Try this Really Cool Trick next time you do Beach Photography – Lightroom Tutorial
Try this Really Cool Trick next time you do Beach Photography – Lightroom Tutorial

100 thoughts on “Try this Really Cool Trick next time you do Beach Photography – Lightroom Tutorial”

  1. Sakol Woothiphom says:


  2. Sam Wilson says:

    Thanks for another great video Serge – have learnt so much from you

  3. Kiril Varbanov says:

    Once again, lovely work.

  4. zoeclearwater says:

    Tips for beach photos: must have wind/ clouds in sky.

  5. Nathan Jordan says:

    I noticed you didn't change your RAW profile from Adobe Standard to Adobe Landscape. I like the colors better on the landscape one. Is there a specific reason you don't use it or just personal preference?

  6. Alexander Dedic says:

    Always the same……

  7. Steve Maitland says:


  8. Robert Good Rob Smith says:

    Thanks for the info. Great stuff!

  9. Shandy Gregg says:

    Do you live near Pier 60? Im about 10 min from there. Great shots.

  10. Jonathan Cajica says:

    Great vid Serge… are you planning any Florida photo meet ups?

  11. Jo Se says:

    You might be the wost photographer on the internet xd

  12. Don Spicer says:

    Awesome sunset!! Thanks Serge and have a happy and safe 4th and maybe you can do some firework photos next.

  13. Old Git with new tech says:

    Thanks once again Serge your video on your techniques never fail to impress me

  14. Adobe Photoshop says:

    You’re teaching us so much, Serge! 😀

  15. Mike Suter says:

    Serge, thanks for all your tutorials! I am learning a lot and appreciate your tips. Your presets are amazing and very worth it!

  16. david hutchinson says:

    Brilliant thanks

  17. Peter Safe says:

    Beautiful photo Serge. Thanks for your advice on how to tweak it. My photography is improving with every one of you videos. Cheers

  18. Cal Native says:

    More of an art project than a photograph

  19. Kelly Pettit says:

    Another great tutorial and amazing photos. Thank you.

  20. Christoper Lapite says:

    Could you provide steps on how to download and install the free presets into lightroom? All I see is tge same video of you talking about providing free presets.

  21. Lee Kershaw says:

    More great tips – thanks again for publicly sharing your knowledge – I've started using these presets all the time for my landscape shots and WOW – what a difference, transforming my Instagram posting (Leebo600). Can't wait to hit the beach and try out these latest techniques.

  22. Leonie Lewis says:

    I purchased your presets a few months ago and they have changed the way I look at processing photos. Here in Australia we have miles and miles of stunning beaches. However, some of the most beautiful have no middle ground interest. I have used the get down low and use the waves as foreground, but what to do when there is no pier or middle ground???

  23. Thomas Kr. says:

    and the free presets are where???

  24. Steve Lewis says:

    I’m literally sitting on a beachfront facing balcony of a beautiful condo in Destin, FL and have been experimenting with my new Canon 5D Mark iv since we got here. While I have gotten some beautiful pics certainly nothing like this. I guess I was kind of hoping that I would find that absolutely beautiful shot that needed little or no post touch up but after watching your video I am now thinking that this may not be reality. GREAT VIDEO AND TUTORIAL!!!!

  25. Steven Brener says:

    Hi Serge. Did you underexpose these images to avoid blowout?

  26. Jase Batey says:

    Beautiful my friend 😎👍📷

  27. Paul Naude says:

    Thanks Serge. I thought you were out of your tree until I realised playback speed was set to 0.5. Try it, it's a hoot!

  28. Valerija Colovic says:

    Thanks so much Serge. I learned a lot of useful tips from yours tutorials. My photos now look really great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  29. Marc Steeves says:

    my first SERGE video…. I SMASHED THE LIKE BUTTON!!!!!!!!

  30. GoBro misc says:

    Bought your preset. It says 9$ after discount. But i still got charge 79$. Explain please?

  31. Ricardo Rodrigues says:

    Merci Serge. Your videos are just great. The way you explain us your workflow is a lifesaver. keep on the great work

  32. haventchecked says:

    this is pretty hacky. -100 highlights, +100 shadows? 🙄

    "I'm going to do light vibrance"… +24 vibrance 😂

    this is more like, "mistakes every new photographer makes in Lightroom"

  33. Greg C says:

    A great composition tip for us all, thank's Serge i'm off to the beach.

  34. Marcel Peperkamp says:

    Nice bitc… BEACH!

