Unsplash: Free High Resolution Videos For Your Business
Unsplash: Free High Resolution Videos For Your Business

well hello and welcome to another
episode of the on the life of your dreams YouTube channel my name is
Timesha and I am so glad to have you here with me today so what we have is a
fantastic one today but if you are new welcome I’m so glad to have you here
with me today I am an online entrepreneur and I help other online
entrepreneurs make money online and basically by giving knowledge education
product reviews and so on and so forth I help others build their online
business for sustainability for the long haul so if that is something that you
like or you’re interested in make sure you stay tuned and make sure you
subscribe and stay with me alright so we’re talking about how to find photos
like if you’re doing eggs or if you’re doing anything else that would need
pictures thumbnails of the like and you want to find photos but you don’t have
the cash to actually come out of pocket for them then I have a great option for
you it is very cost effective matter of fact it’s free so we’re gonna go ahead
and show you what I got in store for you today it is a good ok so the actual
website is called unsplash.com ok and unsplash you can get free
high-resolution photos and all you have to do is pick a topic and you can
basically get yourself some photos so they actually do have a menu at the top
so if you have something in mind of these areas like a wallpaper texture
patterns nature current events architecture business and work film
animals travel fashion food drink so on and so forth ok um all of these are at
the top so you can actually pick those or you can you know or you can actually
search for it I don’t know what’s going on with my words today so you can
actually search for what you’re looking for so if
I want to search for a person raising their hand so I say raise and okay so I
have 74,000 pictures of people raising their hand and I just looked to see what
it is that I’m looking for raising your hand in celebration raising their hand
like you know do you have a question raising up a cellphone which is cool and
so I like this one I actually have used this little one of my thumbnails before
a dog just raising his hand like you so all you have to do at this point if you
want it is cell phone one you click it and then you just click download for
free and once you click download for free or you can click plus to collect it
or press or press the actual heart button to make it a favorite if you want
to share it to someone or to some type of format you can do it there Facebook
Pinterest Twitter email whatever you can copy the link and share it directly from
the website it also gives you some information the only thing that they ask
you to do and they don’t really make you but they want you to give credit where
credit is due so the only thing you have to do is make sure that you put in
wherever you’re submitting it that you have gotten this picture from and I
would pick a person’s name that I cannot say the drama swag re whatever okay you
whatever so you just have to say that I got this from them and that’s pretty
much it and he asked he or she also has other pictures on here from them and you
can collect well these are pictures that are like it so if you have pin you know
you want to do pictures with actual people holding cell phones then you know
these are very good pictures very good very
high-quality and so all you have to do is download it and there it is you have
it and then they also give you other things that you can actually check out
that would be I guess related to this particular tag if you’re liking the
video please subscribe and that’s it you guys and then you just use it so and
they used to have a little saying I guess they got rid of it but they used
to have a little blurb that you can use to give your um photographer credit but
I guess they got rid of it since last time I used it so that’s unsplash you
guys oh here it is okay so safe thanks so all you have to do is copy this blur
this little blurb about that and then you just copy and paste it into like a
notepad or word or word document or whatever and so when you’re ready to
actually use the picture you just copy and paste that little blurb on to
whatever format or platform you’re using to show that picture to give the person
credit and that’s it alright so I hope this was a value to you if it was make
sure that you give me the thumbs up and like my channel and subscribe to the
channel ok I’m giving you fresh daily videos just like this to help you be
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also if you want to know my number one way of making money online a way to help
you set yourself free get rid of your nine to five then make sure you check
out the first link in my description box and if you do that I will personally
hook up with you to help you online because I believe helping people get to
where they go once ago fulfilled their desires their needs and their goals
gives me fulfillment and actually it doesn’t pay me but it will actually
give me a great sense of peace and a great sense of purpose I mean why are we
one here if we can’t help each other right that is my offer to you so if you
want it feel free to use it all right so until next time my friend
make sure you think big dream big take action so that you may own the life of
your dreams

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  1. Timesha Holmon says:

    Want free high resolution videos for your business? Click Here: https://unsplash.com

  2. Raquel Fernandes says:

    This is very useful.Thanks for sharing Unsplash šŸ˜‰

  3. Sandra Essex says:

    Thanks for this information on Unsplash. I will be taking a look at this product.

  4. Mitch's Niches says:

    Great video. I love unsplash now.

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