Where can I find images for my Site?
Where can I find images for my Site?

Hi everyone! It’s Krista, and this video is to show people where find pictures for your Site So… I get this question a lot…mostly
when I say “Hey did you know you stole that picture?” but it so very good thing to know. I get a lot of questions about our
banner that’s on our web page so a lot of these I just
made myself I took that picture right there and that background myself and again I’m not some fancy design
person. This came directly from the brochure
that the SAT College Board peeps gave us. I made this
one So I want to show you guys how to do
some of that stuff. Of course, the easy thing to do is go
straight into Google and so let’s say I need picture a puppy because my goodness those guys are adorable! If I
wanted to take one of these pictures and I just click on one that I would be
stealing because I’m violating copyright laws but if you click on these little search
tools right here you can filter your search by things
that are licensed as reuse right can do label for
reuse or reuse modification which is usually
what I end up doing cause I wanna like, put a hat on a puppy or
something adorable so these are licensed
appropriately now just because it’s here doesn’t mean
that somebody didn’t steal it from someone else but Wikimedia Commons is a great
place for freebies notice that’s Wikipedia vs. Wikimedia very different places
so be careful of what you’re trusting with this but that is one way to go and at least attempt not to break every
copyright law you’ve ever heard of. So that’s one way, one of
my favorite is on Flickr Creative Commons.
So Creative Commons just offers some creative copyright to photos and if I go in here
and search for shar pei puppies look how adorable guys those are not all shar peis, let me just say…
right now they are any license but if I click I can do
Creative Commons only and what’s cool about all these
Creative Commons images…oh this guy’s adorable..is that
they tell you right here exactly what you can and cannot do with the image so if I click on “some
rights reserved” I’ll get this pop at page right here that
says hey you can copy and distribute this material any way that you want to you and you get
a remix edit and transform it and build upon the material and all that
stuff and then it even tells you you have to give credit to be original photographer and you
can’t use it to make any money so I like these Creative Commons licenses
because they are so crystal clear and I know exactly what I
can do with the photos so it’s really nice and that
dog is adorable… another place to find free images again free do whatever you want high
resolution photos is on Unsplash and I often find myself just scrolling
through these gorgeous photos I suggest you not do that you can look
at it in a little grid view for less scrolling, but the fastest way to
do this is just a search for something that you want let’s say I want a horse look at the beautiful horseys so this beautiful image by this photographer is free to do with whatever I want to do
with it and it says free do whatever you want
and if you click on their free do whatever you want you’ll see
that they had a Creative Commons zero license and they’re very clear
that you can copy modify distribute do whatever you want and this is
including commercial purposes so, that’s good to know again,
crystal clear copyright rules you know exactly what you’re doing and
those are free photos for you now there are tons of other places to
get those photos but you can also be very easily create
your own graphics or your own images or edit
one of those that you just got off of Flickr or wherever so you can edit photos that you already have on
your computer and touch those up as well most the time I go in and design
something because this McNeil High School site has
have a very specific size here so you can just go in here
and design whatever size you’re wanting and then you
just start creating Let’s just make a little square real fast. You have tons of options don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options this is my favorite right down here go
to the themes probably the fastest way to do this I know last year we had several ice days
so I was just going to winter wonderland scroll around, I went and found a little
winterscape what there’s ice, I clicked on it, I pick
a color, beautiful then I hit the text button yes I want to apply the winterscape and of course I’m demoing live so this is gonna go nice and slow. I choose text I can choose from any of these this
little crown right here is a royal feature that’s a paid service I
think it’s like $5 a year or something I totally pay for it because I
think it’s so great you do not have to there’s plenty of free
stuff in here but I can go and pick whatever font that
I want click Add text type in my text use this thing right here to match it to
be exact same color so that my text then becomes that same
color which is kinda fun and makes it really easy and then if
I want it to be smaller or larger I can just click and
drag and it gets bigger and then I just save
that to whereever I want to and I’ve got this image so it doesn’t take long at all and it
doesn’t it take a lot of experience you can just
kinda click around in here and find cool stuff and again those themes
are the coolest there’s a comic heroes theme very popular right
now you can go and in do all kinds of fun stuff
in here to play around in PicMonkey and make your own pictures so you don’t have to worry about all the copyright business. another tool I like to use is Canva. You seen
here this is just canva.com and they
have an entire library of greatness… here’s how I made
my tech Tuesday Canva information for our Instagram
page you can do an Instagram post here,
Facebook post, blog graphic and they have all the sizes already done if you want an email header, a Twitter post, anything you want and you
can even come all the way over here and use a custom dimension so if you have some special custom size that you want then you can choose
that I’m going to go ahead and just choose a real estate flyer because it’s right there and you can see
that that loaded up all over these beautiful real estate templates. Now you’ll notice that if I hover over them there’s a little dollar
sign here that does mean that using this, exactly the way it is it’s
going to cost you money, but if it will let me scroll on down
here you can get them with some of the designs but without
the… without the photos in them, like this, and you can design and
yourself as well. So all you have to do when you pick a template
it says “For Sale” If I wanna say “Welcome” or whatever it is that I’d like say and
I can customize this the way that I want to. If I want to change
the color this I can click on the color and it already has matching colors to go
with this particular theme. I could change that
font if I wanted to I can do all kinds of things I can go search for other photos maybe I
don’t want pictures of homes maybe I want some shapes or speech
bubbles? Lots of different stuff in here again don’t get bogged down by these
little price tag because there’s plenty of free things in here look at all these text formations they’ve already designed them for
you so you don’t need tons of experience to be
able to do this you just go in and click it and it already looks pretty
the way that it is so you don’t have to be intimidated by
creating your own graphics and your own images because Canva and PicMonkey and places like them have made it so simple for everyone
to be able to do that so definitely play around with those things and let me know how that works out for
you and don’t steal pictures from the internet it’s just not OK

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