  35. GN Designs says:

    But I live in Kansas…

  36. Floyd Schleyhahn says:

    Serge, I've been learning from you since 2011 and have purchased most every course you've ever recorded. I so enjoy these YouTube tutorials that you do and whenever someone asks me for photography assistance or how to get started, I send them to your channel and website. I hope to one day be able to attend one of your workshops in Italy or France. One thing I would like to know is what comprises the "standard" profiles within Lightroom (i.e. Landscape Profile)? At times, I would like to lessen the effect that profile creates. Perhaps you could do a deep dive into what exactly is taking place within those profiles so that it might be possible for users to dial the strength of it down. Thanks for what you do and I look forward to more of your tutorials.

  37. Mark Kleinert says:

    so hard to watch a video that is not synced to the audio

  38. Errol Vanzie says:


  39. Martin Lewis says:

    I use photo stacking on D850 and join the best in each section until get every section in focus

  40. Angel D Rodriguez says:

    O wow. This tip I awesome. A true professional and great teacher!

  41. lynn hughes says:

    Thank you Serge. I always learn a lot from you.

  42. Jay G. says:

    Your golden hour presets are not in the freebee!

  43. John Hunt says:

    Well done again Serge. Your videos are outstanding

  44. Chafik Boumehdi says:

    We'd like a PS tutorial as well, man /

  45. Juan Frank says:

    Any chance to edit Astrophotos? or "flat" night cityscapes?

  46. Amit Rajnaik says:

    You make everything look so simple.. Thanks for the Awesome Video..!!

  47. נעם יהודה קדוש says:


  48. Tom Dallis says:

    Thank you for your excellent tips. Your love for this craft really comes through.

  49. RLyle Badilla says:

    Try this cool trick next time you do beach photography. Buy my preset. Lol

  50. Nev Van Clarke says:

    Angles are critical….I do the same ..I live in Australia. Just don’t drop the camera 📷

  51. Diane Raymond says:

    Your videos are always so helpful. Love your work!

  52. NeoViny says:

    LOL… i learned a lot …. you have to fake the Color grading to the max to get an awesome photo… this has nothing to do with real life and it’s really annoying to see such awesome photos that make you wanna spend your money for travelling these amaaaaaazing locations just to realise that all has been faked….

  53. ImageCrusader DGH says:

    Will give it a go, loved the idea

  54. ThaGhost Oddusee says:

    Im a day late and dollar short,I just came back from Cancun,where I could of use these tips.Thanks for sharing.

  55. Jane Starr says:

    Can't find the presets that you use in this video in the free download????

  56. Zippy Bungle says:

    How to make a really fake photo! Hey everybody, try it today… Be FAKE! LOL

  57. Jim Matthews says:

    Excellent tutorial! I wish you would do this using ON1 Photo .

  58. Nader Naderi says:

    Good job and great ideas! Thanks

  59. Phil B says:

    Nice work.

  60. Tom Crombie says:

    Will the plugins work in either On1 or Luminar?

  61. Eddie Felan says:


  62. Jim Nevin says:

    I downloaded the welcome kit, and don't see any documentation on how to use the tools inside

  63. Phnom Kngab says:


  64. acidburn3339 says:

    very nice Video but I little bit slower would be very pleasant. English is not the native language of all here.

  65. Chad Ainsworth says:

    Good old Clearwater Beach! Love Pier 60. Great job capturing it!

  66. Pamela Smith says:

    I’m going to try this! Great video and great presets!

  67. AegenemmnoN says:

    Wow I was thinking that pier looked familiar! Haha you’re the second major you tuber to shoot at Clearwater beach recently. I live 15 minutes from there. Small world

  68. squiddymute says:

    Nice , one click away from Avatar 😀

  69. PT76251 says:

    Free presets are $9. Clickbait scam. Is this how all of your videos are?

  70. Prasen Gope says:

    That's what I hate about modern 'photographers'! If you change everything with photoshop, what's the point of photography? Where's the authenticity?

  71. Chris Knowles says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this great technique. I’m on vacation next week on an island so this is perfect to know before hand. The low angle really works well.

  72. al sarp says:

    Hey man!! How do you import these presets into light room!! I paid for this and nothing is working!!

  73. Humberto Galvez says:

    Thank you for your tutorial, now, I do not mind purchasing products from you at all, I have done it in fact, BUT BE HONEST, if you are offering something for FREE, MAKE IT FREE!!!!, Nothing worse than a conman, not matter how good or professional he is……Keep up your good work, but next time call your offers as they really are, DISCOUNTED PRICE, NOT FREE….Thank you

  74. Elwood Blues says:

    I don't have Lightroom.

