Watercolor Sunset Landscape Process “Lilac Sunset Landscape”
Watercolor Sunset Landscape Process “Lilac Sunset Landscape”

Hello everyone and welcome! My name is
Noelle, and in this short video, I’ll be sharing my process for this landscape
painting. This is the last part of a series of three paintings where I
painted three landscapes with a similar color scheme. I began painting the sky
gradient wash by applying a layer of clear water on the top half of my
painting. I like to start with my yellows first, and then introduce orange, pink, and
purple. I find the best way to paint a smooth gradient is to keep the swiping
brushstrokes moving in one general direction. In this case, that would be
right to left. For the bottom half of the piece, I do the same thing and mirror the sky. After the first layer dried, I thought it
looked too light so I decided to add another layer on top and not worry about
separating the sky and the water. The process was still the same as the first
layer, but with more pigment. I’ll be totally honest, this is a lot easier to
do with cotton paper than it is to do with cellulose paper because the pigment
doesn’t lift as much. I like to add depth to a painting by allowing the objects
closer to the viewer to be darker than the objects further away, especially in a
painting viewing a large area. In this painting, I feel like I made some of the
hills too dark, but the contrast is still present and makes the whole piece feel
more atmospheric. The trees I’m painting here are simply just parallel
brushstrokes flicking upward. When painting this mountain in the background,
I collected several reference photos and used a few details from each one to get
the look I was going for. The goal for this piece was to not rely on a single
reference photo, and invent my own composition, but I still needed some help
to get the right natural features that make mountains look so cool. I got too
confident because the first two paintings in the series turned out so
well, and this was planned to be the simplest
painting of the three. When it got to painting the foothills, I made it a bit
too dark than I wanted, and I kind of messed up one of them by trying to turn
it into two hills. After that happened, I went into damage control mode and
attempted to restore it back to the way it was. Looking back, I should have just
left it, but I did learn something and now I am less likely to do again. Similarly to my previous painting featuring ocean waves,
I used the dry brushing technique here to illustrate the reflection of the
mountain and hills on to the water; the drier my brush is the finer the details. Also, if you want to know about art supplies I’m using. I listed each one in
the description. For the last finishing touches, I paint some small islands with
trees in this lake with a dark purple color. I like painting evergreen trees, to
me, they are easier than painting deciduous trees, and the mountains where
I live are all standing in evergreen forests I hope you enjoyed watching me
paint! If you did, consider giving me a thumbs up or subscribing to my channel! Let me know what questions you have in the comments below. You can follow me on
my social media, I am the most active on my Instagram! Thank you so much for
watching, and make it a great day!

13 thoughts on “Watercolor Sunset Landscape Process “Lilac Sunset Landscape””

  1. Martin Dezort says:

    I love the way u paint

  2. Tiara Pariag says:

    gorgeous! i adore your tutorials and look forward to more in the future! they're so helpful!!!

  3. Rebecca Page says:

    I love this piece! I'm intrigued by the dry brush reflections, and look forward to trying that technique.

  4. Noelle Curtis Art says:

    Hey! I forgot to mention that I didn't film the last part, which was adding three flying birds you can see in the final image; I used a small script brush and was very careful.
    Also, just a reminder, feel free to comment any questions you have! Thanks!

  5. Debbie Curtis says:

    Beautiful and relaxing! Thank you!😊


    I love your art! Keep it it up girly πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  7. Lynne McDermott says:

    Loved this, Noelle!! Your technique for dry painting the water is genius!!! I have never seen another artist do that!!! Great tip!!!

  8. Smmurrs says:

    This makes me want to paint so bad! Incredibly satisfying!

  9. Dr. Oto Kano says:

    Yet another stunning painting! Thank you for sharing with us your process in such detail. I'm learning so much from you.

  10. Sara jamal says:

    Beautiful as always πŸ‘

  11. Emily Mackey Art says:

    I LOVE that dry brushing technique!

  12. Miranda Watson - Alkali Creek Art says:

    It's beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  13. valeria peddis says:

    Wooow, thank you! What brash is It?

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