So we arrived to the island of Nusa Penida two days ago and since then, we’ve been waking up… to this Total tropical rainfall Now to be totally clear I am definitely not complaining about the weather the only thing I’m saying is that it’s going to be a fun challenge for us because we need to find a way to pass our time given that the forecast is showing it’s going to be like this for at least a week You got a coffee? so good So far rain So as you can see the rain is quieting down a little bit forecast is telling us we have like an hour or two like this so we’re gonna try to see if we can explore anything in that meantime I’m gonna go and get ready now by the way this place. We’re staying in really cute Hazel just show you inside Bedroom here super high ceiling here and my favorite part is This bathroom you’re actually outside He is givin me the poncho, what a gentleman! I feel like I look really silly because it’s totally dry right now But the situation here is such that it just downpours out of nowhere It’s really windy Hello you’re beautiful so, we definitely got caught in the rain Okay, so we’ve been hiking for like an hour and the down gorgeous The skies opened and unleash their wrath on us, so we finally found a little bit of shelter here. We’re kind of like… what are you doing? just trying to warm up a little bit, are we gonna keep going? I have no idea We are in like a little village. I have no idea where we are the locals are all taking shelter. They’re all saying hello They’re very friendly We’re just gonna try to wait it out. Although. It could be like this for a few hours I don’t know if we should continue We’re not even halfway yet to the next beach that we wanted to go to or if we should just head back Look at these guys Well these guys don’t care that it’s raining at all We’ve made it! It smells so good It’s messy, but it’s my favorite way to eat a mango so we were actually gonna leave Nusa Penida today to go explore somewhere new But then Robin went out on a little exploration trip And he said that he found something that he really wants to show me So we’re about to go see what that is Because of all of the rain the ferries just weren’t running so we were able to finally leave the island today, but we figured we haven’t even properly seen it in his beautiful weather. This is amazing My hair looks terrible too Goodness gracious hair after being on a scooter. It’s not the best kind of hair. I’m so curious Where are we going? Oh? There’s coconuts so I could go for a coconut. Where are you taking me? He says such as straight drop down the steepness of the split is like your rock climbing but without no harness this is gonna be crazy to climb back up yes, i made it! you see how big those waves are! true I seriously have no words to describe how beautiful this is the most beautiful place I’ve probably ever been and probably will ever meet So the we’re just gonna sit down, enjoy this I’m not looking forward to that hike soon, but hopefully will be easy on us We’re almost there! Coconut, one? and this one. juice , one? yeah! and, how is no sugar? hmm, don’t use sugar. yes I wanna film you, this is amazing! You’re so good at it. So I’m really glad that we got some sunshine while we were in Nusa Penida and I think now we’re pretty ready to head to Ready to head back to the Netherlands so as you can tell we are now back home And it was a wonderful trip going to Indonesia, but it also just feels so good to be back And we’re really excited to get back into our regular programming So you can expect more recipes coming to the blog more nutrition articles and of course new videos for the channel as well So I hope you enjoyed these videos if you did we welcome you to give the video a thumbs up before you leave Thanks a lot for watching pick up line is signing off and we’ll see you in the next video You


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