What Happens When You Give A Photo A Hand
What Happens When You Give A Photo A Hand

100 thoughts on “What Happens When You Give A Photo A Hand”

  1. Ava Sutphin says:

    v e r y. d r a m a t I c a l l y LIT

  2. STAN STRAY KIDS says:

    Is it just me or link is getting wayyyy older

  3. STAN STRAY KIDS says:

    His is getting out of hand 😂😂😂

  4. Brissa Ortiz says:

    HARRY ❤️

  5. cat moth says:

    I ship that first pic so hard

  6. Krimson says:

    Cats are the best !! can't trust no mf that doesn't like cats 💀💀

  7. Top Visage says:


  8. Annie Wood says:

    This is getting out of hand.

  9. TheSeventhSnivy says:

    Guys, I was critical of the change at first, but I've come to like this new style of GMM. However, these kinds of videos should stop. They're not really that entertaining.

  10. Dimension says:

    3:00 "This is getting out of … Hand"

  11. Emily Abrego says:

    Harry Styles😍😍😍

  12. J0ker 13 says:

    since when GMM became this stupid??
    come on, guys… you are better than that

  13. Rakel Duncan says:

    Link missed the opportunity to say this is getting out of hand

  14. Sarah Weiss says:

    Ok, I️ cant watch GMM anymore….. they dont like cats.

  15. Anuradha H K says:

    Prarthana Nathiar Thlrumozll

  16. Shalvya Inge Indira says:

    I cant believe you guys dont like cats

  17. Robinhood Stock trading says:

    I wasn't going to like this video until you said "We don't like cats here." I immediately pressed the like button after that.

  18. PoptartMagic says:

    Link is a grown father, he should not be playing with the p*ssy like peek-a-boo.

  19. ALLYSON RADTKE says:

    cats are great

  20. Inazej Milan says:

    I thought Link was a cat person before he got his dog and everything?

  21. Cookie Sushi says:

    This just got boring after the first one.

  22. Marie Castle says:

    This segment should really be regular thing 👌

  23. holysugarmuffin1 says:

    you guys should do an episode with cats! you can't just slam cats without proving your theory! I thought y'all were internet scientists.

  24. Iona W says:


  25. Crimefightingchicken says:

    Lol wtf so many cat crazy people in the comment section

  26. Dia says:

    Links’s hair actually looks good natural.

  27. TON O'CLAY says:

    Link had the opportunity to say this is getting out of hand and he didn't take it.

  28. jake bleach says:

    lost our cat for nearly 2 days. it turned out it was in my brothers bedroom. he is in the RAF so had left for a month or two. he seemed fine. probably didnt do too well for his health though as he only lived to 5 and died just after new years 2016

  29. Meg Jones says:

    Can y'all do an episode testing other microphones?

  30. Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:


  31. MalarkeyMan says:

    Why didn’t they say let’s talk about that

  32. Mewtin Cat says:

    I keep thinking that Link is wearing pajamas! 😂

  33. B4TMAN97 says:

    0:53, wedding day? In a Tshirt?

  34. agauerm says:

    I used to like dogs, but then I had a cat and never looked back and never had a dog again. Cats are a much better pet, and are not annoying.

  35. Christian Dunn says:

    they have got to be blazin up

  36. Matthew Gailey says:

    Now you should do "Give it a head"

  37. Stormwatcher says:

    Too funny!

  38. unicorn dog says:

    harry styles enjoying ice cream(:

  39. IanAtWar6 says:

    2:07 KILL IT WITH FIREEEEE🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈🔥😈😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈🔥

  40. Britteny Deal says:

    Harry was actually screaming in that picture

  41. It's Just Kayla says:

    I guess you could say things are….getting out of hand

  42. Tristan Johnson says:

    Only the first one was good

  43. Aubrey Gorton says:

    Literally any animal that consumes meat would do that if you left them alone with a person, and zero food…..and vice versa….

  44. dimønd says:

    Peek a boo really (play with that pu$$y like peek a boo)

  45. Kawaii Bunny says:

    I love cats. This never happens… WHY U DO DIS
    But hey?! I’m still watching this :3

  46. MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer says:

    Grrr, because I love cats and have my opinion and they don't like cats and have their different opinion, I'm going to make a whole angry comment that they'll probably never see anyway and if they do they won't really care! Take that, GMM! XD In all seriousness though, love you guys. I just hate when people take things a little too seriously like that.

  47. christian østberg says:

    handy to know

  48. Bullietjie says:

    They didn’t say Let’s talk about that.

  49. Aubree Shelton says:

    It would be helpful for my laziness to put each segment of an episode into a playlist.

  50. Tomas L says:

    That’s thumbnail “do you feel in charge”

  51. Hasna Hashifa says:


  52. Michael Delaware says:

    I think what I like most about these guys is that they are pro-dog and anti-cat. I watch this show with my dogs, so…

  53. X-Kid says:

    i have a feeling harry was singing kiwi in that picture.

