Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial with Stephanie Cotta
Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial with Stephanie Cotta

I am Stephanie Cotta and I am a newborn
photographer my style has been described as very
organic very classic and timeless I just absolutely
love what I do I love it being able to take pictures
and to give people a piece of artwork that they’re going to just treasure
forever the great thing about this tutorial is
that it is perfect for both new photographers and also for portrait photographers that maybe want
to expand upon their business and add newborn photography or you know for the seasoned photographer that really wants to take their newborn photography to the
next level you know for me for my first year of
business I went through tons of trials and errors I made a ton of mistakes but
for where I am now I think that was crucial in my learning
process because I really gained the skills that I needed to be able to now teach
others and that’s really why I want to make this tutorial to give those that have this a leg up from everyone else so that you don’t have to spend you know
the hours and the days and the month learning and making the mistakes this has everything and the amazing thing is that you can watch it over and over again so
that you could not only practice but you can really perfect what you’re trying to do when i told people that I was gonna be a photographer and I got my website people laughed and were like you’re not going to make any money from the very beginning I was generating income this tutorial was filmed over two weeks in which I photograph six newborn sessions which included my two day workshop as well as the post-processing where I walk you
through exactly how to create the images that I produce this tutorial also
includes my 58-page posing guide which has the list of poses as well as
step-by-step instructions and pictures that go with each pose I think the great thing about my story
is that I don’t have any formal training and it just shows you that if you
believe in something and if you really want to go after something anyone can do
what I have done with this business

14 thoughts on “Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial with Stephanie Cotta”

  1. Valerie Bybee says:

    Stephanie.  THANK YOU for that last line! I love watching people who started where I am give back to the community to help those who want to be exactly where you are. I too have no formal training but I believe in myself and know I have a gift for photography.  I am excited to watch your tutorial. I want to incorporate newborn photography into what I already do.

  2. carlismycat says:

    where is the tutorial?? I thought that was what I clicked on. Please provivde the link. thanks !

  3. Andrew Watson says:

    I am just getting my portrait studio up and running and  would like to get in to newborn photography ive just got back from a sminar by a couple of new born photographers called maddies angles and feeling inspired had a look on youtube and found you would like to know more how do i get to your tutorial? 

  4. Andrew Watson says:

    forget the last comment found it thanks xx

  5. Neha yadav says:

    You just told about yourself, nothing about baby photography: (

  6. Thomas Andersson says:

    BEAUTIFUL STEPHANIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Penjo Baba says:

    Super cool… what lens is that you are using please…

  8. songstorm says:

    Not a fan of this kind of photography. Looks so unnatural, especially making them prop their heads up with their hands. I really don't get why people want to commemorate their newborn babies by making them look fake like dolls. We took my daughter's pictures all with her natural movements, instead of "molding" her body like rubber.

  9. 8oArturo Diez De Los Rios Garcia says:

    rgge duele

  10. Mrs.Sheryl Hascon says:


  11. Ulker Akkurt says:

    hicdeee superrr degil yavrularima eziyettttttt bu

  12. Clive Timmons says:

    it's not "art" and you need formal training on lighting which is dreadful…..sorry

  13. Misty McFarlin says:

    Waste of time…

  14. Lana Stone says:

    For those of you who seem to be confused — This is about her online class. I purchased and took this class before my very first newborn session and it helped a ton! There are definitely different types of newborn photography sessions that clients ask for and this is a fantastic course for a beginner newborn photographer as it teaches baby safety and helps photographers be more confident when moving little ones, wrapping them and choosing the correct props. This is a fantastic option when clients want those props and poses. The trend seems to be moving more towards capturing 'moments' in lifestyle newborn photography and of course portraiture with a classic black backdrop is always amazing, however this definitely has it's place in the realm of Newborn Photography and many parents really appreciate this style!

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