The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Coming Soon, Includes Fashion Photography
The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Coming Soon, Includes Fashion Photography

So….. we knew it was coming, and today the
Moschino Stuff Pack was announced – August 13 for PC and September 3 for Xbox and PS4,
to get release date out of the way. If you’re like me, you wonder what the heck
a Moschino is. Well, it is an Italian luxury fashion brand,
directly quoting Huffington post. I feel like this brand is probably pretty
happy along with EA given this is a lot of exposure for both and I’m evidently a cog
in that machine. Anyway, it turns out only a few people who
are watching this video will be able to afford to buy something from them, but I think they
rely on that and wouldn’t mind me saying so. So I guess if I see you wearing this I should
assume you have a lot of disposable income. Some of you will note I do not get fashion
and I can’t afford it, and you’d be right on both counts. Everyone has an opinion on this already so,
eh. Any investigating their site led me to the
new Sims X Moschino – Sims multiplied by Moschino capsule collection they’re releasing. If you want a dress that makes you look pixelated,
or a plumbob umbrella, you got it. I do feel like a few people will actually
buy this here umbrella but you may want to live in London or Seattle to get a lot of
use out of it. c
Overall a lot of this collection doesn’t seem to be related to Sims, it’s maybe gaming or
just pixelated. So, we got a 52 second trailer, with copyrighted
music I am far too paranoid to play on this channel because copyright bot might give me
crap. There aren’t only clothes but also a few new
objects, and a job that involves taking photos as a freelance fashion photographer. This probably ties into the existing freelancer
stuff and will possibly educate me given it says it will teach me to curate a collection. You are able to photograph Sims and will get
back magazine covers if the client approves. There’s a new photo frame, which is pretty
cool as it holds 3 photos. Toddlers can evidently be photographed now
too. I am guessing this is a small career thrown
in to add some value to the pack, because it does seem adding gameplay to stuff packs
works out for Maxis. I’d even recommend they do, but I hope it’s
fleshed out because I do not often care about stuff packs and that’s the way it is, Gameplay
is more important than CC given the abundance of clothing, hair and furniture for Sims. But plenty of you don’t touch CC and clothing
is a desirable addition I reckon. The community’s reception has been interesting
to observe, it’s split I’d say. I’d be interested in learning how this came
about, maybe it’s good for Maxis to not need to make entirely new clothing and base it
off stuff made by an actual fashion designer. Corporate partnerships are nothing new. OK so that about sums up things. Thanks for watching and I’ll be covering this
at least to an extent. I have a page to get ready in the next 48
but I likely won’t know much until release day. Have a good one, guys.

56 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Coming Soon, Includes Fashion Photography”

  1. Playalot says:

    Yep..we knew it was coming 🙂

  2. 9th Doctor says:

    Not gonna lie but I prefer a
    Victorias Secret Stuff Pack than Moschino Stuff Pack

  3. 9th Doctor says:

    The Photography career could've been added to Get To Work since it already added photography stuff and the skill like other Stuff Packs that could've been added to other Packs

  4. GeminieCricket says:

    Yawn………we are still waiting for GAMEPLAY not artistry!

  5. roselei simmer says:

    I have not watched any first thoughts about the pack. It's so Boring to me. Really just fix the glitches from Sulani Island living. Please

  6. james64468 says:

    I don't like stuff pack either. But to be honest I don't download cc.(I would if Sims 4 was done and Sims 5 was on its way. If there going to be a Sims5.) It just that I would like things to be useful. I think this stuff pack will be okay. Just wish they would add some goth clothes to the Sims4. Besides the ones from the vampire game pack.

  7. Faith Witten says:

    That has to be the ugliest line of clothing lmao 😀

  8. Viz Telvi says:

    Ugh, no!!! I can already imagine a bunch of random sims wearing these around town. Definitely not buying unless the new career is fun. Thanks for another great video 😀

  9. Anna W says:

    Am having sweet treats flashbacks…

  10. b99b12 says:

    Has pixel art clothing and calls it luxury yeah okay.

