Why I was SCARED to pursue photography…
Why I was SCARED to pursue photography…

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  1. Chris Hau says:

    Are you scared about pursuing your passion as a career? I know I sure was. Share your story and let's create a little support community in the comment section. 🙂

  2. LifeofRanger says:

    Awesome content – so inspired now to go and create! Hype!

  3. notgraceful says:

    I know this is 4+ months old but I needed this so much. I started study abroad in Germany in March and I'm realizing more and more that traveling and photography are what I want in a career. I was JUST thinking about how anxious it all makes me because of how big the task and how long the process is to get there. But your words helped. Even four months after you posted this video it still means something.

    So thanks.

  4. Shape up with Scooby says:

    Loved this video. I'm enrolling way too late on a photography course in August after trying to explain to my brother what I do for a living and failing with that explanation. Then listening to my sister in law telling me how surprised she was I didn't become a professional photographer. Spent time reflecting on this and got back into my photography.

  5. Chynna M says:

    I'm so glad I found this video. I've had a hard time recently trying to decide what I want to do. I LOVE music and photography, sane as you. Started piano at 6 and love going around taking photos. I'm a great student who likes math and science so I decided I wanted to do something in architecture or engineering to take the "safe route," knowing that my actual dream job is being a travel photographer/ being a photographer for different companies. This video helped me out a lot. I'm going to pursue my dreams.

  6. Cory Armitage says:

    I also studied Engineering/Architecture, and decided it wasn't for me after I completed school. Decided to pursue my love of cooking and became a Chef. In one of my kitchens a fellow cook introduced me to photography. I would love to leave my stressful job and pursue my passion. I still have the fear too much. With a mortgage and a family it can be hard, especially with such a flooded market for photographers.

    Very Inspring video however. Thank you. One day I'll lose that fear

  7. Evan Schurr says:

    Needed this a lot right now, thanks!

  8. Shuvransu Tripathy says:

    Hau(Hi :P) Chris… I'm pursuing my engineering degree, but 2yrs back when I joined here and had all that kinda freedom, I came across photography. Earlier I knew, I loved watching and framing scenes in my mind, and that inspired me to take up photography. So in my leisure I started taking pictures and videos. I didn't own a camera then, so I took in my phone and sometimes I would borrow from my buddies. Slowly then, I watched many many videos and tutorials and stuff on Youtube and started learning it. I'm passionate about photography and creative stuff, but sometimes these thoughts cross my mind as to what should my plans be. I'm from a middle class family where owning a DSLR is a luxury.

    So as u might guess, I don't own a DSLR till now. And as to what I do now, I borrow and take pictures and have managed to get a 400 followers on IG. BUT this keeps haunting, as I'm scared that what might happen if I am not able to get a DSLR soon. Maybe, u all guys can suggest me or help me figure out what should I be doing now.

    And u can check out my IG at @shuvransu_t… Yet I would say, Chris, I owe you a lot for being a role model… Peace..

  9. Martin'sManyHats says:

    Thank you for the motivation, Chris. It applies equally to those of us in career shift mode. We can always decide to pursue what we love doing, at whatever stage in life we are in. All you have to have is commitment. When it's time to do it, go all in.

  10. Alex Gouin says:

    I don’t know if you’ll see this but I just wanted to say that I’m going for it. Because of you and peter I am going to make photography my goal in life. Thank you for being so inspirational. Love your videos. You guys are awesome. 🤙🏼

  11. Paulina Cortés Martínez says:

    Me encanta tu personalidad, y más que un creador o un youtuber te considero un amigo, das los mejores consejos y realmente me siento identificada contigo.
    Porfavor nunca dejes de hacer esto que tanto amas. Saludos desdd México 😃👍❤

  12. Mang Eli says:

    This is what I really want to do on the rest of my life, those words you said exactly the same happening now to me, d only different is that financially strugling to start this kind of business

  13. Run Guru Run says:

    wise words

  14. Francesca S. says:

    oh god I'm in Grade 11 living in Toronto leaning towards architecture at UofT… oh boy.

  15. Valentina Balashova says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi. This is an amazing motivation video! Thank you Chris, and keep inspire!

  16. Nathan Tung says:

    Love this Chris! You nearly made me tear up watching this because I am 100% happy for you. For me, YouTube has been a creative outlet for me to post videos and practice my creativity. It has been difficult trying to get an audience that isn't just my friends to watch my videos but that definitely hasn't stopped my passion for video. I know for a fact that I want a creative lifestyle but I just don't know where to start and how to make myself stand out from the rest of the creatives out there. Thank you for all you do!

