1. Peter McKinnon says:

    What is your GO TO lens? The ONE lens you CANT live without?

  2. duke photography says:

    Like for the location 😍

  3. uthman hasan says:

    i love the way you explain things buddy! 🔥
    9:58 definitely loved that one

  4. wikus_vt 1234 says:

    Damn how did that dude not drown with the big balls

  5. Sarah Thirkell says:

    I live in Calgary! 😊🇨🇦

  6. ESL_FineArts says:


  7. Liz P says:

    A true Canadian right there lol

  8. gilgamirth says:

    Waving the flag and eating doughnuts in the woods. Canadian AF.

  9. JackieZ says:

    That guy was Aussie. Proud.

  10. kris browarski says:

    in Poland we have something similar , it is called "Morskie Oko" 😉

  11. E. Wesley says:

    here, our water looks like milo

  12. Love Deshwal says:


  13. LISAM ROHIT RAJ says:

    I be so glad if this video was on full screen

  14. sgradone says:

    What does 60p mean?

  15. Juan jotabe says:

    so annoying 1st world blonde white boys acting like if they don't care…

  16. DeFalt Markowicz says:

    11:54 thats a sexy landscape!!!

  17. Mitch Awino says:

    I knew the dive would be a b roll..you sly son of a gun😂😂😂

  18. Villainofthepiste says:

    I need a fairly cheap Zoom lens to fit a Nikon D5600. Any suggestions?

  19. yuwm canadian says:

    May I please have your old tele lense before I go to Moraine lake in two weeks? please

  20. fredrik says:

    4:10 can you please teach us how to edit videos like that?

  21. Buchanan Games says:

    6:15 ..Canadians 😶

  22. Ankur says:

    Peter, I invite you on a trip to the Himalayas. I will show you better spots on the planet.

  23. Debasis kumar says:

    Think this man freezed when he jumped naked into the ice cool water and the photographer……oh! wow 😃🤩 what a still shot and that man like……saveeeee…….me 🥶 I can't move b cause iam jammed of cold and can't speak either……..difficult situation!

  24. Noel Guanzon says:

    Actually watching this today and when i see your post on ig definitely wanna see that first!

  25. Thor odinson says:

    I don't know why people dislikes this

  26. Cine Circuit says:

    I'm a photographer and I plan on one day going with a few friends out to this lake for a camping trip. Can't wait to get the most majestic shots!

  27. Vinyl Ally says:

    This video reminded me how much I love being a Canadian

  28. Maria says:

    That view was amazing. You so need to explore New Zealand.

  29. Mike Fechke says:

    Where is this

  30. Rafael García Cano says:

    0:50 is that your Gopro or your camera? It´s awesome how you take the video bro!! greeting from México

  31. Sann Dohmo says:

    love the music

  32. Joseph says:

    Wow ! The view is phenomenal. Forget the lens review, lol.
    Just the view and the water is just mind blowing!

  33. dannyfresh says:

    6:25 Matt is secretly a Navy Seal and feels alive swimming is glacier water

  34. Lyan Punales says:

    Where in Canada is this ? I want to go really bad what’s the nearest hotel

  35. Dave Hahn says:

    Sick reveal in the beginning!

  36. BVE Coils says:

    That dude had 2.1k followers back then, now he's up to 50k.
    He owes you a beer mate.


    hello sir you can say your editing trics softwere sir


    can show your editing and color space to your timeline peter

  39. kamal v says:

    How do u guys have so much energy⚡⚡⚡….

  40. Sumit Aryal says:

    My Whole Camera setup comes under 1200$ and This man is flipping a $1800 lens in his hands like its a Water Bottle


    Thats landscape os incredibly amazimg WoW.
    I live in Colombia ando de hace places too greatest …i Wild like to know your country….and i am photographer too…thanks for make this video…i is very nice

  42. Old Disciple says:

    Hey Peter, thx for your videos!
    I noticed that for many of your B rolls you change the aspect ratio of the image. What ratio is it?

  43. Naimur Rahman says:

    i want to work with you…um just love that….i love photography…<3

  44. Sagar Thapa says:

    This is canada. You can trust people with your camera. Lmaooo

  45. Herr Direktör PRODUCTIONmYOWN says:

    EF-S 18-55mm Cant live without it only cos its my only lens. Bought my 1st camera (Canon EOS 4000D couple weeks ago) Learning that thing now. Leap from phones to real deal is a quite exciting thing 😀 Interested about Macros so my first lens might be something in that ways. And yes Pete…. Canada for sure looks SO pretty country i would like to swim over there any day 😀 (From Finland)

  46. AverageInvestor/Dr. Abdullah says:

    6:58 "I love making friends" – It's the Canadian thing to do !

  47. SKIDS n STUFF says:

    haha "littlewood" so (not) fitting

  48. NakiaSimone says:

    I hate the cold but this right here is beautiful

  49. Desk Tools says:

    Very nice view

  50. Rev Match Vlogs says:

    Who the heck dislikes this!?!?!?

  51. Ezekiel Nduli says:

    Some day I'll have a lens like this one.

  52. Yleana Jackson says:

    Great video👏🔥💯👍

  53. Mitz C Das says:

    Hi can someone please tell me what is the meaning of telephoto ??

  54. ilidan85 says:

    Great shots man!

