Voyage Astral : Technique de la Corde (➕ BEST OF) 🚀 #10
Voyage Astral : Technique de la Corde (➕ BEST OF) 🚀 #10

Many people asked me to
talk about the rope technique to achieve astral projection.
In this video, I’m going to present it as well as a compilation of the
most popular techniques. Hi everyone, I’m Romain Clement from Gaia Meditation.
In this series of videos, I talk about astral projection, out of body experience and
lucid dreaming. I introduced you to the indirect method, a very efficient method in the fourth video. and in this new video, I
will introduce you to 10 of the most efficient techniques that are according to me, among the most
effective ones. They can be used with the indirect method but also with the
direct method, which I will present in another video.
This method is practiced without prior sleep through a phase of
relaxation. However, there is a difference in use between these two
methods: with the indirect method, we will try to cycle several
techniques until one of them is successful. When one of them
is successful, we will try to amplify sensations until they
become real. We will then try to separate. With the direct method,
these techniques rather play a secondary role. They are really meant to create a
floating state of consciousness. I’m going to present each technique, assuming
you have already watched the previous videos or that you are already familiar with OBE. Let’s not forget that these techniques
must be applied in accordance with four principles of efficiency:
apply these techniques no matter what,, with enthusiasm, confidence, and automatism. Regarding techniques
associated with lucid dreaming, I will present them in another video
dedicated to this phenomenon. If you have not done it yet,
do not hesitate to join the group of discussion that I created so that we
share on this subject. The link is in the description below.
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this series of videos. First of all, let’s have a look at how techniques work. This will help you create your own techniques. According to your needs and skills, some techniques are going to work better than others. You will even realize that from time to time, you will need to switch from one
technique to another. Herewith a table that explains how to
create a technique to enter the phase state and how it works in practice. The techniques will imply different visual sensations,
auditory, kinesthetic, vestibular and touch. To use them, we will
sometimes be in active mode with our sensory perceptions, or with
imagined sensations, and sometimes in passive mode. We will then spontaneously receive
hints that indicate that we are in the phase state.
For example, at times, an image will appear right in front of you without doing
anything. You are passive. Sometimes, you will try to perceive one no matter what, you are then active. And sometimes you can
try to imagine an image, in particular via visualization.
It’s the same thing for any other senses. Sometimes sounds
arise directly upon awakening without doing anything,
sometimes we imagine them, and sometimes we try to stay focused, listening to the
slightest noise that could inform us about this state of separation. Mixed techniques are very
efficient because they will appeal to several senses. We can even start from
these techniques, to create our own techniques by following the principle of
operation explained previously. Let’s start with the famous technique of
the rope. You are lying down. Try to imagine that a rope is hanging
above your head. Try to climb to this rope without moving a single
muscular. At that time, you will be maybe brought to feel the movement
of the astral arm and then the sensation of rope at your fingertips, and finally,
maybe even the sensation of height. Do not hesitate to add to that the
active visualization of this action. Let’s swim. I presented it in
the video 4. Try to imagine that you swim in as much detail as you can,
no matter what type of swim, and little does not matter the position in which you
you find. Try to feel it at all costs
and you can also visualize the place if you wish. The
visualization of the hands now. Remember, I talked about it in
other videos. You must try to visualize your hands at 10-15 centimeters
face, to scrutinize them in detail while rubbing them against each other
in order to perceive the sound of friction. Sensory visualization and
motor is a technique that makes call for pure visualization from the
departure. Basically, we will try to to imagine, at all costs, already separated.
You will try to visualize that you are in a place and you will try
to walk to try to wake up all perception.
We use techniques deepening that I will evoke more
in detail in another video. We try to really touch all objects
imagined, and after a while we go start to perceive these objects after
fingers, in the palm of our hand, our movements, and our movements.
At that time, we need more to try to separate because we are
already. Among the other favorite techniques, I
have already spoken to you in a video previous, rotation.
We can either imagine it or be based on vestibular sensations already
present. This is to rotate to
the left or to the right, around the head-to-head, without moving a single
muscular. We can even help ourselves with a movement eyepiece to the left or to the
right, keeping eyelids closed. The contraction of the brain now.
So it’s not literally about contract the brain but rather all
the muscles close to the brain. It has for advantage of being able to be used in
simultaneous with other techniques, and it aims to create the state
vibratory at the level of the head especially.
We will be able to use it so clocked or continuous to accentuate
the vibrations. I also told you about the rocking of the
ghost body, this technique involves swing your legs or arms, such
we perceive them, without moving a single muscle and without also imagining the
movement. We will try to force pushing down, up, down
pulling left, right, and at the slightest positive feeling, we will try
to increase the range of motion. before separating.
I’m going to talk to you now about the third eye technique, a
technique that I like a lot and that I use regularly, simultaneously
with other techniques to increase their effectiveness. While keeping
closed eyelids, you will direct your eyes to the
third eye point, between the two eyebrows, or a central point at the level
from the front. No need to force excessively, the eyes are just going
find the position they take during deep sleep. It’s okay
facilitate entry into the phase state. Another technique that I also use
regularly with others techniques to increase their
efficiency, is the forced sleep. Sometimes I feel too much
awake at the moment of waking, then I will dictate to my physical body to
back to sleep naturally. I will mime the
natural breathing falling asleep while maintaining my
alert conscience. It will allow me to dive back into this
favorable state, between the day before and the sleep.
At that time, all the techniques indirect cycles will show themselves
much more effective. The ultimate and universal technique is not going
unfortunately be applicable only by the most experienced travelers. In
effect, when one is accustomed to making out of the body regularly, we will
to gradually learn to do without techniques designed to create the state of
phase. We will try to obtain this state at once.
it’s very similar to the technique of strong intention to make a trip
astral coupled with the technique that is to remember the feelings
felt during previous outings. We saw on what principles
each technique. We also saw a list of techniques
the most popular, often the most effective in general. In the
next three videos, I’ll go present as promised 40 techniques. It
will allow you to have a wider range wide, different techniques and you
will be able to see the ones that suit you better.
It will also allow you to vary your workouts and your experiences,
and see what are your techniques preferred. You can share them with
me in comment under the video. Do not hesitate to subscribe to
the chain to be informed of next videos.
In the meantime, I leave you, I tell you See you soon, and have a good astral journey!