  17. Kent Lee says:

    wtf this is exactly me rn

  18. N M says:

    This was so true… I’m a photography student and sometimes I get fear of showing my photos to somebody or posting them in the internet because I’m not confidente enough to do that.. for me it’s hard to know what to shoot, when to push the shutter button… It’s hard for me, any help ? I accept tips please!

  19. Pine Eppel says:

    All I want is to see you somewhere around Toronto. :((

  20. Pine Eppel says:

    Also thanks for your advice Chris. It Hits really close to home.

  21. Jen O'Hogan says:

    I'm saving this video to remind myself to not stop trying and push through. Thank you!!

  22. madnarroo says:

    Man every single thing you said in this video talks to me with such precision !

    I actually am at this very situation in my life where I have to make a similar decision to what you did !

    Thanks for your view on this, it really helps !

  23. Coco Renee says:

    Push throught the fear! Love that. It's priceless being able to do what you love.

  24. Majo Martinez says:

    Thanls Chris! You always inspire me🤗

  25. Grizzly Lvl Fitness says:

    Wow I love these kinds of videos. Alot of people sit at their house and talk but u actually went out and gave your story in multiple settings. Looked really cool

  26. Shyan Dagger says:

    I’m crying watching this video because I’m in that place right now. I have such a “stable” path ahead of me. I can see where I’m going, I see the goal. It’s a great goal and it will give me a great life but it’s not the goal that I feel the passion for. I’m just so far into my path now and I know nothing of photography past YouTube videos and how it makes me feel inside so how could I ever start from scratch and build a life on it. Just the way my life has shaped me, I need stability so it is so hard for me to face the fear and take the risk. I feel the fire and I know what I should do but that need for stability is like an anchor wrapped around my ankles holding me down. Thank you for believing in all of us and leading by example. Maybe one day I will find that courage too.

  27. Jacks Snaps says:

    100% agree i am fairly new to photography but already i can see an improvement in the shots i take and also the edits i create

  28. Wyatt Faller says:

    How did you pay for university @ChrisHau? Do you have student loans?

  29. Auto Guy Bri says:

    I needed to hear this today! Sometimes when I look at subscriber count and views, I get a little discouraged. But then I think to myself, there is a bigger picture that I'm pursuing and that it is not about the views or subscribers, it's about doing what I love doing whether I'm paid or not…hopefully I get paid for it one day…. 😉

  30. Cruz Antoine says:

    Thanks a lot for this one. Appreciate this one personally because I can relate

  31. Brett Pennefather says:

    Thanks for making such a honest and inspirational video. I just found your channel today. Please keep up the good work

  32. Ben Beale says:

    I’m at this stage at the moment, patience is hard, I took the leap 18 months ago to become a British Army Photographer…..I have 9 years left of my career and need to play my cards right and put the right things in the right place 🙏🏻…..thanks for this video Chris and keep up the good work, nearly at 200k so soon after 100k 😍💪🏽

  33. Pam Smith says:

    Love that you kept it raw in this one. The honesty is so real and it's truly needed. I'm actually an Engineer. I graduated from college four years ago with the best of intentions to go into the racing industry, legitimately that was the only driving factor for me choosing Engineering as my degree. My life's dream had been to be a Race Engineer but the opportunities kept slipping right through my fingers, and my happiness was suffering immensely. I had been on a travel race team during college so I evaluated myself a bit and chatted with my other half and decided to move in another direction.

    I've floundered around with hobbies of all kinds for a few years and within the last year I realized that I have always had a passion for photography. I don't even know what made me realize it, but when I thought about it I was always the kid that had seven different disposable cameras back in the day. I was always taking the photos at the outings. I have also realized in the last year that my happiness had been when I was at concerts and I started writing those experiences and have been working on growing that. I'm working on getting better at my skills with videography and hoping to combine the two sides with a vlog style perhaps, but centered around the actual experience of the show (the getting into the venues, etc.). It's all in my head and I'm loving playing with the Adobe Suite and learning something new all the time.

  34. Aisha says:

    Thank you for this video! It was so emotional watching this 😭😭 am crying right now 💔

  35. Kuhoo Chandra says:

    how do you differentiate honest feedback from nit-picking?

  36. Saved By Grace 13 says:

    I know this video has been out for a minute, but I just found it. I’m really new to photography. Like I’ve only been doing it for a few months and I’ve only been editing for a few weeks. I used auto mode the first day I had my camera, but I’ve been in manual ever since. I know my stuff is far far from good, but I’d love it if Chris or someone else here could take a look at some of my stuff and critique it. I wanna get better, so that’s why I’m asking. I appreciate the tutorials. I watch so many and I try to implement them.

