Why Are Russia and Japan Still At War?
Why Are Russia and Japan Still At War?

In September August 2015, Japan protested
Russia’s decision to send an official into mutually disputed territory. They alleged
that Russia must seek permission from Japan to visit the contested islands, while Russia
says they have no obligation to do so. The two countries have been in dispute over the
Kuril Islands since World War Two. So, why are Russia and Japan still at war? Well, the territory in question is a string
of small islands running from northern Japan to eastern Russia. Portions of the islands
had been claimed by both countries since the 18th century, but by World War II, Japan was
effectively in control of the islands. In the last few days of World War 2, the Soviets
began a massive invasion of Japanese territory, seizing North Korea and the Kuril Islands.
When the war ended, the question of how to allocate Japan’s former territory became
a problematic topic. The 1945 Yalta Agreement between the US, the
UK, and the USSR, decided that the Soviet Union would receive the Kuril islands if they
went to war against Japan. However, just a few months later, the Potsdam Declaration
laid out the terms of Japan’s surrender to Allied forces. These terms granted Japan
sovereignty over a number of relevant islands in the Kuril island chain. Although most of
the islands are not mentioned by name, Japan and the US have maintained that the phrase
“minor islands” includes the disputed territory. Finally, a third document, the 1951 Treaty
of San Francisco, created the most confusion. While the agreement was intended to be a final
peace treaty between Japan and the Allies, the Kuril dispute stood in the way. The treaty
stated that Japan would renounce its claim over the islands, but it did not grant the
Soviet Union any control over them. As a result, the USSR refused to sign the document, which
led to the US revoking Russia’s rights to the islands. The Allies agreed that non-signatories
to the peace treaty would not be granted any territorial claims. In 1956, the two countries signed a joint
declaration, effectively postponing the question, along with any peace treaty agreements. Today,
the islands are controlled by Russia, and are generally acknowledged to be Russian territory.
Most of the 20,000 inhabitants are of Slavic descent. In recent years, Russia has taken
a particularly aggressive stance on territory control, leaving little room for Japan to
ever reclaim the islands. Unfortunately, considering the scope of both country’s territorial
disputes, it seems unlikely that either one will back down and make peace. While Russia and Japan don’t have the warmest
relationship, South Korea has some serious grudges against Japan. To find out more about
why one hates the other, watch our video. Thanks for watching TestTube News! Make sure
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100 thoughts on “Why Are Russia and Japan Still At War?”

  1. Asebele Keto says:

    Kuril is rightly russian,japan lost and soviet won

  2. Armando Zapien says:

    Hope Japan keeps them.

  3. Trimethylpenta00 says:

    Russia Win~ support Russia from South Korea

  4. Cellus KH says:

    The 1956 treaty was literally a treaty to end the war.

  5. Vasil Zahariev says:

    They called me from Kurilo village, Bulgaria. They said they want their islands.

  6. Василий Мигунов says:

    Russia shouldn`t give the islands to Japan, because it is USA`s ally

  7. Kairu Sky says:

    Make it into a new country. Rupan or Jassia or something.

  8. Sefo ah siu says:

    why do those europeans want more land when they are the biggest in the world. Siberia is asian territory not european which is sad. If Russia give it back to Japan, Russia would still be a powerhouse.

  9. Kanna Retguna says:

    as a japanese, i have a simple solution to all russia people:
    1) could you stop gunist?
    2) could you stop killing?
    3) is that impossible to being peace?
    4) is that difficult to apologize to all suffering people in europe?
    5) free ukraine

  10. Shuichiro Matsuda says:

    On top of Kuril islands, Southern Sahalin is also disputed. The lands originally belong to Ainu people who inhabited there.

  11. Gandalf the white says:

    i love the way she open her mouth 🙂

  12. verasvechina says:

    RUSSIAN OFFICIALS should ask EMPRESS of 4 kuril islands VERA PETROVNA SVECHINA permission to go to 4kuril islands. Because 4 kuril islands is Svechina Veras private land sea and ocean. Only Empress Vera Petrovna SVECHINA legally can go and stay on the 4 kuril islands. https://www.facebook.com/houseofa1000candles/

  13. Herrmann Rommel says:

    The Kuril islands are, needless to say, the Russian legitimate territory. They used to belong to Russia and will remain as such for thousands of years to come.

