The movement of WATER  / WATERFALL photography
The movement of WATER / WATERFALL photography

you pretty impressive eh this is a Myra
Falls I’m actually in Strathcona Provincial Park which is kind of mid
Vancouver Island and Myra Falls here is one of the main Falls right at kind of the heart of the park. Now Strathcona is probably the oldest
Park in British Columbia and I’ve I come out to
Myra Falls to see if I can get some shots here now I’d better be honest with
you I’ve been here several times in the past and they’ve never come away with
anything really thrilling I mean it’s a pretty impressive falls but I find it
quite hard to photograph the nice thing about the Falls is that there are
several different Cascades so there’s a lot to choose from
now I’ve never been down to the bottom waterfall and from the air with the
drone it looks pretty impressive so I’ll probably go down there and check that
out we’re going to spend the night here hopefully get some shots here in the
morning as well and then I’m going to head out to another waterfall not too
far from here. Have the whole place for myself as usual okay I’ve managed to bushwack down to
the Lower Falls here and it’s absolutely fantastic just so much water coming down
I can really feel the power and the spray all all over this area so it’s
heavily backlit we have the sun up here together with this nice spray floating
around in the air here so I’m gonna see if I can capture some of that now because this waterfall is quite powerful I think I’m gonna take the bunch of shots
at a faster shutter speed and capture or try to capture the power of it. You’ve
probably seen it a lot of my videos my shutter speeds are usually quite slow
but I think for this for this image I’m definitely going to use a faster shutter
speed I also think I’m going to do like a bit of a pano I especially like the
the top part of this waterfall rather than the whole thing I mean I’ll take
some shots of the whole thing but I definitely like the the line of a
waterfall kind of mid ground and then over here there’s some really nice moss
that’s kind of backlit I don’t know if you can see this all the spray is kind
of backlit so I’m gonna see if I can get a little bit of that in here and then
above I can just make out the waterfall that I was looking down on
before it’s really quite beautiful right going to set some shot up I think I’m
also going to try to see if I can get a bit of a Sun star the Sun is just about
to set behind the trees there so it’s a good opportunity to try that so if you
want to get a Sun star the best way to do that is have something blocking the
Sun and then stop down your aperture to you know f-16 or even f-22
you get a nice sunburst okay now I took some shots from this
area yesterday the only problem is I didn’t have my boots with me
so I ended up taking them from the sidelines here and I couldn’t quite get
the angle that I wanted so that’s one of the reasons why I’ve come back here
because I went to wade into just over to here and get this small cascade in the
foreground to the larger one in the background of course I’ve got to be kind of careful here because I don’t want to fall down the chute here now with this shot here what I’d like to do is kind of show you ways that you can
get the smoothness of the water but also get texture in there as well by
combining two images together now I use Photoshop and what I do is I take one
image with a slow shutter speed one image with a fast shutter speed same
composition and then kind of paint in textures where I want them so I’ll take
one image that a really slow shutter speeds like say a second and then I’ll take
another one that maybe a sixth or an eighth of a second we’ll have a look at
those individual images and then we’ll combine the two to get the effect that
we want this area is really nice the only problem with today is the light isn’t
quite as nice as yesterday even though it was sunny yesterday the
Sun was setting over here and it was really nice backlit mist in the air
which was really nice today the lights quite flat so not quite as interesting
but still a great location of course I’m the
only one here again this is great okay I’m I’m at Lupin Falls and
unfortunately Lupin Falls isn’t looking quite as good as I remember it last
time I was here I mean it was a difficult place to photograph to start
with but now there’s there’s a lot of deadfall around the area so I started to
look around for photographs and then it started raining so it just wasn’t meant
to be for this for this trip anyway so what I’m gonna do is I’ve got my laptop
here and I’m going to go over what I was talking about earlier where I combined
two images of water together where we have one with texture and then one with
that that kind of blurry effect and you can add as much texture as you want or
not add very much at all it really depends on on the kind of mood you want
alright let’s get right into it okay the first thing I need to do is open up the
two files so we’re just go into Photoshop here file now instead of just
going open and then go down to scripts and load files into stack and we’ll just
browse for the two files that I’m going to use and here they are here select
both of those and open them now this will take a little bit of time now
before I do open them I’m just going to click on this box here attempt to
automatically align source images and well that’ll do is if there’s any
discrepancies in the alignment Photoshop will automatically align them for you
because sometimes there might be a little bit of movement in the camera
even though you’ve taken the shots one after another okay so I have both of the
images here in two separate layers the top layer is the image with the water
with the texture in it this was taken at one thirtieth of a second I believe
and then the bottom layer was taken at one second you can see that it’s quite
smooth and kind of mushy looking so how do we get this texture or some of this
texture into this image here first thing you want to do is just
highlight or make sure you select the top layer and then we’re going to put a
mask on that layer so down here you’ll see a rectangle with a circle in it just
click on that and you’ll notice all of a sudden is a white mask next to the image
so make sure that we select the the mask now on a Mac you go command-i and
that’ll turn the layer into a black mask so now all of a sudden we can’t see that
top layer so from there we’re going to paint in some of that texture into the
water so we choose B for brush which is it’s already on B for brush and make sure
that the paint is white so right now it’s black just press X and that will
change it to white and then your percentage it’s really up to you we’ll
do it at 80% just so you can see exactly what’s happening here so you’ll notice
that as I start painting you can see the layer or the texture from from that
layer coming right through and you can add as much or as little as you want now
right now I’ve more or less added that whole layer which is not really I want
to want to do if you feel that you’ve gone too far and you didn’t want to add
that much texture then all you have to do is press X again and all of a sudden
your black paint and you just start to mask that area in again so it’s very
simple to do and you don’t have to limit this to water either I do this quite
often with foliage that’s moving so some of the images that I took I wanted a
certain shutter speed I wanted a 1/5 or a 1/6 of a second but it was quite windy
and the foliage around the waterfall was moving so if I just left it at 1/5 of a
second then obviously that foliage would have been quite blurry so what I’ll
often do is I’ll take the photograph of the waterfall of the shutter speed that
I need and then I’ll take another image of just
for the foliage at a faster shutter speed so it captures the action and the
foliage isn’t blurry and then just to do this exact method in Photoshop I’ll just
paint in the foliage or the areas that I want to be sharp all right and that’s it
it’s pretty simple method of of adding texture to an image and you know there
are other ways that you can do it but this is just one way that I do it that’s
that’s quite simple with with Photoshop anyway I hope you enjoyed this little
video if you have any questions as always be sure to leave them in the
comments below and as always if you enjoyed this this little video please be
sure to give me a thumbs up alright everybody until next time thanks
ever so much and we’ll catch next time, bye you

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