Why wolverines are so ferocious?
Why wolverines are so ferocious?

Why wolverines are so ferocious? Wolverines are vicious killing machines that are afraid of nothing. They are notoriously elusive and difficult to study. Yeah, you probably don’t want to be locked in a cage with a wolverine. But killing machines? While wolverines are cunning carnivores, they are as likely to be playful, nurturing, and at times overcome by behaviour-altering fear. Weighing 20-40 pounds, wolverines are much smaller creatures than most of the predators they share habitat with. Wolverines are ferocious killing machines, yes, but there’s also some evidence that their hissy fits are just for show a demonic display performed not as a precursor to a good lashing, but simply to scare away the threat, be it a bigger predator or a human. Their teeth are so sharp and strong that they can even eat bones. Once they’ve got food, they often bury it to save it for later; mere hours after a meal, they’ll go on the hunt again. Wolverines use their non-retractable claws not just to bury food but also to build dens; females dig as deep as 15 feet into snow to create burrows for their young. But the claws aren’t just good for digging: They also allow the animals to climb trees. One Native American tribe calls wolverines “skunk bear.” The stench comes from special anal glands that allow the animals to emit an offensive odor that protects their food and marks their territory. Though folklore would have you believe that wolverines are the strongest animals in the kingdom, science has proved this to be largely untrue. Yes, these animals can be aggressive, but they only have a moderately strong bite: According to findings published in a 2007 research paper, the animal’s bite force at the canines is 224 Newtons. Compare that to the highest number, 1646.7 Newtons, which belongs to the polar bear. Grizzlies, tigers, and lions aren’t far behind. When looking for food, wolverines can cover as many as 15 miles in a single day. In the United States, these mostly solitary creatures wander a territory of 47 square miles, and in Scandinavia, they roam territories that stretch over more than 270 miles.

12 thoughts on “Why wolverines are so ferocious?”

  1. Big boi rabbit 54 says:

    Everyone know a case that wolverine killed a polar bear?

  2. Barbarian Scum says:

    Vicious killing machines and that’s my Quito unsubscribes

  3. Luuk Zilla says:

    Who Would Win A Lion Or A Grizzly Bear

  4. Niko Gambino says:

    Idk why wolverine fan boys think a 50lb wolverine can kill a 1,500 hyper carnivore. I guess no one has seen a polar bear in person

  5. Naturenerd1000 says:

    Imagine how much worse giant Wolverines would be in the Ice Age!!
    Giant Wolverine vs Giant Ground Sloth!

  6. Igor Gerlovin says:

    I think the numbers for the bite force are off. A wolverine: 224 newtons = 23 kg = 50 lbs, which is roughly its own weight. For the polar bear, 1646 newtons = 168 kg = 370 lbs. A polar bear's actual bite is about 600 kg or 1300 lbs, or roughly its own weight. I think the numbers in the video are supposed to be in pounds, not newtons (wolverine bite = 224 lbs). This would make sense, considering, for example, that a pibull, which weighs similar to a wolverine, has a bite force of 110 kg or 240 lbs, i.e. 5 times its own weight.

  7. brandon wright says:

    Newton’s uh wtf how bout pounds per square inch.

  8. Trebor Ironwolfe says:

    Even the greatest and most ferocious aggressors, such as man, grizzly, rhino and hippo will often attempt to bluff before they go all in.

  9. Niko Gambino says:

    Watch what a polar bear does a 2 ton bull walrus. And a 30lb wolverine can kill a polar bear? Lol https://youtu.be/Ob_oD1IsYbE

  10. Angry Wolf Animations says:

    Wolverines are pretty badass, but any predator bigger than 100 pounds will kill him.

  11. Steve Williams says:

    Somewhere in this country, this guy has two pet wolverines. I believe they are brothers. They are very friendly and affectionate with their…"master". I can't remember which naturalist has met the two pet wolverines, but he was on either Animal Planet, or National Geographic Wild a few years ago.

  12. White Tiger says:

    wolverine can defeat the bear cub and big cat cub but not adult.

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