  14. Y nao says:

    japan win

  15. onegaineko says:

    The USA : I'll give territory of Japan if you participated in attaking Japan .
    This is the reason .

  16. Janpara Junk says:

    Chinese immigrants are buying lot of properties in Hokkaido.
    Current Japanese are stupid enough to sell their properties for a bagatelle for Chinese immigrants.
    Better that the Kuril Islands be under Russian rule, the majority of Japanese people are just brainwashing by the leftist mass media !

  17. Nan ros says:

    russia will win

  18. deusex machine says:

    there's simple solution send unemployed people from Russia and Japan to and island let they make community (after all you need to keep natality in check 🙂

  19. Tauffet Arren E. says:

    That is Russian's nature to expand thier territory toward all direction, no matter how they have a vast extent of land already.

  20. Geralt of Rivia says:

    Japan is way more innovative and inventive than Russia. Japan has Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan, Kawasaki, Lexus, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, Nintendo, Sharp, Fujifilm, Olympus and many more prestigious brands and companies. What does Russia have?

  21. Jordan says:

    Stop no, you can't do that, we were gonna build a railroad to get some WARM WATER.

  22. Kai Tang says:

    It is not about the islands. US want to contain China and Russia at those stratrgic points, Diaoyu island to keep China in.

  23. 장태준 says:

    Kuril islands are Russians.

  24. 합리적 의심TV says:

    Why you Japan so serious? You'd invaded so many countries and cities. Don't be serious it is just small islands compared you'd stolen from other countries.

  25. MR Megateo says:

    Kurils are Japan

  26. scarecrow wilee says:

    it's funny how most people cursing Japan here is not russians but koreans, who apparentely have nothing to do with this issue.

  27. master1941 says:

    The Kuril islands belonged to the Russian Empire and lost them in the Russo japanese war. The Soviet Union took them back, end of story.

  28. Doge Kun :3 says:

    Russia and Japan friends!!!!Love Japan♥♥♥From Russia.

  29. Alipt Shrivastava says:

    Japan has bigger economy,russia had bigger army . There will be peace don't worry

  30. Aaron Laird says:

    So it pretty much rightfully belongs to Russia

  31. cyndie26 says:

    How are "Russia" and "Japan" still at war? When the war ended, they were the Soviet Union and imperial Japan under Hirohito.

  32. Jonathan English says:

    the islands belong to japan, regardless of ethnic inhabitants

  33. Hansheng Zhou says:

    Feels like Japan is about to get lynched in some way.

  34. Nick says:

    Now let me tell you the actual reason for the dispute. Putin stated multiple times that if he hands over the islands to Japan, it will be easy for the united states to put their military there, including nukes, which they have no problem deploying overseas

  35. Parisan 99 says:

    GREEDY JAPANESE!!! You,ve taken Diaoyu Islands from China, Dokdo Islands from Korea, and Kuril Islands from Russia. If that does'nt show how greedy they are, then what else could it be. I hope they don't make Phillipines and Indonesia as part of their own country.

  36. Lee Seung A says:

    I am Korean and I hate the San Francisco treaty

  37. Iunne says:

    2 countries 1 island

  38. Kerk IZE says:

    Russia want to invade japan that why US are there to help the japan

  39. Billie Eilish says:

    I hate japenese government
    But I love Japanese culture
    What do you think?

  40. Lightning bolt- Fox says:

    Russian don't kill my sponser she's in Japan too

  41. DH.K says:

    Japan=自文化中心主義= ethnocentrism
    Japan= 文化帝國主義= Cultural imperialism
    Japan= Garbage

  42. Crist Ram says:

    Everyone at war make me wanna do something illegal

  43. **** says:

    Its a true wonder how Japan keeps poking around random foreign islands claiming its theirs

  44. 백도빈Tobias Beissel 大月トビアス says:

    I as a European Japanese think that on the one hand the islands should be part of Japan. On the other hand we can't just kick out the 100% Russian inhabitants, so I don't blame Russia. What is more important is that both countries can make a peace treaty that clearly selects the boarder. It is more tragic that a Japanese fisherman was shot by a Russian soldier whereas Russia claimed it should have been a warning shot and was an accident. If that was the case, that guy should have shot upwards. Instead he got killed. As a conclusion I don't care about those islands anymore. I just want peace and no territorial conflicts.

