Warto lubić się uczyć
Warto lubić się uczyć

Hi, my name’s Kornel. Welcome to my channel. Probably just like many of you, I loved going to school and learning. I still do. Ok, let’s be honest. Few of us really liked learning anything at school. We’ve tried to do as little as possible or noting. In fact, I don’t really know the cause. Why are we so reluctant to learn? But let’s face it, I HATED it. Every time I tried to learn something by heart I failed. I remembered nothing. As a result, during my higher education I just didn’t study. I managed to pass. In general, I even wasn’t the worst. Mostly because I was focused during the lesson. I was taking notes and sometimes doing homework. When I started university it has changed. These things weren’t so obvious. When you study at the university, you have to, well, study. What I mean by that is study at home. The lectures were just a fraction of the whole knowledge. So, being at the university, I’ve changed my attitude to learning. Yet, it was still tough. To learn by heart or swat for a test. At one point I figured that learning can be enjoyable or simply fun if you learn what you want to learn. So I decided to do this. Learn something I want to or need to and what I’ll enjoy. In the previous video I’ve talked about why I do what I do. Today, I can also say that I do it to learn, too. You may ask, what is it that you learn by making videos on YouTube? So, let’s find out. First, if I want to make a video, I need to learn how to cut it. To do it, you not only have to download the right programme. You need to be able to use it. Using free online sources, I was learning I keep on learning, and am going to learn how to cut a video best. I think it’s an important skill because most content that we receive is based on a video material. So being able to do it good is priceless. The second thing I want to master is editing a photograph. What is necessary here is the Photoshop. Making a good and interesting video thumbnail requires certains skills. Not only taking the photo and editing it using Paint. Of course, Photoshop can not only be used for thumbnails but with time, while building this channel, photo editing will come in handy. Next thing I want to learn I simply making videos and taking good photos. Finding a good angle, using the light looking for a nice composition cutting a video itself won’t be enough to produce an interesting work. You need to provide an interesting material. The fourth thing I want to learn is to manage me in social media. Using them. If I really want these videos to reach a certain level I need to take care of how I look in social media. That’s why I learn how to do this. Maybe this skill consumes the least of my time because I first want to polish up the previous ones. I hope that soon I’ll be able to do it better. The fifth, and the last, thing I want to learn by making videos is speaking in front of the camera, expressing my views and opinions, writing a script for a video. Those of you who know me in person, know that I don’t really speak a lot. Especially when there are more people around me. I’m an introvert. Interpersonal skills are rather my weak point. I’ll definitely not become an extravert. I just want to communicate better, be able to speak my mind clearly. Be able to tell a story! Because I have a lot. And my storytelling is usually not very interesting. Now, I’d like you to leave a comment, in which you’ll tell me what you’re learning now. It may be something connected with your school or something that you do for yourself. I’m just curious. If you give this video a thumb up and leave a comment, it’ll help me to reach more people. If YouTube’s algorithm notices viewers’ activity it’ll make it visible to more people. If you want to, help this channel by doing so. A HUGE THANKS goes to my subsribers! I appreciate your time. Thank you for keeping up with me. It’s worth subscribing because you’ll get an extra “thank you” at the end of every video. That’s all for today. See you next week. I’m going back to learning.

3 thoughts on “Warto lubić się uczyć”

  1. swazy1994 says:

    Najlepiej się uczyło się w internacie, ze słuchu. Jeden czyta na głos, a dwóch gra w grę i uczy się przy okazji. Nie wspomnę kto miał potem najlepsze oceny 🙂

  2. tofisiek says:

    Ja aktualnie wracam do nauki hiszpańskiego 🤓
    Jeśli chodzi o naukę do szkoły to tutaj nie odstaję raczej od większości, to była mordęga… Myślę, że głównie przez to że zmuszano nas do uczenia się tego, co kompletnie nas nie interesowało i nie widzieliśmy w tym sensu. Gdy zabieram się za temat, który mnie ciekawi to potrafię spędzić nad nim godziny 😍 I wcale mnie nikt nie musi wtedy gonić do nauki, bo sama się aż do niej garnę:)

  3. Miłosz Kiliński says:

    Też jestem tragiczny w opowiadaniu historii itp.. Długa droga przede mną. Aktualnie uczę się nowych technik w malowaniu, wcześniej były one dla mnie abstrakcją, ale teraz śmiało mogę powiedzieć, że powoli zaczynam je rozumieć 😀

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