  11. Artez Jackson says:

    I thought EA has a deal with Adidas and Nike. Why can't they make clothes from those 2?

  12. Swag It says:

    Man i thought capturing bugs and frogs in the Sims 4 are boring then came this…..

  13. Carl's The Sims Guides says:

    Tomorrow I'll update the Expansion list with Moschino, but it's a good place to see a full list of every pack in TS4:

  14. Mjgirl55 says:

    Hi carl😊 please check the comments on your comic video where the sims died of laughter…I asked for some advice with an issue…thanks👍

  15. Mayks Spark says:

    Now i miss ikea stuff pack for sims 2, that was a real stuff pack

  16. Michelle M says:

    i finally found a pack i wont buy. thank you for a gr8 vid

  17. Tvd Fan says:

    Just another waste of computer space. Glad I am not a fashion addict. Bug fixes are first priority for me. Thanks for all your vids Carl.

  18. Candy Rabbit says:

    Sims 4 "Diesel Stuff"

  19. ViolinChick5 says:

    You’ve become my favorite Sims 4 YouTuber. Thanks for the video and your ahem thoughts. 😀

  20. Day Flaubert says:

    The clothing are so tacky. Urgh. Useless

  21. Angelus Marcarita says:

    Another pointless expansion one like oldest IKEA stuff or Katie perry trash items. The playboy photographer carreer already avalliable and free. Its calle APE porn studio . It has his own photographer set and you can also sell your movies.

  22. Rukshar Alam says:

    Please make a video on how to collect treasure items in Sulani. 🙂 Thanks

  23. GayGirl Gamer says:

    No to this crap.

  24. Cowboy Dan says:

    I hate that they are pandering to, or rather emulating, "social media influencers" with this kind of pack. The clothes are overall hideous in my opinion and would just end up being townie clownsuits in my game. I hate that they are locking a freelance career behind a paywall. The freelance photographer job should have been in Get To Work, or as a part of a free patch since photography was already added a while back, shouldn't be in a stuff pack.

  25. Artfully Gifted says:

    Lol Seattle doesn't get near as much rain as Lake Charles, Louisiana. I'm not big into fashion or CAS. I'm a builder.

  26. Heinrich Faust says:

    I don't give a fuck. Where are warlocks!

  27. Justin Dicke says:

    Yeah… this stuff pack looks pretty garbage. I can’t understand why people would pay that kind of money to look so tacky.

  28. Sombrego says:

    Very strange collaboration. Maybe I'm just stupid but it really feels like it's a fairly unknown brand unless you're a wealthy fashion designer living in Paris or London. A partnership with a much more mainstream brand would have been more interesting, the clothes I've seen so far from the trailer look as expected really ugly but I'm waiting to see it all to judge.
    Hopefully the new career is a real career and not a gimmick you can't make much money out of and without any depth to it.

  29. Sky Walker says:

    Lol, I have known of this fashion brand for a decade, but I don't remember their earlier stuff looking this eccentric, imo. Also, the hairstyles don't seem too exciting either. Perhaps, the build stuff will be better. Hard to tell as the trailer sped up too fast to really show that in more detail. Btw, I hope they don't make it practice to add real people in the ad as it looked a bit tacky.

  30. WickedLady87_dk says:

    Yea, this pack is smth im NOT buying…. Its so stupid and offers nothing of value whatsoever! Huge thumbs down here (and this is said by an avid sims player who usually buys EVERYTHING that comes. Nah uh, not this time)

  31. Draconicrose Gaming says:

    I guess we're getting to pay to be advertised to now.

  32. Karen R says:

    Ugh! Looks pretty hideous to me. Wish it was an Ikea stuff pack instead. ☹️

  33. SierraNiners76 says:

    God this shit is middle class to the extreme. Oh taaraa, look at my fancy clothes! I so love wearing it while children starve and teachers have to provide pencils for schools!!!!