  54. TeamLifeMaximized says:

    I got a Rhett and Link wix ad before this video

  55. The Wind says:

    My god so many people got offended with the cat joke xD. (personally I'm not a cat person but I am very messed up so I would eat a dead body if I had too. :P)

  56. Symphonia16 says:

    Link doesn't think any of this is funny, be honest link!

  57. the.inkdeath says:

    Palm SpringsXD

  58. MonstaXInfiresMoomoo's says:

    I thought of Peek-a-boo by Red Velvet😄

  59. Grace La1994 says:

    With the Harry styles bit, there is a song called Kiwi and there is a music break where he pulls his tongue out and dances around the stage,Im pretty sure that is what’s happening in the picture. Btw “ slaying it at his recent concert” he always is slaying it! Lol

  60. theduckqueen1423 says:

    I was watching this with my cat and my cat walked away when link said "we do not like Cats here on good mythical morning" 😂

  61. Jaela Evans says:

    Video idea: Will it Oatmeal Creme Pie?

  62. TheMightyCongueror says:

    All these cat lovers, and I'm over here like, Dogs are better, get over it.

  63. KeesaRenee says:

    awww, Link, don't you start on cats, too!! I don't care when Rhett does it, but don't you abandon me! Also it's funnier when you make fun of Rhett for hating on cats.

  64. FluffyPolarBear Jules says:

    I thought they were gonna give a crew member a hand

  65. • Cinnamon Stix • says:

    ….That cat looks exactly like my baby cat irl height age looks :O MEH POOR KITTY

  66. Megan Williams says:

    "Play with that p*ss* like peekaboo" was the next lyric lol I swear he said great song lol

  67. Grace La1994 says:

    Harry always looks good guys not just at his concert!!!

  68. Grace La1994 says:

    Harry is amazing I’m sure he could find a way to sing with his tongue out. Lol

  69. Mr. Seacow says:

    Link looks oddly sexy in this video?? (Dont hurt me) edit oh its because he seems a bit more bad-ass?

  70. Anna Does Things says:

    Wow people chill… I have a cat and I love her but I'm not butthurt, we can have different opinions

  71. Clara Hughes says:

    What happened to the times when Link liked cat's?

  72. dxor noir says:

    ask miley, she knows how to sing with her tongue out.

  73. Ace Of Spades says:

    Good I'm not the only one who doesn't like cats and think they're evil to the core!!!

  74. Mandy G says:

    Love you guys but Cats are awesome! Lol

  75. FUTURErabbits 0208 says:

    Justin burner sings like that

  76. RoxannePlays_ RobloxYT says:

    shadow (my cat) is offended he was right next to me while i was usdafahufuhsdgu he walked over the keyboard oops

  77. Shannon Gorman says:

    I have a theory that all people who don't like cats only feel that way for one of two reasons.
    1. They haven't hung out with cats (possibly due to allergies)
    2. They have a prejudice against them because cats physically can't look like they're performing a human smile, while dogs can.

  78. Russ Parker says:

    Rhett, did you really just say, "Slaying it?"

  79. Emma Brown says:

    we do not like cats her on good mythical morning

    I'm good… I'm fine…

  80. beagles areawesome says:

    I love the cat!

  81. Dena Cline says:


  82. World Travelers says:

    "We don't like cats here at GMM"
    Clicks of video, unsubscribes, dislikes, and never watches GMM again

  83. GiGi says:

    I love that Link knows so much Rap<3

  84. Mel Holiday says:

    "I don't know where your middle finger's been!"

  85. Sally Otley says:

    " I love ladies with two left hands, there's benefits to that- Link 2017

  86. Crocodoodledoo says:

    Cats > dogs

  87. awesomecat42 says:

    I'd love if they'd explain WHY they dislike cats so much.

  88. Sproing Mcdonald says:

    i live in palm springs

  89. Nigel Cooper says:

    Dogs will do this, too. 2:09

  90. Blasty Bell says:


    holds up middle finger

    Rhett: I don’t know were your middle finger has been!?!?!

    Link: UP!

  91. Isabelle Lockett says:

    Link going grey is the best thing that’s ever happened on this show. They both look so good😍

  92. John Danger says:

    cats have no soul

  93. Muze Produces says:

    Say my ass at 3:19
    Just do it. Trust me.

  94. v0id w0lf says:

    Avatar sometimes sicks his tunge out but not wall singing

  95. Straight2Sleeve Straight2Sleeve says:

    The white balance is too strong on your videos lately.

  96. Kaitlyn J. says:

    "Don't touch me with it! I don't know where your middle fingers been!"

  97. Alison Reber says:

    I love cats booooooooooòoòòoooooòoooooòoooooooooooooo

  98. These People We Know says:

    🐱 are the best

  99. Sally Trye says:

    I'm in love with link lol

  100. Aterhallsam says:

    It started great and got ridiculous

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