What You Don’t get at IITs! Summer School at Yale, Harvard Explained
What You Don’t get at IITs! Summer School at Yale, Harvard Explained

hey guys today’s video is very important
so today we will be talking about some of the best summer school programs for
high school students students who are basically in 9/10 in event well etcetera
mainly in India as well as in abroad like US UK etc some exploring earlier I
was exploring the top 10 summer school programs in India like the cost between
10,000 to 20,000 rupees for the summer semester so I got to know that IIT
is not in the list and I was very surprised by that because many students
have interest in like doing research related to programming computer science
etc because they want to gain a lot of experience. If your goal is to reach Yale, MIT, Harvard etc. then experience is really important. It will increase your chance to reach there work experience or if you have like some
passion toward that course then your chances to get it to that top university
increases so similarly lot of students were wanted to know about that so muchi
tocqueville sila that iit even ID bomba doesn’t have that program none of the
IIT is have it so many will call PGI called iit bombay department and they
told me oh no we don’t have it for high school students because then selected
12th they are busy preparing for JEE so of this so they don’t have time for that
so Georgia bachelor I felt very bad for it because this way we are preventing
our young Souls our young blood or our innovative ideas from these kids to come
out of the box or to come out of their ideas in our young blood are unique because the problems they face in 9th 12th or before have only been seen by them and not us. after in life we will never think of those problems and never work on finding the solution either. so if given an opportunity to fix these problems in early age then these students will go way ahead ini life. research and we can also perform some of
the tasks that were almost impossible So that’s why students should be given an opportunity to explore college in their high school as well just like in US/ Canda you can attend
summer programs though it is not just about exposure
that you get to know about college life etc. children it’s beyond that because you
have pay most of the students studying in Harvard MIT etc they do
even beside them major until they are in their third year or fourth year of the
college because some take 5 years to complete their degree They spend 2 to 3 years in finding their real passion. Do I like Biology of CS more etc. computer science or any othern passioon that so they debate for those couple of years take their time and then decide the
major and then work hard for it and similarly I’ll get up summer
programs and yoga you will have a clear picture about what you want to do in
life beforehand Lets say you get a small Research opportunity at IIT in your high school can do research in maybe mechanical
engineering computer science is family You can explore and get to know more about Mech. Eng etc. you will get to know how projects are actually made above Hardware screwdriver use cutter
it’s about like designing on the computer or how you design a bunch of
ideas so in up Co real-world You will get to know about your career in a real world environment. And this is very useful for future like one of my friend he got into summer
school program at Harvard whose course a bot by the water because like you can
talk to professor’s about your interest you can attend computer science classes
before hand and he got to know before going to college that I’m definitely going to pursue computer
science or mechanical engineering or any other means of before going to college
so that was a really good opportunity for him so that’s why now
I mean I can first show you the list of options you have in India like these are
top 10 options like these are pretty affordable 10,000 to 30,000 rupees may
have jaws active but if you want to like go into one of the best summer school
programs in the world so that’s what this video is about as
well so now finally let’s talk about one of the best summer school programs in
the world so number one is a young global scholars program so it is like
one of the best because it is very selective and other Summer School programs are not that selective class selective for example a gap
Harvard summer school program with a close the probability of getting into
that summer school program is probably very close to 100% because most of the
students who have their complete application which
includes the sa exit ramp SQL baath karoonga they can easily get into that
but Yale young group is called program it is like at a national level or
international level you can never be a Because if you can reach here then it will considered National Acheivement or international acheivement Chances to get into MIT, Harvard etc will definitely increase from there then other chances but saying yeah as
compared to getting into like Harvard school program or like getting into
these programs is not enough you have to work hard after you go to that program
as well they’re up two to three weeks when you spend 2 to 3 weeks you have to connect with professors and work hard there as well and do some projects. You can go beyond and try anything innovative and explore a lot more career options I can give you example of I use Sharma so he went into IIT Kanpur and he attempted a Guinness World Record or you can go into
