Twin Prank!!! | Beard vs. Clean Shaven!
Twin Prank!!! | Beard vs. Clean Shaven!

Holy shh… Holy shh… Facial hair and no facial hair Oh my gosh, oh my gosh [Laughter] [Music] I feel like eight…. Okay Okay, no problem. Eight?…. Sure haha You don’t like it…. k Oh, thanks Ding! Here, scoot over please The smaller classes you said? Okay, that’s a good one Okay! And then, how likely would you recommend UVU? Um, I would definitely recommend to other people. I went to USU last semester, so… yeah Yeah Ok how long have you been going to school? So, this is my Junior year. So I’ve been in school for about 3 years now….. Thanks Do you want to ask the last question? Okay, so you’ve been here for a while, so you have about a year left Sorry! [Laughter] See you guys… Ummm… She’ll finish On a scale of 1 to 5 or? Just like, how likely? Pretty likely. Pretty likely? K. You can just do the last question If there was anything you could change about UVU, what would it be? So dude.. Okay… No, it looks good on some people Um… Hey.. Oh my gosh, you guys We’re just doing a funny video for YouTube Yeah, I’m just glad I recognized it because I would have felt way dumb If I was like ability to pay attention to detail… Like 8… and then I didn’t even notice. Yeah, there actually filming right over there. So is it cool if we use that for our YouTube video? Yeah, yeah, that’s totally fine… Alright thank you so much… Yeah My friend. What!?! We’re just doing a funny video for YouTube. The camera is actually right over there Wow… That’s awesome Sweet, is it cool if we use that reaction for our YouTube video? Yeah, for sure.

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  1. EPHRAIM 144 says:


  2. M G says:

    I like how polite and respectful you were with the interviewees. Like & subscribe for sure!

  3. kayaga sid says:

    Are people in this video on the comment section?
    Comment below hahahaha🤣

  4. I dont leave likes, l leave comments says:

    You should send the beard first

  5. Mike Easton says:

    Aye new sub here, five videos? Dudes, you got way more potential. Time to start pumpin out them videos. This is a more than a second job,it could be a well paid career.

  6. N ll says:

    The guy with beard should have gone first made much more sense.

  7. Naima Presents says:

    Omg who hates beards uh!!!! Humans! Beards are the goals

  8. fritz michael 1925 says:

    stupid prank

  9. Єгор says:

    It would’ve been more funny, if the questions at the beginning were about time traveling, and than the guy comes back with a beard 😂😂

  10. Topis Music says:


  11. Eduard Emeraldo says:

    First girl very cute

  12. Innov Ace says:

    Meet this guy when you’re high, you’re fried.

  13. Nesta Tonik says:

    Redhair beauty

  14. TrenosUK says:

    I just realised I left my water bottle. Diversion tactics need work.

  15. عزير بافانع says:

    Their voice are different so I can just spot right on.

  16. ney su says:

    Dumb prank,,, how do you feel about facial hair ,, duhhh

  17. Milton Velez says:

    Is the heartbreak music pulled from Naruto anime?! 🧐🕵🏻‍♂️

  18. sidelinechino says:

    Do a part 2

  19. Hipster Doggo says:

    I have to subscribe cuz this is really funny and kinda cool. 😄

  20. Kermit TheBoi says:

    Honestly your videos are great. But you know what sucks, being here before you guys get more popular because no one believes you

  21. Mark Taps says:


  22. Alzee OneYaknowmee says:

    Pance… absolutely pance

  23. vincent gnanaraja says:

    That girl in red hair really want some3

  24. mikkolia says:

    You should have go up to a girl and wait for the response that she hates facial hair.. say BRB and say u just shaved for her 😂😂

  25. ZeroToEverything says:

    Bruh, its definitely noticeable…

  26. TylerCrazyWolf says:

    Please keep it up your pranks are amazing

  27. chris channel says:

    What about when you start with facial hair you didn't include the rest of it

  28. Sayooj TM says:


  29. Bibz says:

    why do people say Clean shaved it's like someone with a beard is considered dirty

  30. redael81 says:

    Love the last girl.

  31. Dettol Disinfectant says:

    When the girl is the pink hoodie looks at the guy and you zoom in on her eye roll 💀😂😂😂😂👀

  32. Share Hunk says:

    Lame prank

  33. hello54541 says:

    They dont really look and sound similar lol

  34. Osama Anees says:

    Very cool

  35. karl katoffel says:

    Would like to see the reaction of those, who realized it and u both show the person together after^^

  36. Noah micheal says:

    I think if they did beard first it would’ve been more convincing as in shaving it off🤷🏾‍♂️

  37. IamCalebr72 says:

    Finally some original content

  38. Shen Yean Chok says:

    You guys should consider working with Magic of Rahat for more drive through videos.

  39. Xaimigi says:

    The one with the beard has a deeper voice good video tho

  40. NTDTV says:


    It's Himanshu from NTD Television.

    Your videos are great! We totally love them, including this one:
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  41. Kumbi says:

    It’s like in a video game where you can go to a barber to get more hair, lol.