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  1. Gaia Meditation says:

    💡 Quelles sont vos techniques préférées? 👇👇👇

  2. Christelle Guichet says:

    Merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo. J'ai hâte de connaître les 40 techniques.

  3. Franck durey says:

    Salut et merci pour tes vidéos.
    Une question me taraude l'esprit, une fois en état de phase comment effectuer la sortie avec la technique de retournement ou celle où tu te met debout ???

  4. ChaÏma d'MSP says:

    faire un voyage astral a 13 c'est bien ou faut éviter, personnellement j'ai vu toutes t'es vidéos et sa ma beaucoup servis j'ai faillit faire un voyage astral mais ma soeur est venue en plein milieu, merci pour ton aide t'es génial

  5. Nono12 12 says:

    La technique de l’intention forte çà marche pas mal pour moi.

    Sinon pour vous tenir au courant, j’ai enfin réussi à traverser les murs! Pour la téléportation j’ai encore un peu de travail.

  6. Antônio Célio Silva says:

    The Astral Plane (or Spiritual Plane in Spiritist coding) is very complex. It is formed by 54. density-dimensions or vibrational degrees of astral matter. Here's a simplified explanation of what they look like and what's in each of these dimensions,
    notably from 1. to 5.
    Astral Density 1st Dimension is a counterpart of physical matter as its foundation. Without this Astral dimension-density, the Physical Plane could not exist. When we are awake, our Astral Body is in this dimension-density, coupled with the Physical Body. When we sleep or when we disincarnate, our Astral Body shifts to the density dimensions above it.
    The 2nd Astral Density-Density has force fields that shape images of everything that exists in the Physical Plane, which is formed by the 1st Astral Density-Dimension. There is also the magnetism of the 1st Dimension-Astral Density Matter. It is known as dimension copy.
    The 3rd Astral Dimension-Density. In it there are only the respective magnetic fields of the bodies existing in the 1st Astral Density. This dimension-density is totally dark, because in it the light does not reflect. It is also known as the BLACK dimension. It is in this dimension-density that the so-called infernal and purgatorial regions are located.
    The 4th Astral Dimension-Density has its own Astral Matter dissociated from the Physical Plane. Objects of this dimension-density are similar to those of the Physical Plane, but more subtle in texture and their color tones are softer. It is very malleable and is associated with the magnetic field of physical Matter. The thinking of the incarnated and also of the disembodied who are in this or the dimensions below creates thought forms in this dimension.
     The 5th Astral Density has its own Astral Matter as the 1st and 4th Density. Its Matter is not malleable, is not associated with Physical Matter, and has little to do with its magnetic field. It does not create thought forms under the action of the human mind, nor does it form copies of what is in the physical. In this dimension there are the Colonial Cities as Our Home, for example.
    6. Dimension-Density up to 54. The author has not informed what is in these dimensions, but this is where the more evolved discarnate spirits go and little connected to the Physical Plane. The higher the dimension-density, the higher the spirits that inhabit them.
    Research Source: Hérick Athayde Usami – Brazil

  7. Seb Chamox says:

    Bonjour @Romain Clément,
    Perso, j'ai eu 2 expériences incomplètes, et celle que je préfère est la technique de la nage…
    Y-aura-t-il des explications plus concrètes sur les SHC volontaire au moment de la sieste?

    Et j'ai une autre question plus général comment peuvent se manifester les vibrations, par quels ressentis ?


  8. Yamako Leo says:

    Svp jai une question kan je fume du canabis et que je pratique cet thecnique je resent les vibration venie plus rapidemen que kan je nes pa fume vous pouve m explique la raison svp

  9. Dr. Nature Vivante says:

    Sympe je like et m'abonne je vais faire des tuttos aussi sur tout ça..

  10. Patrick Flamand says:

    BRAVO et MERCI pour toutes tes vidéos qui sont très instructives !!! Je les ai toutes incluses sur mon blog où figurent près de 200 vidéos sur le thème du VOYAGE ASTRAL. Voici le lien d'accès direct :

  11. Quentin Gaming says:

    J'ai une question quand on est en voyage astral y a t'il des endroits protégé énergétiquement qu'il faut donc éviter ?

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