  55. Icriedtoday says:

    I go every year to “Lac Moraine.”

  56. Vegan Life Change says:

    Dude. I know you'll probably never see this, but you've given me a new love for vlogging and photography recently. During a really hard time in life. I'm gonna make a new channel for my journey. <3

  57. Brad MacMillan says:

    Dude! That chipmunk is always there! My gf and I saw it in June. My buddy was just at Moraine last Thursday (Aug 8, 2019) and saw the same one!!!

  58. polaris911 says:

    pointless to watch this channel if I can't afford any of the equipment he's using

  59. BeanoTV says:

    0:50 WHOA you definitely know what you're doing

  60. Kami says:

    Ive visited canada my whole life

  61. Frederic Lagace says:

    Hi Peter,
    Just started following you, love it! I’m heading in Canmore / Banff in Sept. Can you disclose where that last shot was taken?

  62. Halo Bule says:

    My God! I was born on a canoe 🛶 👶 too!

  63. Brian Kerr says:

    I'm a born & raised Albertan, love the Rookies, but I would suggest there are 100's of tropical locations throughout the world that would be just as beautiful as Moraine Lake.

  64. icegirl1755 says:

    i'm over here like, Please peter, stop tossing that lense that cost more then my life into the air. I have sweaty palms!!!!

  65. Sunny Sohal says:

    Absolutely amazing! Big fan of Canada can not wait to explore and experience Moraine Lake. Those shots were stunning at the end!

  66. Behind my lens says:

    My favourite place on earth too only been there once in 1994 need to go back ❤️
    The lenses I can’t go without my Tamron f2.8 15-30 mm can do anything with it except zoom, but macro, landscape or Astro anything is possible. I’m sure B roll would work too ❤️. What’s the Nikon equivalent to your Canon zoom lenses???

  67. gala ni jeff says:

    Very nice

  68. Michael Archangel says:

    After watching this I went out and bought that 70-200, and DAAANG that this is crispy!!

  69. 123cabiguen says:

    can someone tell me what jacket mattys wearing pls

  70. Deadly nos says:

    Man Canada is nice asf 🙏🏼 also which telephoto lens should I use for my d3500? I’m starting out and I love those shots you took and I wanna practice more with those

  71. Luis Reyn says:

    were did mattie get hiscoat at ? does anyone know?

  72. Origami says:

    Recommend you to visit Russia. Some east part. There is also so many incredibly beatiful places btw

  73. 21area21 says:

    I like the subtle reflection of the intro text in the water. Nice touch.

  74. Riccardo Franceschetto says:

    Do a giveaway! I need that lens! 😭😭😭😭😂😂

  75. Matthew Pins says:

    Am I crazy or Peter looks a lot like Kit Harrington?

  76. Wavy Harbdul says:

    This is excellent

  77. Luke Morter says:

    Wow that place is amazing. I live in northwest Oregon. Wr hav no shortage of amazing beautiful places. But that is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  78. Bob A says:

    Am I the only one that made the connection between this dood jumping in the freezing water and littlewood.. photography?? The even more epic part… It's legit lmao. Nice work man😉😉

  79. Roy Gool says:

    Wow ! This is awesome video. I really enjoyed watching this.

  80. Cody Montgomery says:

    Peter, your lack of preparation always makes me laugh…. buy a winter jacket already!

  81. f a l a n o says:

    Great Fan from Nepal 🤘✊❣🌻

  82. Yusuf Aslan says:

    you should change the title as professional photographer

  83. Bilal Agha says:

    Its amazing.
    Which camera do u use .

  84. Bear Bishop says:

    just got the 70-200 II and love it a lot, I just started my camera collection and have a 1300d and two lenses. (10-18 and 18-55) also, am thinking about the 50 mm 1.8. what should I get next?

  85. noob SHADOW says:

    the only camera i have is my asus phone camera 🙁

  86. Vimal Krishna says:

    why you waste so much time? 2 minutes useful talk extended to 16 minutes 🙁

  87. Rakesh G Sekhar says:

    This guy is awesome . . .kidus to you. .

  88. Anthony ALAM says:

    Hello Peter,
    What video editing software are you using to put this together?

  89. The Punisher says:

    I don’t have alot of money but I make due with just my canon powershot sx530 hs, gopro white, and my iphone 6

  90. Travis Stevens says:

    @5:09 I gave up waiting to know why I should have a telephoto haha.

  91. The Rare Blackentity says:

    You are lovely human being. ❤️

  92. Rik L says:

    Peter McCannon

  93. Rimmer Blues says:

    The lens i can't live without = 16-35L f/4 IS, but my GO-TO lens is the 24-105L f/4.

  94. TOFUDIDO says:


  95. Tigs_ 3039 says:

    I live half an hour away from there, I have tons of shots from my trips to Banff, if you wanna check some of my shots out my insta is @tigs_yyc

  96. Jordan Hamlin says:

    Great tips on the video! Love lake Moraine! We are heading there from NY this coming week. Hopefully it's not closed yet!

  97. Media Cult says:

    if you seriously want to see the most beautiful place on the planet, visit KASHMIR, INDIA or KASHMIR, PAKISTAN

  98. harry singh says:

    What information u had provide in this vdo

  99. donny bristol says:

    F*** dope!

  100. OLBastholm says:

    Canada looks a lot like Sweden.

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