The Surreal Landscapes of Rural China
The Surreal Landscapes of Rural China

26 thoughts on “The Surreal Landscapes of Rural China”

  1. Dustin W says:


  2. Anston, Musician says:

    Ahh, the French accent worked just too well!

  3. Ross-Mc-Sim says:

    Rural China: Gorgeous
    Urban China: OH GOD WHY NOOOOO

  4. Heirembae says:

    When you say China, I think about Chinese with small eyes then I start to do my maths homework.

  5. John Lord says:

    10* !!!!!!

  6. toyherb says:

    I seriously doubt you'd see many pandas, though. Considering they're dying out…

  7. Wonderful Mockingbird says:

    It's not typical rural China, but some part of the best.

  8. Tequila Cured Salmon Carpaccio With Vodka Foam says:

    the side of China we should all see

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    We seem to get a lot of French photographers on this show, don't we?

  10. FrozenEternity says:

    I can't believe that is a photo

  11. Kat says:

    sad that a beautiful place like this is the home of the highest risk woman likely to commit suicide in the world,
    because the horrible conditions of work in the rice fields…

  12. ΞΞΞ ΞΞΞ says:

    Can you please do one for India or is that place a complete shithole like I think?

  13. Fabrice M says:

    That's the worst accent…

  14. Sam Tun says:

    Il a un tout petit accent?

  15. Yoonchiya says:


  16. Sunny shah says:

    The world is a beautiful place,
    but all these cities and civilization has ruined many natural beautiful landscapes, now it is rare to find places such as the one in the video, but while these places do exist, i hope we all get a chance to see and experience them before Humans take them over and build cities over them

  17. ymhktravel says:
    This is another clip on some parts of beuatiful china. However, this clip fails to showcase some of the most beautiful remote natural landscapes I've visited such as Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and Yading during my trip to China last year. Most of the enthralling landscapes are in the border provinces like Yunnan, Sichuan (not exactly a near the borders), Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia etc.

  18. NowThis World says:

    Our eyes don't know how to deal with this much beauty.

  19. Life Improvements says:

    I need to go here!

  20. smy l says:

    As a Chinese, it makes me proud and thankful to see this video. Thank you for showing this side of China, and shining new light to me.

  21. Aditya says:

    Thanks you guys. It was beautiful. 🙂

  22. Francis peña says:

    rural China looks like something straight out of an anime

  23. Tin Tin says:

    Why somebody need those subtitles?? .. I can understand clear what he is saying.

  24. dsher503 says:

    Great video. I would love to travel to China someday. Does anyone know where the photo at 1:35 is from?

  25. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez says:

    I can not believe that is foto

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