what is stock photography
what is stock photography

17 thoughts on “what is stock photography”

  1. Christina Tsiripidou says:

    Thanks for sharing Monashee. Always a great content!

  2. Monashee says:

    Thank you so much for watching. I would love to hear about your biggest stock photography questions… or any experience you want to share about stock photography.

  3. beautyandthefoodie.com says:

    Great and timely video. I have been thinking of selling to stock companies after taking a how to class on it. But it does take a lot of time, and you need to have so much out there at so many stock companies.

  4. Retire Certain says:

    Another great video, I admire your thoroughness in your topics. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth MacLeod says:

    WOW Girl… Holy WOW …. your intro and outro… WOWZA …and your content .. .boom! … You inspire me in every way through and through!

  6. Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

    Nice topic, Monashee! Great video!

  7. The Bootstrap Boutique says:

    This gets mentioned a lot as a "passive income stream" but it is definitely WORK up front! Makes sense if you enjoy photography to build a portfolio though!

  8. Andra Gill says:

    This is such a good idea! I personally am not the best at taking photos but I've always encouraged my husband to do stock photography for extra money! I'll send this video his way!

  9. CoralJoyTravel says:

    Wow, this was so informative Monashee! It's so funny, I'd never really thought about the behind the scenes with the stock photography..but it makes complete sense! Thanks for sharing this video, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  10. Drost Video says:

    I'm building up my own image library instead of paying for stock images. Not sure if my iPhone photos would be good enough for commercial use

  11. Martine's Pastries says:

    Did enjoy, dig get a lot out of it. We have a significant library of cake, wedding cake and pastry photos and video, had not realized that perhaps they could be an additional revenue source, thanks for the tips!

  12. Katarina H. says:

    Thanks for the video. When I buy a stock photo, how often can I use it in a YouTube video?

  13. Kinga Gorski says:

    Ah yes.. there is often risk involved with those creative endeavours isn't there.. sigh lol

  14. Video Cashflow says:

    Very informative video. Like the way you focus on the business aspect as well as the creative aspect.

  15. HW Photography says:

    Thanks for creating and posting. I hear the term a lot but, no one really gave me an idea of what the concept meant. Thanks!

  16. Aida Giusti says:

    I am an Amateur Photographer I do have my own website etc how and where I start to send my pics for stock photography? Awesome video btw!

  17. Muaaz Cassim says:

    guggi guggi gang

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