watercolor tutorial for beginners | how to paint river in watercolor in hindi urdu
watercolor tutorial for beginners | how to paint river in watercolor in hindi urdu

asslam o alaikum
welcome to M Kazmi Studios once again we are going to paint River Ravi in watercolor starting from thumbnail sketching to find our composition wet the sheet to start watercolor wet on wet start with yellow wash for sunlight effect [[[ HIT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ]]] for the 1st wash just fill random colors acording to objects in first wash be bold and paint without fear spread colors on wet paper details will be in 2nd wash if color goes in a wrong direction we can lift it with tissue paper i need more darks in water so putting more darks in it start work on background I am painting background trees by mixing blue in green for foggy effect and we’ll delute color by adding more water never use dark and saturate color in background on background work roughly and boldly without details just a few strokes because its background we have to minimize details to show distance now the main object may be you are thinking the refrance boat is yellow why am I painting in blue becausewe can modify our composition for our painting my painting have orange river and its complementary color is blue if i paint orange or yellow boat on it that will not be attractive like blue for the sake of composition we can change colors {{ HIT LIKE BUTTON }} let start 2nd boat on the 2nd boat i will use earth colors because there should be only 1 focal point to attract viewer others should be only helping objects so in this I’m not using complimentary colors in this using same earthy colors warm colors to merge in earth [[[ any question??? ]]] [[[ comment below ]]] whenever use dark color use thick color use of thin dark color and or more water make it lighter after drying and will look bad [[[ subscribe for more videos ]]] paint reflection in water I’ll make a different watercolor tutorial because beginners find it difficult in reflection the color of our object (like trees) and the color of water mix them together for reflection in this case we will mix green and brown for reflection [[[ HAVE SUGGESTIONS ??? ]]] [[[ I NEED IT BADLY ]]] [[[ USE COMMENT SECTION ]]] starting reflection of boat in foreground water color will be more visible we can see only water color in eflection so use only brown watercolor o wowww !!! there is a dog very interesting subject for our painting capture it in speed [[[ share to others ]]] continuing the reflection use single flat color for reflection no need of more detail we will paint a few darks in the end which we can see in reflection just a flat wash [[[ did not like yet πŸ™ :.( :'( ]]] :'( some details with dark seeing in reflection now start painting ground keeping foreground rough painting with rough and bold strokes because the ground in front of us is not plane its very rough up n down… so the strokes will be rough and bold some hard strokes and some soft lets look it from distance to know painting status if we have any weakness in our painting retouch it to complete the painting some tiny details as ropes and bushes this kind of tiny detail create beauty in painting our painting is complete hit like button and share if you like and if you have any question or suggestion feel free to make a comment and if you like these videos subscribe our channel to get updates for upcoming videos see you in next video good bye (Ahmad) : hello ladies and gentlemen you are watching saturday painting by sir Kazmi oo (Kashif) : its being record and you’re interupting (Ahmad) : hey Mr. Kashif …what are you doing I’m making a report (Kashif) : hey its starting of painting let it be record (Ahmad) : i just said ladies and gentlemen just said hello (Kashif) : your big hands are in front of lens

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  1. Ch Noor says:

    Superb,As always..ThankyuπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Karen Krosnick says:

    very good. great color combination

  3. uswa arshad says:

    Very nice πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. Moktadir Mahi says:

    owo .. bro asslmolikom …. im from bd ,,,,, you nice man,, πŸ™‚

  5. Harriet Mayeaux says:

    Outstanding lesson! Thank you.

  6. Digital Fine Art by HiNa says:

    Which water colour kit are you using?? And how much of gm this sheet is??

  7. Sara Hazel says:

    this painting is so cool .. keep sharing good work

  8. Alicia Del Campo Rivera says:

    thank you . it is bautiful!

  9. raaz takkar says:

    0:17 me apne thumnail sketeching ka bataya.. aap iska bhi ek alag se video banaye ki kyase kisi bhi landscape ka thumnail sketching kia jata hai aur kya baat dyan me rakh kr ye kia jata hai..
    thank you sir.😊

  10. sandeep achaya says:

    Amazing πŸ‘Œ

  11. Prem kumar says:

    superb sir..love you ,,,❀️

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  14. Bibhas Saha says:

    Video k background music thoda kamm hoge to hame upke bath sunnema dikkath nahi hogi..

  15. shruti bhattacharya says:

    Colour remove karne k liye tissue paper k bodle kapde ka istemal ho sakta hai kya?? pls reply

  16. Shobha Aithal says:

    Awesome … I love your arts😘😘😘

  17. Thomas Tumung says:

    Sir Aap Kon kon sa brush use karte ho

  18. Wildflower Self says:

    Thank you! Beautiful work.

  19. amin rehman says:

    nice work

  20. amin rehman says:

    i m an realistic water colour artist inam raja or karachi school of art say diploma kiya hoa hay 27 sal say kar raha hon tum may boldness ache hay koi fishree ke dekhao mujhe send karo

  21. amin rehman says:

    inam raja or imran zaib kah sath tha

  22. dilip kumar das says:

    App kon sa brush use karta ha

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