Where will the RCA take you? Meet Ibiye Camp
Where will the RCA take you? Meet Ibiye Camp

My project Data the New Black Gold is
all about how individuals could collect street data or data of a changing area
in a very informal way. The idea is that data is becoming a commodity or a new
type of asset that could grow with value. I think it’s good for people to
be aware of data collection and how it is something that is accessible and it
could be a way that people trade with in the future as well, with how much data you
have or whether you want to sell your personal data I love how open the RCA is. I was
able to communicate my thoughts with my peers and tutors in a way that I was kind of
searching for beforehand, that way of thinking that in the RCA is what I was
looking for and really appreciate from the school that it set up that openness
to explore material and I did in a really personal individual way.

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