Week 2: Watch & Learn You Will
Week 2: Watch & Learn You Will

This week on Video Your Wa, we’re taking
a step back to observe and learn. And here to help us with our training is our
good buddy Yoda! [in terrible Yoda impression] “Watch and learn, you will!” Okay on a scale of one to five, how bad
was that Yoda impression? So even if you think you know exactly
what kind of video you should make because it’s either what you’ve always
made, or what you’ve seen other people make, I promise you…[another terrible Yoda impression] “There is another!” type ofvideo you can make. Okay I promise, that’s the last terrible Yoda impression. So
I’ve been creating videos on my youtube channel for over five years now I think… I’m old. And I have a pretty specific style that I tend not to waver from too
much. I might incorporate some new graphics or text from time to time to
flex my animation and motion graphics muscles, but other than that you pretty
much know what to expect when you click on one of my videos. Now I don’t think
consistency is necessarily a bad thing, especially if your audience has learned
to expect certain types of content or styles over time. However, you can also
sometimes just get stuck in a rut. And I’m sure for any of you more seasoned
video creators out there, you’ve all had the experience where you’ve just made a
video that felt stale. Maybe it was too same old same old,
or you were creating something based on what you thought you should make, versus
what you felt creatively inspired to make. Or maybe you’re a newbie to this
whole video creation thing and you don’t know what your style even is yet. This is
where your training begins, my young padawan, to become a video Jedi Master. I encourage everyone – new creators and seasoned ones alike – to spend time
watching other people’s content. Maybe you’ll find somebody who’s in a similar
field or a similar type of organization to your own, and you see what kind of
content they’re putting out there. Pretty quickly, you’ll pick up on things that
you like about their content, and things that you don’t. The more you watch, the
more you’ll get ideas for the kinds of things you could incorporate, as well as
the things you definitely want to avoid. I firmly believe that you can get a
sense for your own style and creativity by watching the creativity of others. So
how do you get started down the rabbit hole? Well, good news! YouTube was
literally built for this problem! So you can start by searching for a topic or
person or field related to your own and find a video that looks interesting to you
and hit play. Then at the end of that video, you can see the suggested videos
column on the right-hand side of your screen and pick something else that
looks interesting. And then suddenly you realize it’s 2:00
in the morning and you’ve learned all kinds of things about wood lathes, and
the upcoming Star Wars movie, and then maybe also a little bit about Kristen
Bell and all of her cool stuff that she does…I don’t know that’s never happened
to me. Or you can let YouTube do all the work for you, and click that autoplay
toggle at the top of the suggested videos column and let it take you down
its own algorithmically generated rabbit hole of horrors. And as you’re watching
content, just jot down some notes in response to the Question is to Ponder
for the week, and pull out your audience persona sheet from last week as you’ll
be considering a little bit about how what you like fits or doesn’t fit with
your target audience. Next time we’ll be talking a little bit about synthesizing
what you liked and what you didn’t like about watching other people’s videos, and
then creating a personality style for your own content. As usual, you can find
the Questions to Ponder and the Jump Start activity at the link that is
appearing on your screen, so head on over and let’s get started. Thanks for
watching! As always if you’re interested in a little bit more one-on-one guidance
on how to meet your own video making goals, I would love to chat with you!
You can reach out via the link on the screen for a free one hour consultation
with me. And if you’re on the hunt for some other resources and tips about
making videos you can head on over to my website and find some stuff over there.
Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time, now go for it and make some video,
your way!

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