TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY – Part 2 [Camera Settings, Best Practices, 35mm Film]
TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY – Part 2 [Camera Settings, Best Practices, 35mm Film]

62 thoughts on “TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY – Part 2 [Camera Settings, Best Practices, 35mm Film]”

  1. cOrt- ēGsk says:

    a w e s o m e v i d & t i ps

  2. officially azzam says:

    the intro… wow

  3. Mike Lunc. says:

    I'm gonna start shooting film! Curious how it is!

  4. Jelle van Pijkeren says:

    The plural of moose is moose, just like the plural of fish is fish.

  5. Isabella Presnal says:

    Great tips Chris!

  6. Creative 7 Inc says:

    whoever says Canada isn't the most diverse and beautiful country like ever must be crazy haha beautiful work

  7. Justin Burgan says:

    Love the tips Chris! I've always had a fear of getting my gear stolen while traveling but I'd say to the person who is traveling being a "tourist" as long as you don't scream tourist (clothing, obnoxious, lost, etc) you will most likely be pretty good/safe. Definitely always take in your surroundings be mindful and respectful of the culture/territory you are in.

  8. Davey Lieske says:

    I love that you talk about capturing moments that you will want to look back later in life and remember <3

  9. Rodrigo Costa Filmes says:

    Coloca legenda em português por favor!!

  10. Nicole Glass says:

    That photo of you and Lizzie on the blanket… so good!

  11. Michal Kedzierski says:

    Anyone else doesn’t have enough money and use a normal backpack to carry their gear? 🙋🏼‍♂️😤

  12. Jeremy Fritsch says:

    Moose’s are my favorite animal

  13. officially azzam says:

    wow, I learned more than I expected!

  14. Toni Strandback says:

    Thanks Chris🙏

  15. Noel’ Kanal says:

    First 6:42 then 6:46 😂😂😂 Btw subscirbe to my channel

  16. Harry Cunningham says:

    Thanks Chris, loved the final point <3

  17. Crazy Dude says:

    Great video, thanks man 🙌

  18. José Luis de León says:

    Bro, I only have to say thank you.

  19. Jonathan Andrews - Heart of the Fox Photos says:

    Awesome tips, Chris! I would also add, if possible, to not travel alone. Making memories with the people you love will enrich your experience and develop those relationships even more.

  20. Julian Perez says:

    I wanna travel but my bank account is like "nah bro" 🙁

  21. Arthur Rizzo says:

    Yo Chris, make a video on how to have this crazy amazing hair hahaha loved your video! keep it up!

  22. Ahmed Ali says:

    Safety part was!!

  23. Hailey Grace says:

    Great tips Chris! The safety has always been the biggest worry for me!

  24. Sanmaan Bodake says:

    Super agree on capturing the moment and the experience Chris! Just yesterday I was going through some of the photos my friends and I had clicked from our first road trip. They are all 2MP cellphone images, but the nostalgia more than makes up for the lack of Image quality or other technicalities!

  25. Galarea says:

    Awesome tips! The bag is a good idea.

  26. Lefty says:

    i won in the eye staring contest lol 🙂
    love ur vids <3

  27. Samuel Hugg says:

    Great tips thanks chris thanks for the video.

  28. Joey Alford says:

    Additionally 😏



  30. SilentL1brary says:

    Lmaoo buy new camera gear boii we broke out here I take care of gear like it’s a baby

  31. I Munoz says:


  32. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I always wonder why your videos look better than Lizzie’s? (Talking about the color grade). I’m not trying to sound mean I’m just curious

  33. Mariusz Gajdzik says:

    Great tips as Chris, love the ones with props on adventure photos, adds so much more to the photo!
    Thanks a lot for the video!

  34. Ed Adams says:

    So you need a photo of a ram, eh?

  35. David Perez says:

    Props makes the pics more epic!! Awesome tips man!!

  36. TvdL Films says:

    Won that staring contest by 6 times 😂😂

  37. Chelsea Toyi says:

    YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME TO THE FOUR CORNERS REGION! There's the Shiprock Monument you gotta check out! Hear about the Navajo legend.

  38. Niven A. Nolte says:

    Thank you.

  39. Jørgen Hauge says:

    too much talk . zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  40. Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs says:

    great video, amazing tips:)

  41. Yannick Koch says:

    The tool is called Orbitkey;)

  42. Alex Gray says:

    The color grade at Bow Lake is just amazing! When are those LUTs coming out Chris?? Huge fan!

  43. Nidhin Koz says:

    Hi Chris! Have you ever met Elia Locardi and compared your hair with one another?! 😂 Both of the same caliber lol

  44. Heather Maitland says:


  45. Your Majesty says:

    I never get sick of good photogs giving tips. Even if some of them from other channels overlap. I like the tiny tidbit of perspective that's different from everyone else.
    It's why there are so many successful photographers out there. One eye does not see the same view as others! Perception is reality!

  46. Andreas Johansen says:

    Awesome video! 😁 Really want to travel more now

  47. Geryll Zehr says:

    Good stuff, thanks

  48. Discover Life Media says:

    Nice job with this video!

  49. faiz v16 says:

    Hey chris did u ever get robbed?

  50. Lindsay Goodwin says:

    Your videos are so useful and informative. You oftwn cover topics others don't, and when you do, you don't usually repeat the info you can find on every other video about the topic.

  51. Anatolii Riepin says:

    Sorry, but i don't think that photos with blanket and telescope is REAL travel photos

  52. AtlasPacks says:

    Travel photography 101 // Thanks Chris, some great tips and tricks from life on the road. Thanks for the love for the packs. Stoked to have you back bud 👊🏾👊🏾

  53. pnw.Daimion_ portfolio says:

    I won yayyyy eye contest

  54. A3ros says:

    Just wanted to let you know you lost both times, but I do love these vids man, they're super informative, thank you!

  55. Aaron Aranda says:

    My girlfriends mother just gifted me a film camera that's in stunning condition. She gave me her flash, and a zoom lens for it too. I should get my prints within the next two weeks, and I can't wait to take that camera everywhere I go!

  56. Chelsie Meyer says:

    Love your channel! This episode is the 🐝 🦵

  57. Lena Messana says:

    competition for the staring contest!

  58. Sydney Ryll says:

    What background music do you use?

  59. Flora says:

    Art direction is nice…. but it’s pretty impossible to take a telescope with you in a backpack

  60. Flora says:

    Orrrrr you could take more than one roll of film….

  61. TOUCH PREYANO says:

    nice video

  62. V-man Zieli says:

    @2:16 what are you using here? what lens is this?

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