WILD TAIGA OF FINLAND – A LOVE STORY | Wildlife Photography, Photo Blind, Bears and Wolves

*wolves howling* ♪♪ When I was halfway through editing this last episode of the behind-the-scenes video from a trip to Finland… I realized I wanted this one to be different. So I trashed what I had already made and
started over again. Didn’t want it to be about me, but rather I wanted to show the fascinating nature of Finland… and the beautiful animals I met there. And I wanted it to be my way of saying thank you. So thank you wild taiga of Finland for sharing your beauty with me. And thank you raven, wolverine,… eagle, bear and wolf… for revealing yourself to me and letting me have a glimpse of you… and for giving me this unforgettable memory. I hope that one day more people will experience the beauty of being so close to you,… to sit here in the taiga surrounded by darkness,
watching your silhouette, listening to your voice. They’ll then hopefully understand you and their fear… and the passion in hunting you… will be replaced by fascination,… respect and the wish to protect you. And maybe, even though it has been so long… to reconnect with you. ♪♪

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