maybe Harvard summer school programs Similarly you can try creating a small project at Harvard summer school and doing a project in high school will be a really big achievement Yale etcetera and find ways to be
successful or to reach at that top university like them so now talking in
detail about these programs and I will leave the link in the description below
for the top summer programs in India which cost nearly around fifteen
thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees for the summer semester and then now
finally talking about Yale young global solace program which is very selective
in the world the acceptance rate is around 15 percent and to get into the
Gillian global Scholars Program the first requirement is you have to be 16
years old when you are entering into the program that is July nineteen twenty
twenty it may have other sessions so this is session number three which I am
looking into you can look into other sessions as well and then you have to
submit these essays or your components required for your application and the
biggest thing is TOEFL is optional get after TOEFL maybe the air or a prove
cursor – yeah because will my English is the main
language of direction and if you are fluent enough you don’t have to take
TOEFL exam at all and then you have to submit at least your 500 word essay then
you’re too fast take responses the v8s agree there are tho questions okay then
your school transcript and also up company counselors say it could be your
school principal or your counselor in your school and you can ask him to
submit some of the forms to our Volk form VI gabbatha of course a bit karna
and then there will be two letters of recommendation object of job job kisi
b-school ki favorite teacher said in sit there it could be our English teacher
physics teacher math teacher etc so the application fee is $55 for early action
and $70 for a valediction I’ll get up ta fees a4 Nagar sit there you can even get
this fee waived off and also if you cannot afford the program’s fee which is
around five thousand eight hundred dollars close to around four lakh rupees
or travel menarche at the given points lakh rupees oh jaga so I gotta bow for
dinner sit there you can even get some offered waived off if you get the
financial need place scholarship so get up course policy means at the end might
cost around 1 lakh rupees depending on what love whose time paid travel
expenses kittens are out there so marry friends cook up to 80 percents cos Omega
T so 1.5 lakh up lake is also clear after scholarship of a scholarship
normally been around four lakh rupees and now then you must pay and you will
be all set and then other than that there are like some deadlines for these
pools so early action collected line irregular decision collected liner and
then the steps to apply are pretty simple you can first see a sample
application Jogi running up a PDF link the aware I
will leave the link of all of these pages in the description and I
completely forgot about the derivations so why VG s or Yale’s program will be
for two weeks and these are the three blocks you can try any one of these
depending on your major etc but Harvard’s
summer school program has two options two week program just like Y of ICS or
seven-week program but there will be differences in cost though jo7 be
program and that will around $8,000 or travel Kivar $9,000
which is close to around 6 lakh rupees but two week program will cost similar
like five six lakh rupees but the cost similar but the disadvantage of
harvard’s program is that financial leaders or financial waiver is kind of
difficult because the acceptance rate is very close to hundred person the word
disadvantage was nothing yet but otherwise exposure level is really good
al-gharafa jockey you can try some projects or jitna Muhammad Ali comically
whose cake or degree you will increase the probability of getting into a top
university like MIT Harvard etc it is not just about getting into these
programs it is more than that now diving into Harvard’s program so the first one
they have offered is pre-college program which is too weak so obtuse cursor to
one of these three sessions and I think I’ll get up good real-world exposure if
you have time then go for the seven-week program so that you can start a project
at Harvard and finish it as well but otherwise like the two-week program is
also fine so that will be my suggestion similarly for Harvard also TOEFL is not
mandatory if you think that you need English proficiency then you can take it
it’s up to you it’s optional and the requirements are pretty simple and
straightforward very similar to hails program but you can explore any program
of your choice pakhi programs like other universities
have UC Berkeley Stanford MIT etcetera I looked into an mi t–‘s meit’s
program joki has only four US citizens so I’m not talking about that here but
you can definitely the program of any University those are very easy to get
into but I would say aware of collect Aggie you cannot get into Yale’s program
then choose Harvard because acceptance say it is pretty high so that will be my
suggestion so that’s pretty much it thanks for
watching and I will see you guys in the next one
good bye

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