The ‘Pangolin Men’ Saving The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal
The ‘Pangolin Men’ Saving The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

ADRIAN STEIRN: To see the relationship between animal and carer in a single frame was very
relevant for people out there to actually care. MAN: Here in Zimbabwe, we’re proud to save the pangolins. Every day, with my friends,
we protect the animal. We walk them, we feed them, we protect them like our children. COMM: The pangolin is the most trafficked mammal in the world. There are eight species
– four in Asia and four in Africa, and more than a million have been illegally hunted
and killed in the last decade alone. COMM: In Zimbabwe, the Tikki Hywood Trust is devoted to rehabilitating pangolins rescued
from poachers. And photographer Adrian Steirn was lucky enough to be granted access to their work. ADRIAN STEIRN: I’d always wanted to document the relationship that these men had with these
animals. And I think once I was afforded that opportunity I wanted to come and shoot something
very very different. There are two sets of photos. Essentially, there is the reportage
photos of what I saw in front of me of how these men interact, and then I wanted to shoot
portraits of these men, take very beautiful portraiture that would, I think, hopefully
affect people, would make people sit up and watch and listen and think, “What’s that
animal? What’s happening here?” And that was what I set out to do. It was something
that I thought I could make a difference with. ADRIAN STEIRN: When I first saw a pangolin, I first saw the relationship that these men
had with these animals, it was beyond extraordinary, a little pre-historic creature that in that
moment is completely reliant on that handler. ADRIAN STEIRN: Every single day of the year, these guys go out, ensure that those animals
are fed to make their weight so they can be released back into the wild. I was very, very,
very fortunate to get the access that I did, and they’re so highly traded and they are
so endangered that everything they do is covert. COMM: Adrian is hoping that his work will bring attention to the most endangered animal
that many people have never even heard of. ADRIAN STERIN: I think if people learn what a pangolin is from these images, then we’re
moving in the right direction. I hope that people learn to care that little bit more,
not just about pangolin, but about our planet. Show these photos to your children. Let them
have a look at them. Let them ask questions. Feel good knowing that you have the answers
and in doing that, we’ve educated the next generation. That’s all we can do.

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  1. Eccentric Lullaby says:

    I wish I could have heard more from the Zimbabwean men than the photographer tbh. They have such an interesting occupation, I'd love to hear more of their perspective

  2. Theodor Cichon says:

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  4. Inge Schoggers says:

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  7. Men Shu says:

    I hope humanity will move towards the direction of treating all animals with respect and care. Thank you pangolin heroes

  8. mike hahn says:

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  9. Erison Gaming says:

    I remembered when I was young I had a toy of this animal and I thought to myself this is a weird armadillo (I'm from Texas) but good to know more about them

  10. grego4sykies says:

    Much love and respect for what they are doing to save these adorable creatures. Wish all the best to these benevolent men.

  11. Rick Sanchëz says:

    the ones that dislike it seems like ignorant people. I can really see love in the eyes of those men..

  12. kf ef says:

    di indo di masak tu

  13. Flavio Moreira says:

    The pangolin are in good hands with these men.

  14. Jake Hampton says:

    Props to these angels ;(

  15. iiSo_Moseii : says:

    I saw one these in Asia under my grandma house

  16. Wendy Ngo says:

    Hope they won't go extinct

  17. Karen B says:

    Thank you for this video. I had never heard of this creature before to my recollection. And those photos of the men with the creatures — they are awesome!

  18. PK Jio says:

    These men are in my list of heroes.

  19. zomg222 says:

    Good people doing good job. God bless them. I never seen pangolins before.

  20. AIZ3N says:

    We proud you.. Keep it healthy

  21. Kenadi Blanford says:

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  22. Zbynek Kolacek says:

    This is bravery, this is human. Not much things make me happy as a human defending nature! Thank you people!

  23. Abec777 Hondatech says:

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  24. Feudalism is an economic system in Medieval Europe says:

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  27. Taylor Williams says:

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  28. eccentricoldcow says:

    What a delightful bunch of fellas here. The job is desirable, very rewarding and worthwhile but extremely dangerous I imagine because of the diabolical trade in their skins etc. At first it didn't sink in that the gorgeous hat one of them is wearing, was in fact a PANGOLIN ha ha so endearing. Check out David Attenborough's video here

  29. MCAMVP says:

    Nice to see some support players dedicated their lives to supporting Pangolier mains.

  30. jason antigua says:

    This is the part of YouTube that I enjoy the most ! Absolutely beautiful,I wish you guys all the best.

  31. okaycristina says:

    This is so inspirational, I look up to these people with pure hearts.

  32. ballinacrossrose says:

    This is a truly lovely video,bless these good people for trying to save these little creatures. Thankyou

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    Thank you for rescuing and caring for them

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  38. XxTrex777725xx young says:

    We need more of them

  39. Scott S says:

    I gave a talk on these to my grade 5 class, suprising teacher and students alike on this strange but beautiful animal. Let's not lose these beautiful creatures!

  40. big warthog says:

    Thank God we have people like them at help animals in this world 😀😀💖💖💖💖💚

  41. Toothpick says:

    You cant protect them forever. As long as there are greedy chinese appetite for exotic animals with their idiotic claim of medicinal purposes. Rhino horn, elephant tusk, pangolin ang many more exotic aninals will be slaughtered. Sad to say but this is a Fact.

  42. Harrison Walls says:

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  45. Fe4rless JR. ROBLOX farther says:

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  56. Rad Brodie says:

    These men have more meaningful life than those men in the cities

  57. Shugabuns says:

    Let’s admit that the problem here is with the end consumer, Asians. If there was no demand for pangolin scales, there would be no price tag on each animal poached. Asians hyper consumerism with wildlife body parts, ie. pangolin scales, shark fin, rhino horn, etc., is taking a huge toll. The western world should resort to other means necessary to send a clear message that pillaging wildlife at an unsustainable rate is unacceptable.

  58. Julia says:

    God bless everybody that is working to save the Pangolins xx

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    god bless the pangolin the most cutest and strongest animal in the world ,.

  60. Mitchell Krouth says:

    Good start

  61. Blox Builds says:

    I wish these guys whont die i love animals specially reptiles and mammals

    #Save The Future

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    How very beautiful!! God bless all such men, they are the embodiment of the Divine Masculine energies now coming into the planet, and it is so beautiful!! It makes me weep as a woman…

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    Beautiful humans saving beautiful animals!!! And the photography is gorgeous!!!!

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    I love the way they ride on their humans shoulders, like baby pangos do with their mothers.

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  82. Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano says:

  83. Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano says:

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  89. kuldeep dinkar says:

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