We have too much data,  We can’t move now…
We have too much data, We can’t move now…

would you be surprised if when
people tell us that when they’ve got an old system they’ve got too much data and
they can’t move to a new one well you know what it does actually happen
sometimes and this little fear actually stops them from moving forward and
growing or improving processes within their business and really limits the
ability for them to grow and move forward they’ve got ideas and visions
but there’s just something about we’ve done it this way we’ve got an old
system well there’s just too much data well you know what it doesn’t really
limit you the data isn’t limiting you the system is probably limiting you and
your thought process around it just because it’s done that way it doesn’t mean it
can’t be done in a better way and add more value to your business when you
have one of these old systems you can always migrate the data across to a new
platform you can do it by hand if you want to spend who knows how long and
waste someone’s time but the team that you’re working with can write little
programs that can get the data translated into the new structure and
push it into the new platform for you whether this is a migration from an
existing system to sharepoint some other online system or a custom CRM to a
online CRM like Salesforce or Active Campaign or it’s an old
proprietary system to a new custom system with integrations the data can
get migrated at any time through some programs as your developers can write
which might take a bit of time to develop up front but it’s going to be
something they can test and reiterate and repeat this process to make sure
that the migration is working right when you’re doing it by hand you’ve got a one
shot and it’s done and then might take you weeks to get all the data over so
just a tip to consider that when you’ve got an old system you’re not limited by
the current structure or how much data actually have all that can get migrated
over properly it’s something that you need a factor in from the start because
there’s some data that probably can’t get migrated unless you have the human
intervention but majority of it can be so plan that into your migration steps
and when you move forward you can move forward with all the data that you’ve
collected then you can actually run some really cool analytics on it and get some
insights into your business and start making some of those decisions that will
help you drive things forward quicker with more productivity and more value

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