the greatest wildlife scenery here.. I would be so honored.. or at least do a little research to see what carpathian mountains are all about my instagram account.. @akitaziggy

  21. JJack says:

    I wonder, whats the total cost of such a trip?

  22. Riistakamera videot says:

    Why don't you just buy arri alexa mini?

  23. Bhaskar Leopard says:

    where are you from mr. @MortenHilmer i just want to ask you

  24. Image Trail says:

    You inspire thousands of amateur photographers and videographers, like myself, to get out there and just shoot. Thank you for driving this bus. Great work and keep it coming❀️

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