  34. LE says:

    so much flashing in the commercial for sims that i couldn't watch it….i'll have to wait for still shots…from the cover…pretty ugly

  35. S S Campbell says:

    Another job that isn't a rabbit whole sounds great! I'm with you Carl about Fashion. Even though I know Fashion, it isn't highest on my priority list and I can't afford it either. I literally only own 4 pair of jeans. I try to be practical about it.

  36. Daphne Louis says:

    Im loving the fashion i think its fun and quirky. Which is perfect for the sims

  37. Maiden Minnesota says:

    The Fashion Photographer career should have been added to either Get to Work or Get Famous, or even the patch adding the Freelancer career in the first place. The fashion, itself, is fugly as hell. However, some of the furniture items and possible new hairstyles are kind of cool. Are they cool enough for me to want to spend my money on? Meh. We'll see.

  38. Sally Sloan says:

    Nothing great, should have all be free, the cloths aren't very nice and the objects aren't worth it as I would probably only use it once. All careers should be free.

  39. Jenn W says:

    Sims multiplied by Moschino LOL

  40. Ebony says:

    You know the pack is sparse when they have to supplement the trailer with poorly lit captures from the promo party.

    Anyway, will you please consider doing a voidcritter guide?

  41. Titts Mgee says:

    I might get it… Idk tho😏

  42. Pumpkinnight987 says:

    I like the new career but the clothing that's included in this pack is downright hideous

  43. Isilranna says:

    All those cloths are so ugly! People really spend all that money on that gross crap? Wow

  44. Voldemort says:

    what the fuck is maxis even doing anymore? Whoever is in charge of producing these bizarre and pointless packs needs to be fired lmao.

  45. Heather's Red Scrunchie says:

    Ok but we had photography in get to work that could've been fleshed out more, so adding a proper photography career in this pack that should have been in Get to Work makes this pack look messy and a little like my fist pet stuff. Just my thoughts

  46. Lisa Gliebe says:

    Love your vids 🙂

  47. Mariah B. says:

    I'm really excited for the photography career (which honestly should have just came in Get Famous or GTW???) because I'm a professional photographer myself 😀 but the clothes…man the CLOTHES…so…hideous D:

  48. Sav-Chan says:

    The least anticipated pack so far imo. I don't know anyone who plans on getting it.

  49. Raine Drop says:

    I'm not feeling this pack at all. Boring. Yawn. Waste of money and computer space.

  50. Felicia Santiago says:

    I do love dressing up my sims,cas is one of my favorite things to do,I can easily spend hrs in cas alone,plus I love taking pictures!,and now we will be able to take real family pictures, and have different backgrounds,also new career,nice modern looking furniture,I think it’s going to be one of my favorite stuff packs to date 👍🏼💗😁

  51. Captain NinjaPants says:

    In a future video can you talk about vampire inheritance? Specifically
    when a vampire sim bites your sim I've read they can pass on their
    experience to their "offspring" I'm still not sure what that means. I
    think the best easy to test this is to use Vladislaus Straud since he's a
    Grand Master vampire.

  52. Captain NinjaPants says:

    In a future video can you talk about vampire inheritance? Specifically
    when a vampire sim bites your sim I've read they can pass on their
    experience to their "offspring" I'm still not sure what that means. I
    think the best easy to test this is to use Vladislaus Straud since he's a
    Grand Master vampire.

  53. skyesfury says:

    Of all the dumb things that can be dumb, this is among the dumbest.

  54. Detlaff von Drac says:

    I just want October to come already so we can have the Realm of Magic Game Pack

  55. Monkeyslut says:

    I love when you say “I reckon”… I dunno why lol 👍🏻

  56. 6oclocktvhour says:

    I like the job but I'm not paying money to see townies wear terrible clothes.

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