Why we need to know the big picture
Why we need to know the big picture

when you meet with your consultants or developers
here’s a tip for you give them the whole picture the whole big picture don’t think that they
can’t handle that right at the start or because you’ve got a limited budget you only give
them a piece of information because you think otherwise they’re going to blow my budget
and not give me what I want what they really need is the entire picture
to understand what your trying to do long term so they can give you the best path to
success by limiting the information that you provide them you’re really hamstringing the
way they’re going to work and design your solution
what they will make is only going to work for what you’ve told them and not long term
it’s like going to an architect and saying alright I want a unit townhouse built, one
storey townhouse built and please make it for me then in 6 months
time you know what know this 1 unit I want it as a triple storey
and it has to have a pool and an open terrace on the roof
well the foundations weren’t built for that and nothing is going to work for that unless
you tear it down and start again so this is the sort of approach needed to
take with your developers and consultants you need to give them all the information
they need to know right at the start so they can build it with the right foundation to
support your dreams and aspirations and allow the system to grow to the level that it needs
to grow too don’t just give them $30,000 worth of scope
give them the entire idea and work with them to figure out what’s going to deliver the
value that you need to deliver right up-front don’t just say alright because we’ve got a
small budget this is the only information I’m going to give you and give them the right
level so next time you talk with your developers
be more open and give them the entire platform, entire idea, what your dreams are for this
entire piece of software or system or API’s so they can help you get to that level that
you want to get to

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