  45. From, Philippines says:

    This channel literally hate Japan. But I love Japan so its doesn't matter.

  46. bac nguyen says:

    thank god that another lands was saved from anime ivasion

  47. NaisLT says:


  48. AdiL oSaFi says:

    when someone touch japan —> AMERICA TRIGGERED

  49. Evermore says:


  50. Cobracomander diaz says:

    I know why because Japan made a cartoon that made fun of them 2012 name I don't rebember only und panzer it's bery pupular there when you see the images you see why search pravda gup

  51. シーアアダム says:

    Im a Japanese but Kuril Island is not ours, because in Japan we dont have "L" in our words. If it were ours, the name should be "Kurir".

  52. RedIceBlueFire says:

    The Japanese probably don't care that much about the islands, it's the Zionist Western puppet handlers of Japan that really care about them.

  53. Clar says:

    Kuril-chan is mine!

  54. derek lambert says:

    it is belong to russia but not japan at all

  55. Adorenu アドレーヌ says:

    if they are still in war.
    why russian weeaboos exists

  56. 久本たいき says:

    🥝water melon

  57. Myer Werl says:

    Whats the problem? The inhabitants are russian.

  58. _軍Inferno As My Life says:

    Japan can buy these islands

  59. dragosstanciu says:

    Is it really necessary for Japan to get all the Kuril islands back? How about if Russia gives back only one island and Japan signs a peace treaty? I mean it is ridiculous to not have a peace treaty just because of four of five small islands.

  60. CarlPlays says:

    There was never peace in this world….

  61. leo pratama says:

    Taiwan NUMBA 1

  62. sida liu says:

    Russian need to return those 4 islands back to Japan although it is very unlikely. There is a reason why Russia is the biggest country in the world.

  63. PierreFin says:

    Kuril islands and Sakhalin is Japan

  64. vox ymail says:

    I ask the people there and they said they prefer japan.

  65. Святослав Иванов says:

    Kuril Islands – this Russia ( and Soviet Union) !!!! We-Russia Lost this "Islands" in 1905 year ( after Russian-Japanese War) and Returned "Kuril Islands" in 1945 year ( after Soviet-Japanese War). This is ( Kuril Islands) Blood ( and Memory) our Russian-Soviet Soldiers-Heroes. Lands, on Far East ( Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, North Korea) for which we-Russians ( our ancestors) fought in 1945 -1953 years ( our Russian Soldiers, Russian sailors, Russian Pilots-Aces) : this Our Russian Lands ; Lands, on Far East, ( South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand) for which fought Americans ( American soldiers and your American Ancestors-Soldiers) : this American Lands ( under full American control)

  66. Winston Seecharan says:

    I think if Russia give the Japanese these islands the Japanese will pay them back big times this is not about whom it belong to but who really need it and 1 thing for sure Japan will be there friend for ever even if they get stronger than Russia they will never attack them they will protect them instead Russia need to make these kind of friends

  67. Anthony H says:

    Saying that Russia is too big to have more land is like saying America is too rich to have more money

  68. ЧВКшник says:

    Vodka and hardbass VS sake and anime.

  69. Lee Hong Jin says:

    Russia has real authority + people there are slavs = Russian land

  70. Jamskie Cahigzz says:

    im not proud to russia .the japan win ,even a small empire on russo japanese war…thats why kuril islands goes to japan.

  71. СРБСКИ РОДОЉУБ says:

    Its Russian lol
    I love both nations but dont see reason why would anyone fight for a group of small islands lol

  72. Lord Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    There's so many Idiotic Westeners here, asking Why Russia needs more land if they're the Biggest Country in the world… almost 60-75% of Russia is basically a Inhospitable lands, Basically Russia's Hospitable lands is the size of 1806 America, the Reason for Russia's Territorial Claims is not about being Thicc its about the Resources and Geopolitics… Russia feels alone, no allies, no longer seen as a threat, basically Russia is Afraid, Russia is Surrounded by his Enemies…

  73. 1 1 says:

    Kurils are potential military base of US Army

  74. Wezilla says:

    Godzilla is awoke

  75. icecold723 says:

    Crimea, Alaska and Kuril Islands all belong to Russia.

  76. Mai Sakurajima says:

    Missiles to attack Tokyo, we have the advantage.