  42. Ofentse Mwase Films says:

    Congratulations! The Algorithm got to me

  43. tridivesh naidu says:

    Stupid prank no fun no creativity

  44. Martin Tenev says:

    It would be funnier and better if the first twin is with the facial hair and then the second without .. like you shaved for a 5-6 seconds 😀

  45. 10,000 subscribers without any videos challenge says:

    man at 3:17 is looks like Mark Zuckerberg from "The Social Network" movie, the way he is rounding on the chair from back…

  46. EE E says:

    I have no idea how these people didnt immediately recognize it wasn't the same person. They look nothing alike.

  47. Stormy Caris says:

    Damn 2 whole snacks…👀

  48. Alpha's Creed says:

    Do like you found some shit for beard grow and you do the test your self bla bla u kno wht i mean

  49. Marwan El Refaei. says:

    The people who disliked have no life

  50. Mohammed Tahir says:

    Boring prank

  51. W.E.M.F Tai says:

    When your shaved on GTA and go to the barber

  52. A little bit of Flexter says:

    That was awesome

  53. jay_615 says:

    Sooo weird question If yall twin and had sex with the same girl and bust one. Would that make the babies look the same

  54. Ahad Muhammed Faisal says:

    So glad you guys are back!

  55. Charlie Payne says:

    This is shit

  56. ❤Violin Angel❤ says:

    This is quite interesting, maybe these last 2 have mild prosophagnosia (face recognition problem).

    [Interesting fact] Since I have the severe form of prosophagnosia, I would of in fact noticed the difference right away, since anyone with the severe form of that disorder learns how to pay attention to every detail and memorize it: that includes accent, tone, hair color, hair style, clothes, teeth, etc., (since if u dont remember a person, u might be considered rude and such) rather than relying on ur own automatic brain function in which u normally recognize faces with.
    Some people truly take being able to recognize someone's facial structures for granted.

  57. Cornelius Trice says:

    😂😂 I love it…

  58. William Hack says:

    This is literally my favourite channel when it comes to watching pranks. No fabricated BS!

  59. Black Man says:

    I think i found my new favorite youtubers

  60. Brandon Thomas says:

    You guys are funny

  61. Rania Nadeak says:

    Hi twin i am from indonesia/bali. And i like your vdio

  62. C a y m a n says:

    wow these vids are funny

  63. asgard demasia says:

    Do moree

  64. Future Youtuber says:


  65. Teriauna Murphy says:

    Why did you stop making videos

  66. Teriauna Murphy says:


  67. Crispy Heroes says:

    Do they live in utah

  68. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    Yall finally uploaded

  69. Hashtag Addictt says:


  70. Ade Stickbaby says:

    Hi my name is Shay Cleaven and this is my brother Sheen Claven.

  71. Ashley Kinloch says:

    The twins r so cute

  72. Mike S says:

    Don’t know if it was deliberate but like the way you got the girl to ask the facial hair question so it didn’t sound like a chat up.

  73. Atish Shait says:

    THIS IS GOLD HAHAHAH i love u guys

  74. Agrios says:

    Found an another Underrated YouTuber

  75. DailyVlogWolf says:

    Drive two cars 🚗 and go in a drive thru see if workers know the difference between beard 🧔 and shaven ? That’s better way

  76. Gabriel Schuster says:

    Yo I'm a new viewer this was dope and I subbed

  77. Fefe Darkwolf says:

    I've always wanted a twin LOL 😂

  78. Ghetto Fitness says:

    Aaaa black people all look alike to white people so it's not surprising…who is the black girl with y'all tho? Heyy🖐️

  79. Doma Doma Medárd says:

    I hate IT! 😨😱😓🤧😷🤕🤒

  80. Doma Doma Medárd says:

    I Love ur videos boys!
    AWESOOOMEE! 🔥🔥🔥💯

  81. Fritz Kobe says:

    The first girl was so pretty 😍 😍

  82. run run says:

    Prank topic was good but you guys not work it

  83. Jay Buttah says:

    Earned a new subscriber today 🗣🤣

  84. TheLordKermit says:

    This is so harmless please keep it up!

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  86. RIAN HATMOJO says:

    Keep posting a funny video guys.

    But, anybody had a twins here?

  87. yourstruly kim says:

    I love your pranks! ❤️

  88. Bruno says:

    Like naruto sad song

  89. IvySway says:

    Nice video guys

  90. viknesh venkat says:

    Keep uploading new videos.. loved your pranks.

  91. colton Baltruczak says:

    you sould do a killer twin brother on the lose

  92. Aisha Sharmake Hassan Abdi 8B Viby Skole says:

    u guys is a male Alisha keys for real
    like here if its true

  93. Bookwerm4Life says:

    6:14 y'all leaver her alone-she's a nurse LMAO

  94. humudu says:

    You guys are so bad with ideas. You're not supposed to ruin the similarities and make it so obvious! Same with the crutches i just watched and i bet other videos too, it's really simple and you still messed it up.

  95. Achmad Fiqri says:

    Create a video time travel prank

  96. Parthasarathi Dash says:

    Nice video. What is wrong having facial hair?

  97. Bazz Ti says:

    Well having the beard thing in the survey made it too easy for them to realize it

  98. Manoj Mano says:

    I wanted to smash that like button dudes

  99. More Than 1 Video With 100 Subscribers Sub says:

    4:49 I feel u bro

  100. Eren Yeager says:

    GTA Sa logic

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