  37. N4T3_74 says:

    Thank you.

  38. Harshith K Aananth says:

    I am currently in the 12th grade and I am from india and I am also madly into photography.I feel like this is my jam but the problem in india is the lack of opportunities.I am at a stage where I don't know what to do,

  39. srivatsa m says:

    Thanks Chris…..really learned a lot

  40. Dominik Pękalski says:

    Great and helpfull words man! Thanks 🙂

  41. Aisha says:

    Thank u for making this video. I watch it whenever I feel down and make me feel better am starting photography and it’s hard starting over from scratch what makes it easier the excitement I get doing what I love. Again thank u so much for this.

  42. Bend Em says:

    👍🏻 👍🏻 up for honesty

  43. Lady Amalthia says:

    Thanks for sharing dude!! The support is critical, for sure. Dodge the doubters. 😄
    Im starting an art channel because I LOVE IT!! The combo of these fantastic photo/vlog tips will help so much. Subbed!! ✌


    it was so hard for me chasing Videography/editing but i thank God i took the risk, not where i want to be but earning so much that i can send my siblings some money to chill.

  45. Vinod Oshan says:

    Im 18 and I love to do photography and cinematography, I just can pursue it as a carrier coz my parents think I need to become an engineer. Even though I have good grades for subjects I don't want to become one. I can't tell that my parents that, coz they spent a lot of money for education. My worst fear is not doing wt I love before my life on earth ends..

  46. Vinod Oshan says:

    Thanks for the motivation Chris. It really means alot.

  47. Haile y says:

    I'm in grade 12 and supposed to be apply place but I wanna do photography and horse stuff with my life but my family wants me to have job security and to be successful. I feel like I'm gonna have grey hair by the end of grade 12

  48. Maggy Ng'ang'a says:

    I want to pursue photography and film making and this video has really motivated me… Thank you Chris

  49. Gretchen Dunham says:

    Any tips what to purchase if someone is looking into doing what you are doing? On a budget ….maybe a great middle of the road camera for still shots and videography. I have someone I want to buy for and would love some input if you have the time…or maybe I missed a vide that goes over that already, thanks!

  50. 007 Productions says:

    Super inspirational!! Thanks so much!!!!!

  51. EcoCentric Homestead says:

    Contract: a rewording of the employee/employer relationship. It's pretending you are your own boss.

    I would like to have my own business but to me that means "Here's my product, this is what it will cost you, take it or leave it!"

  52. Dan Baldwin says:

    Hey Chris! Love this video.. I just went full time as a wedding filmmaker. I’ve never had anxiety but recently I seem to get overwhelmed by everything.. is their a method to breaking that anxiety down? Thanks Chris!

  53. Sarah Jay says:

    I am in the very beginning of my journey. Soaking up as much information as possible, taking crappy photos and videos (slowly getting less crappy haha), learning how to edit. it's awesome to hear your story and it turns my fear into fuel to go after it. thanks so much! Also, having a supportive community is a MUST! I have a lot of friends and family…but only small group of extremely supportive friends and every time i talk to them about my passions they get just as fired up. it really makes a difference. Thanks chris!

  54. Nathaly Garcia says:

    What are some good beginners photography cameras ?

  55. Josh De Napoli says:

    I've been seriously wanting to pursue photography for about 6 months now and just got offered my first job today. I got super scared when thinking "this is finally starting what if I fail". I'm so glad I found this in my recommended videos today it helped me realize it's worth taking the leap

  56. Sabina Large says:

    Thank you for making this video! I’m 26 and just starting my videography career. I’m super scared and i feel like I’m so behind everyone at all times, but I’m going to try hard to implement those tips in the new year and get excited about pursuing my dream. 💛

  57. Leroy Stone says:

    thank you so much for sharing this.

  58. Radiantangel says:

    This got to me…wow

  59. Mikołaj Hrycyna says:

    Thank u fot this video 🙂

  60. Eli says:

    Who the hell dislikes a video of yours?! ;/

  61. Josh M says:

    This video

    What I needed, right now

  62. Ahmed Aboulmagd Aboulmagd says:

    Its cleché but I am scared to leave the convenience and security of corp for a photography career. I am terrified of not being good enough.

  63. Bobby Vaughn says:

    My biggest fear is that I'll never find my niche within photography. I've been watching your videos (more the inspiration ones than the business starting) and I hate that even though I'm not a few months in, I feel like a failure already. I enjoy photography so much and I even use it as a focal point to channel my busy mind. But, I want to take it so far and beyond. Just have no clue on where to begin.

