Websites for Photographers.  How to build a photography website to build your photography business.
Websites for Photographers. How to build a photography website to build your photography business.

33 thoughts on “Websites for Photographers. How to build a photography website to build your photography business.”

  1. Trevor Baldwin says:

    Great video. Loving the social media series.

  2. Kim O'Hagan says:

    Thank you, Joe!!!!

  3. Victor Rivera says:

    thank you so much Joe for all the information on putting together my site. excellent instructor, and photographer.

  4. David Velez says:

    Thanks again Joe!
    All of your knowledge is priceless. Couldn't be happier YouTube decided to back you! #P

  5. kvnkcrs says:

    Another great video!


    Thanks for the info Joe

  7. 77dris says:

    Joe, your channel is by the most informative of any I've come across in 10 years of photography, and you do it in such a professional manner.

  8. Michael Mirecki says:

    Thanks Joe. I'm in Australia, so I can't make the Tog Chat. So, I'm hoping to ask a question here…. What are your thoughts on systems like StudioNinja or Tave for managing your systems?

  9. Theo Mast says:

    Thanks Joe, this helped me alot ! See you on Facebook 😉

  10. Stephen O'Sullivan says:

    Great advice, Joe. As usual. One small bit of feedback — it appears your camera is on autofocus, and so it's adjusting focus as you move your head ever so slightly to and away from the camera. So your face goes in and out of focus throughout. Perhaps switch the AF off.

  11. Abe .M. Essack says:

    Wow this was an "AWESOME SERIES" of Social Media & Marketing tutorial, a "no nonsense" just "KISS" approach and it's free! Follow this approach and you'll see results in no time! I love your new logo and branding it fits very well with your business image. May your brand grow exponentially!Congratulations to your Graphic Designer! Great job!😎 👍

  12. John Lai says:

    So many good information. Thank you Joe for sharing!

  13. Marcos Enrique Ruiz Rivero II says:

    Hi Joe. this is the stage I am now; trying to built my own bussiness (weddinds). I am strugling with the branding, you can see I have s pretty long name. So i sreached and there is a guy using my first name as his bussiness; as well as midle name; and First name and first last name. unless i use my full 4 names; but it is too long. I have a Hebrew name, well that took has been taken, so I opted tonise my nickname Superguide Photography I just wonder if it will work or not. I already have a logo. Any advice?

  14. Pasquale Calvi says:

    Thank you Joe. I actually had a crack at it and will delete my WIX as your tip is far superior and cheaper, too. feel free to check my first version out – its – cheers

  15. Mike Miller says:

    Thanks, Joe, for this and your other videos. I'm learning much but I have two questions. 1) I have two portfolios: headshots and stage. I know you recommend I shouldn't duplicate any of the pictures in the portfolios on the main page. Should I simply use the 'best of the best' on the main page? If yes, should I include pictures from both portfolios (and risk confusing a visitor?) or only from one? 2) And what do you do with gallery pages? Should I include a link on my site, or just send specialized links privately to each client? Thanks.

  16. benjamin hernandez says:

    WOW! This is one of the best advice video I've ever seen! Thanks!

  17. Igor Sharykin says:

    Good stuff man, thank you!

  18. Kyle Sharp Studios says:

    Joe, I just binge-watched ALL of your marketing videos and tog chats in the last couple of weeks. I cannot thank you enough for all the incredible information you're putting out there for us photographers. Thank you again and I'm looking forward to having my website reviewed by you in a Thursday night tog chat!

  19. David Vera says:

    esto es oro para mis oidos y musica para mi mente

  20. Sonny Joseph says:

    Valuable info. Thanks, Joe,

  21. JPT76 says:

    Thanks for all the great tutorials! On using your name for the domain name, what's your suggestion if your last name is almost impossible to spell, pronounce and even memorize?

  22. Miguel Neves says:

    Probably the best, most informative and educational series of videos, I've ever seen!

  23. Benjamin Sutton says:

    Joe, as promised in response to my how to say you're open for business question in tonights live video, I watched these series of marketing, social media and website videos. I don't know how to say this. I'll try to simplify it.


    Dude you are the best.

  24. Mohammad Buyabes says:

    Great content!!! One of the best short videos I've ever seen about building your photography website.

  25. Karen Muehlfelt says:

    Always practical and wise advice . Thank you Joe.

  26. শেষ জীবনের গল্প says:

    good bro….

  27. Mario Lorio says:

    Joe muchas gracias por toda la información, tienes algún correo donde te pueda mandar un correo privado.

  28. Mario Rodríguez Quezada says:

    Nice video

  29. Studioriad Cinematic says:

    Love ur content thnk you sir

  30. Christoph Herrmann says:

    Invaluable advice. Thanks, Joe!

  31. Chijioke Ezeh says:

    Thanks for the info Joe

  32. Chris Scoggins says:

    Once again, killer video!

  33. Craig Lonie says:

    didn't want this video to end priceless information thank you very much GREAT ADVICE!!!!!!

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