Touch response in succulents
Touch response in succulents

Hi all ! This is Sid. Succulents have been fascinating us all the
times in many ways, also they show great adaptations towards their surroundings. This change may be a
structural change or a colour change. They have good response towards the external
factors like the region where they thrive, the watering conditions, the amount of day light they recieve, humidity
temperature….and ….even “touch”. The graptopetalum paraguayense commonly known as the ghost plant is of no exception to this. This lovely ghost along with some other succulents
have response to touch. They change their colour when you touch them or rub them. As you can see here this little plant changes
its colour from a greyish purple to a browny green, which is quiet a drastic change. Unlike mimosa pudica the touch-me-not plant
which closes its leaves and opens it afterwards ,this colour change is these succulents are
not temporary but remain there….. permanently! Other such case is the creepy sedum morganianum
commonly known as the burro’s tails. Though the succulent does not show a significant
colour change, the change in colour when touched is quiet observable. Even when touched gently
it changes its colour from a bluish green to lime green colour, …which is also a permanent
change. So better don’t try to show your love by hugging
them or rubbing them!!

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