    You Russia You Win

  77. Scrooge McDuck says:

    When usa give back alaska to russia and california to mexico and part of all territory to france spain uk and russia,i give islands to japan(Putin)

  78. Arsen Vasilev says:

    In the spring of 1779, the Russian sailors Antipin and Shabalinna, seven ships, arrived at the coast of Hokkaido. They collected taxes from the Ainu, who lived there and actually took 1,500 people into Russian citizenship.

    The absence of a peace treaty represents an excellent opportunity for the Russian-Japanese border to pass along the Tsugaru Strait. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Moreover, Japan directly violates the UN Charter not recognizing the outcome of the Second World War. As well, Russia has the right to demand reparation as Japan violated the 1956 declaration. And at the conclusion of a peace treaty, the Ryukyu archipelago with the island of Okinawa, which, under Article 3 of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, was then under US control, would not be returned.

  79. Yong JJ says:

    The JSDF is the most powerful militant in a universe which has Wokou and Kamikaze cultures

  80. 이재은*일본안사,안가* says:

    Japan is trying to change the constitution to wage war.I know it but the Japanese don't even know that. This is the reality of Japan.

  81. Андрей Мартини : says:

    Then Rusya will recover Alaska is Rusyan land so what some body is jealous here

  82. xndjsjajnc smsnajcbdiwja says:

    Russia please shot to japan😥

    제발 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  83. Hoes says:

    Kuril is Russian territory not japanese

  84. Yong JJ says:

    Russian! Be careful! You or your wife may be eaten by the prime monster cannibal. Remind Issei Sagawa who completely eat a beautiful graduate woman.

  85. amruth medical says:

    Japan wagged war on Soviet Union and lost the islands. So islands now belong to Russia. Even USA has stolen many islands from japan after war.
    If Russia give there kuril islands to Japan. Japan will let USA turn it into USA military base.

  86. Muyun牧雲 says:

    It's better to search land in boundless Universe去外太空扩展领土吧

  87. Xenolar says:

    Roosevelt and Hull promised USSR to have those islands in exchange of USSR’s involvement in the Pacific theater. Truman and following Presidents did not keep the promise and found a reasoning that Japan could reclaim those four islands because they had never been ruled by anyone else. Dulles instructed Japan to give up its sovereign rights on island but not to fix the border with USSR in Sun Francisco. Then, chaos began.
    If both countries can make an agreement on the border, it would be a great one step which shows each of the two would not necessarily follow US’s intention.
    Besides, the small two islands are not definitely a part of Kuril Islands.

  88. Juris S. says:

    1. Islands originaly were russian. Japan occupied them later. Later USSR just got it back. 2. Japan officialy refused these islands in 1956. 3. Japan still didnt return 200+ tons of russian gold and currency 80 billions dollars worth and didnt pay official compensation for WW2 hundreds of millions dolars at least!

  89. blue_sky says:

    You know guys? Putin 2019 Calendar is Japanese Store’s Best Selling. Hahaha

  90. C brtdgh says:

    I think most ordinary Japanese and Russians would come to the same conclusion that the Russian inhabitants have the ultimate say and that the Japanese and Russian governments can just come to some agreement, make peace and have good trading relations – a lot of nice sushi to be had! I'm echoing what I've seen from Japanese in the comments.

  91. kakarot 1221 says:

    Go russia

  92. My Dream is 100.000 Subs No Video says:

    Cyka Blyat Rush B vs Hentai.

  93. Joe DiMagio says:

    russia should just crush Japan.

  94. Nilton Dos Santos says:

    We,re support Japan…🇯🇵🇨🇳🇧🇳🇱🇦🇰🇵🇰🇷🇲🇨🇰🇭🇲🇳🇲🇾🇲🇲🇵🇭🇹🇭🇸🇬🇹🇱🇻🇳🇹🇼 Far East Support Nihon or Japan…..💛💛💛

  95. John Wick says:

    Because Russians are corrupted and uncivilized.

  96. John Wick says:

    This time 🇺🇸 and 🇪🇺 got your back Japan.

  97. David Chan says:

    There was no justice in that time. Japanese will forget it as long as the water keep on rising.

  98. Rogana K says:

    Wow the big country of Russia arguing over some tiny islands

  99. Mansa Musa says:

    Japan > Russia

  100. Renn Mann says:

    The Kuril Islands belong to Russia! And Naruto and Sasuke will not help you. Even if you don’t take them with a tailed bomb!

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