Visiting Terceira, Azores – Blue Whales and Landscapes
Visiting Terceira, Azores – Blue Whales and Landscapes

8 thoughts on “Visiting Terceira, Azores – Blue Whales and Landscapes”

  1. sheila m says:

    HI! I'm in terceira now and I'm praying I get to see a blue whale. Did you use the tour group run by ocean emotion ?

  2. Lasher Squirrel Slayer says:

    My family is from here.

  3. D Martins says:

    My husband was born here, awesome place.

  4. Albert Moore says:

    Between Terceira and São Miguel are submerged pyramids of Atlantis.

  5. TRAVELtheWORLD says:

    Really nice video 😀 Thank you for inspiring me! 🙂 A half a year ago my boyfriend and I visited Terceira. And it was amazing!! <3

  6. cesar silva says:

    You're Lucy you got to see a Whale.
    I've gone twice on those tours.. Lots of Dolphins but no Whales

  7. Brittany Touris says:

    Do you have a list of the sites you visited featured in this video?

  8. LUIS Menezes says:

    Independencia para os Acores.
    100% acoreano. 0% portugues.
    so um verdadeiro acoreano quer ver a sua terra livre.
    viva aos Acores.

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