  75. Jason says:

    hmmm remember when we took photographs and not made them on a computer
    nothing is real anymore. but yes its a nice “creation”

  76. Jason says:

    dont get me wrong they still look great

  77. Clive Powell says:

    had to slow it down to 0.75 to understand what he was saying!

  78. ynotjf says:

    This is why I gave up photography, just too many fake photo’s in the world.

  79. William Barton says:

    Some great tricks here to improve your 'bitch' photography … 🙂

  80. Rhoda Bender says:

    Do you ever use the ON1 Photo Raw program? You can replace the sky very easily with it. If you do use it, do you have any tutorial videos with it?

  81. Carol DeLuca says:

    Great video. I downloaded the free toolbox to get the Golden Hour presets you mentioned in the video, but they don't seem to be there?

  82. Stephanie London says:

    Absolutely breathtaking

  83. Phil Smith says:

    Amazing to show such a simple composition trick that transforms a photo and all the edits in 10 minutes! I downloaded the pack and the bad weather presets really transformed some shots I took at weekend that I couldn't get the look I wanted from. Thanks for sharing!

  84. HighPixels says:

    Thankyou Serge, have been with you since the beginning and you've helped greatly improve my results as well as saved me loads of time overall editing my pictures. I like the fast pace you teach at, and the fact you don't skip over details (ie reminder for the alt-key for blacks and whites on every video) as this will help anyone new coming along. Partly thanks to you, we have some fab colourful and dynamic pictures on our walls at home taken by myself and my lady, and the business I work for sells more due to top notch images on their website.
    Those complaining of 'clickbait' below have missed the point – the efforts you have gone to to produce these free videos are obviously huge and you deserve something in return, people should also understand that you actually give everything away once they have invested their own time to fully understand what you do.
    I like your style and I'll continue to recommend your channel to everyone I know who uses lightroom.
    Huge thumbs up to our favourite French photographer from across the channel in the UK 😉 Rob

  85. Tony Lanza says:

    Serge, I am learning a lot from your tutorials, and appreciate the starter toolkit.

    I've been an amateur photographer for a few decades. Now., at age 71 yrs., I am honing in on
    the skills of – Fine Art Photography.
    I am a Fort Lauderdale Floridian, and look forward to trying the techniques and presets in this
    tutorial on my beach photos.

  86. Anthony Edgar says:

    another great tutorial thanks Serge

  87. Aleksander Vidovic says:

    perfect. !

  88. Haggen Kennedy says:

    Hi, Serge. I see from your lens that you’re using a mirrorless Sony now. Have you made any video where you address going from DSLR to mirrorless and how that impacts your photography & workflow (positively and/or negatively)? I have a D850 and I’ve been in “photography hell” for a while now trying to decide whether I should move to mirrorless or keep my D850. I mean, this camera is such a well-rounded work horse. But mirrorless seems to be the future. It’s tough! Thanks in advance.

  89. Gilbert Hoerl says:

    Thank you Serge, I always learn something new from your tutorials.

  90. Linda Moseley says:

    Thank you! I love your tips and tricks!

  91. Antonio Agb says:

    Thanks for your videos. Very easy to grow as photographer with you!

  92. Bob Richardson says:

    Brand new to photography here but I have to say I have watched several of your videos and I find them very inspirational and encouraging to keep going, keep learning, and keep pressing forward! Thank you very much for all you do sir.

  93. Steve Lewis says:

    Serge, I am quite the novice when it comes to using Lightroom. This is why I was excited to get your free toolbox and the presets used in this video. However, after following the steps needed to install these presets I still cannot find the various sunset options from within Lightroom. Can you enlighten me on this or in what I might be doing wrong?

  94. In the Doghouse says:

    Thanks so much for your video's. They are incredibly helpful and inspiring. Cheers !

  95. Susan Christ says:

    Retouching and totally changing the photo is cheating. The photo is a lie. I want tips how-to take great photos without adjusting them in a software program..

  96. Ciaran Cosgrave says:

    Seems like cheating to me…

  97. Jesper Frank says:

    When I try – i don´t get the present for this video?

  98. Brian Dandridge says:

    Serge, great video, thanks. I am confused, however, by the link offer. I already registered and have purchased (for $9) your FREE toolbox from an offer in another of your videos. I had the impression that this video is offering a different set of presets but when I follow the link for the "free toolbox" I am invited to purchase the same toolbox all over again. Am I missing something? Thanks

  99. Ghulam Murtaza says:

    You are a real mster

  100. Stephen Gladstone says:

    Hey awesome video got a quick question do you use Single point af or auto point af where the camera say uses 50 focus points or do you set it so you choose where you want the focus point.

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