  64. DamienDorian says:

    I just turned 26 6 days ago. I'm going through some stuff in my relationship & things aren't so good. I'm moving to a big city this coming year & I'm scared as hell to pursue photography/cinematography, but it's what I have a huge passion for & what I want as my career. I'm binging your videos & they are really helping me get through these tough times & inspiring me to go after it! So I just want to say thank you, Chris for these videos!

  65. Michael Lasko says:

    I am 42 and been doing photography feels like forever but still scared to do the next big step I try to find the easy way to do things. I am just scared to fail. but seeing your video I know I just need to go out there and just try and keep working on it.

  66. Mattia Albertin says:

    Super inspirational video Chris!
    I feel everything you talking about right now! I choose or probably they make me choose the "conventional life" with that I mean that I'm currently at the university in order to have something like a regular and secure job and it's really frustrating because it's exactly what I don't want to do in my life! It's look like I'm working for the plan B and not even try the plan A and that is a big mistake as Schwarzenegger said in one of the most famous speeches in YT. I'm really passionate about photography and now I'm discovering the world of video making too and I'm 100% sure that I wanna do that in my life! I don't know if I'm gonna succeed or not but thanks to you what I know now is that if I don't try I will never know!!
    P.s. I really like your content and hope to meet you one day

  67. Aidan Jazzhands says:

    I'm feeling all of these right now, and this helps so much. Thank you for this, I know it's been a while since this came out but it is really nice to know other people have been through this and still go through this


    Preach brother! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Started just recently! Can’t wait to pursue creative photography and videography as my career

  69. giancarlo gedler says:

    Im scared too.leaving my 9-5 job to become a content creator in a saturated market trying to make the difference

  70. Athena Page says:

    This is exactly how I’m feeling right now. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  71. H. Ballard says:

    Just ran across this. Really hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for posting!

  72. Sophia Onus says:

    Ok just watched this and it's soooooooooo true. I mean I like to see myself as a successful custom tailor and designer @rienecouture on IG/FB (pls follow me). But I have never really put out a video. One maybe cause I'm afraid, second excuse is the environment I live isn't very cool and third, I don't have baby models. I make BEAUTIFUL BABY DRESSES but never get to post cause of lack of models. I live in Lagos NG. I love what I do even though I still fly as a cabin crew (survival mode) don't judge me though

  73. Andrew Lane says:

    Thank you for reminding me not to give up! I am new to being a "creative". I just turned 28 and realized last year during a trip to SE Asia that Photography is my outlet of choice. In the last couple of months I have started to take photography more seriously and have tried to learn as much as possible in that time. I am forcing myself to go "ALL IN" in order to make this my full time career.

    Would you suggest starting in a more simplified video editing software and then switch to a more sophisticated one once I feel that my skills have reached an adequate level?

  74. Samuel Cappuccilli says:

    Bru more content like the please! Kill'n it!

  75. Lilly May Dawes says:

    Hey! So I have a little bit of uncertainty pursuing photography. A little bit of my background. I was a professional photographer but gave it all up because I lost the passion for it when my dad died. He was the one who taught me everything I know and was just something we did together. So for me it just wasn’t fun anymore and I let my company go. I would still take photos here and there on vacation and at family events but that’s about it. Fast forward 5 years later and I found my love for it again and have completely changed my entire style of photography. I want to pursue it again but I don’t know how to rebrand myself and how do I gauge pricing? Although I’m no newbie, I’m starting all over again. Any advice is welcome! (:

  76. WheresMyBuns says:

    This makes me feel even better!

  77. Colton W says:

    This is crazy I was thinking before he even said you can act like you are on the phone while vlogging how that’s what I would do lol

  78. Jessica Vega says:

    So much heart. Thank you Chris 🙂

  79. N&M Creative says:

    i can really relate to this. Except i did go down the engineering route and am still on it, so im a few years behind.

  80. insanedb says:

    because you are a pussy?

  81. Mike Pawlik says:

    I am terrified. The only photo store to ever interview me rejected me today. I began using Minolta SLRs back in high school, and 12 years later now finally own my first DSLR since about 4 months ago. I receive accolades and criticisms alike for my work, but I am genuinely petrified of putting myself out there due to the lack of any long-term experience I have even though I can take "decent" shots. Thanks for listening.

  82. Ready.Set. Cre8 says:

    I was laying in my bed last night talking with my wife. About how miserable I was at my two jobs that I am working. And she said what would make you happy. And I said creating, but I have a family to take care of. Seeing this video a coincidence?

  83. Sean Hsieh says:

    Thank you Chris for this video, it really helps me a lot, now I have more confidence to pursue my dream, which is to be a photographer/videographer, and have a creative lifestyle 🙂

  84. Eu não sou Nerd says:

    I`m so glad i could find this video, i want to share my history with you guys:

    I started taking pictures with a canon last year, to this point i already knew how to use the "photo grid" for composition and i was a heavy Photoshop user since i was 12, but i always thought to myself that i didn't had much going, that everyone was capable of doing what i did, time goes on and i learn't how to take photos with the manual mode and i bought myself a t5i with all the money that i had got from school (here in Brazil there's a kind course that you get paid for doing), and i finally made plans for my life, i would get a job and work for it until i got myself a new computer, new camera equip and a trip to Japan, which would be 3 years, and i finally got a job, but i didn't last for long.

    In lees than 2 months i got fired from my job because there's was no space for me there and this just happened a month ago, but I've been receiving a lot of opportunities to take photos at event's even thought i'm not the best and this is where i stand now.

    I hope i can live my dream of living out of photography and i will pursue it all the way until i die.

    And yes, i hope i could go back and hold my money to buy a t6i lol

  85. Nyle Ellis says:

    I’m really glad I found this video… I’m 21 and I enjoy playing soccer but I also have a passion for photography and videography.I’m still trying to find a way to mesh the two but this gave me much more confidence in pursuing this as a lifestyle….. thanks man ✊🏾

  86. Usaid Gill says:

    Just moved to LA, but have been in IT for the past 8 years. SICK of it. Just picked up an A7 III and have been watching tutorials for the past 2 weeks (at least 3 hours a day). Trying to figure out what to do next as I want to get out of IT and do more create stuff such as photo/video. Playing around with lightroom and Premiere Pro.

  87. Vihang Idnani says:

    Chris, I came to know you through Peter's videos and I started following your channel and it has been nothing but great motivation through and through. When the pressure of responsibility and paying bills is crushing, you need to hear it from someone else and keep hearing it again and again to never give up. Keep pushing, keep moving forward. Thank you for the motivation. When I've made somewhat of a name for myself in an year from now, I'll get back to you.

  88. Rosa Osoria says:

    Great video!

  89. Wout Van Steenkiste says:

    What if your parrents don’t want You to do it?

  90. Frank Hall says:

    I've just started doing photography, I got an eos rebel t7i with I believe it's a 30mm – 50mm lens and a 50mm – 100mm lens. It feels weird just walking around outside taking random picture a well as in the apartment. I do enjoy figuring out the exposure triangle (I believe that's what it is called) I enjoy the challenge of just being in Manual mode and not using auto. Other than my girlfriend I don't think i have a circle of people that build me up (I tend to stay to myself) I like watching you and two other guys (1. froknowsphotos, 2. I cant remember his name [2 minute Tuesdays, I think lives in Canada]) plus one other guy with white hair. Anyways I'm rambling, any advise/or words of wisdom are much appreciated.

  91. Tom Swallow says:

    It's really inspiring to see this kind of video from someone who I follow frequently. Much like many other people I have the dream of a career in Photography. This video just put my priorities in place and reminded me what I'm doing it for! Thanks again.

  92. Tyler Austin says:

    I'm from the uk I've been trying so hard to grow my Instagram if your interested my account is austin_perspectives

  93. Hubert Knoblauch - 3D Content Online says:

    Well done Chris.

  94. A.McPhotography says:

    Just Graduated uni & now looking at what is next for me and applying for jobs. scared but excited to see what the future holds

  95. Damisi Msanii says:


  96. Ersuke says:

    I really needed this right now. I resigned from my work 2 months ago to pursue a photography career. I'm having someone to mentor me for 3 days this week, hopefully everything goes well. 🙂

  97. SS Photography says:

    I wanna get into model Photography but the only thing which scares me is posses I get blank when models ask me how to pose

  98. John Jacob says:

    This is so insanely similar to me (and I bet a ton of others)

  99. Cindy Lou says:

    I'm terrified to put myself out there. I have so many great ideas for styled photos I want to take, but I'm so scared that I'll be too awkward with strangers or that the photos will come out sucking. Then I would have wasted that person's time. That's the only reason why I started my images for The Brave Little Mixer. It was a way to practice and photograph what I wanted without wasting anyone's time.

  100. Kuskus says:

    Thanks so much!

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