‘The Five’ shreds Dems for derailing the coronavirus relief bill
‘The Five’ shreds Dems for derailing the coronavirus relief bill

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ shreds Dems for derailing the coronavirus relief bill”

  1. Kevin Clark says:

    Trump's politics are crippling the response to Covid-19… my wife is a nurse being forced (along with the entire hospital network she's employed by ) to reuse the same mask for up to 3 days. She was issued a paper bag to store her mask in yesterday.

  2. R V A says:

    I think the solution is to send juan williams back to africa

  3. jackal 1370 says:

    Pelops I! Stay home! You are nonessential!

  4. FAMY E SMEE says:

    They've (pelosi, Schumer et. al.) been stealing from WTP for decades! They can't handle not being able to get their hands on what they think is their personal share!!!

  5. R V A says:

    Just a fun little fact they avoid, the govt doesn't bail out anything, because they send us the bill as tax increases.

  6. Baste says:

    Juan: In fairness to the politicians- fast forward until his mouth isn't moving anymore

  7. Napi Coyote says:

    Chuck Schumer is the Anti-Christ…!

  8. Ivan Shivolski says:

    Forcing companies to hire people based on their skin color and not their credentials, is RACIST. Democrats are f*cking idiots.

  9. Michael OBrien says:

    The Democrats will pay in NOV

  10. Andrew Bahl says:

    Juan gets paid alot of money to be a straight up lair

  11. FAMY E SMEE says:

    Pelosi is calculating her portion of those funds! Q is taking them from all her frans!!! Lmfao

  12. Big Dewbowski says:

    Trump gets my vote if he passes a executive order

  13. Alfred Vallejos jr. says:

    HERE'S LIEING FAKE fox news NETWORK on the airwaves AGAIN SENDING MORE LIES to feed to THE PEOPLE DON'T pay ATTENTION TO trump and HIS LIEING FAKE fox news REMEMBER the Hoax REMARKS THEY tried TO feed to the public

  14. james coleman says:

    Please keep Juan’s mouth shut

  15. Julio Roca says:

    The democrats never turn down Obama ask for

  16. Dan Chavez says:

    t seems to me that the fool me once… fool me twice thing is in occurrence…Like the fall of the markets, and the bailing out of the private banks is at hand…Corporate America hates socialism except when it claims its need of socialistic charity through our taxes…The one percent is so wealthy…that perhaps they need to step up to the plate and carry our nation…after all …if they don't they will de-value their own dollar where they will eventually be worth equal to that of everyone else…Trump does have the best idea…by giving bailout money directly to the people to their pay bills and cutting out the  middleman in corporate profits which of course will be collected first by giving them the money….common sense says the population is 350 million….with three trillion every person in the U.S would be a millionaire…go figure…to ration out that money to pay bills is much, much less to cover us all…and make corporate America compete with low prices, low interest rates, low prices in services..etc like it was supposed to be designed… in the first place….

  17. beatleme2 says:

    CCP libs r my new name for them

  18. John Tate says:

    Juan doesn’t know what to do or say outside of his delivered planned out talking points. He’s a buffoon.

  19. Matthew says:

    Dems: Help the workers!
    Also Dems: Don't give money to people who have employees to pay!

  20. james coleman says:

    And there he goes, I really want to super flue Juan’s mouth shut

  21. Jack Frost says:

    If the bill isn't passed very soon the only thing left to do is to storm The Capitol Building

  22. Dori Johnson says:

    Nancy, quit your lying. We all know you don't care about Americans at all. Did you forget you're a mass murderer? And now you're out to take out adults along with the babies.

  23. harold hahn says:

    All I ask is for my treasonous senator chuckbag to be voted out of office!

  24. liz born says:

    People have to start governing themselves has we can see this people are not good at doing it

  25. John Tate says:

    FOX PLEASE SEND JUAN HOME WITHOUT A LAPTOP OR MICROPHONE UNTIL THIS IS OVER WITH. we get it in normal circumstances but now is not the time to shy from the truth and forgo common sense to appear to be “fair and balanced “ Juan and the Democrats are so unhinged that their isn’t a fulcrum point for balancing the lunacy. Feel free to bring him back when People’s lives aren’t hanging in the “balance”

  26. LaVonne Gardino says:

    pelosi And Rat Faced shumer need to be Impeached, Lets start the Bill to do so, They know President Trump WILL win the next election and are doing anything in there power to stop it or change legislation in there favor USEING the WUHAN VIRUS as there scape goat, NOT HAPPENING, I would rather get the VIRUS then let the DEMOGODS use there power to subvert the USA.

  27. Chief 717 says:

    Is this criminal? Honest question. Willfully disregarding their oath? I have a suggestion. Senate should put their bill together and send it to the President. Bypass the corrupt Pelosi and shummer. After all it goes to the senate and the senate puts their own adds to the bill sent by the corrupt Pelosi. Bypass them and submit a bill!

  28. Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer says:


  29. mongo revera says:

    These small groups of Democrats in a high position in congress, they are against everything,, the are very incompetent, their mines have gone, with this Trump fume. they must be stopped. and thrown away from congress. they have more than proven their incompetence on executing their duties. out with them. the population should get together to make these mini gangsters disappear from our congress.

  30. Kenny Omg says:

    If Democrats cared about human lives, then they would've helped the insane amount of homeless people in their own districts.

  31. RevolutionRIGHT says:

    Apparently she’s Catholic and doesn’t hate anyone. Well I’m Catholic and I hate her and her cronies.
    Sounds like George Soros and Al Gore looking to make more money on the so-called climate change…..

    I’m avoiding CNN, NBC, BBC news on this, definitely be advantageous for the Demos.

  32. Todd Hoskins says:


  33. Terri dixon says:

    Dems like to name their bills for sounding nice but has nothing to do with what is actually in the bill! Might as well call it " petting puppies act" lol

  34. Gabe says:

    Pelosi looks and acts unhuman.

  35. ana Anna says:

    🤦🏼‍♀️President Trump was not President in 2008. He has shown us that he cares for us the USA. Pelosi just step down please we need a leader that loves the USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸❤️

  36. Robert urbowicz says:

    Lets block n freeze dems banks n pay. Then they may care about us the people

  37. Buddy Reynolds says:

    Who is pulling Nancy's strings. She looks like a puppet of the left.

  38. Rusty Tygart says:

    All I can say is we the people will remember this at the ballot box Democrats

  39. michelangelo Dabao says:

    You cannot rely on the democrap even in time of disaster it is the tax payers money and we need it now for the betterment of this country.

  40. Buddy Reynolds says:

    Consumer spending will save us not government spending.

  41. Alan Callaway says:


  42. lina rott says:

    Dems killed american jobs, dems killed american industries, dems killed american babies, dems killed american sovereignty, dems killed american families, dems killed the american dream. Dems killed liberty and freedoms theme and the american free enterprise system with illegal regulations and laws. Dems are behind every major problem in this nation: Over taxation via pyramid schemes. Aiding and abetting. Human-child-drug trafficking. It is time to abolish their party and ban them from holding any public office in this nation ever again. We've had enough folks. It is time to restore our republic and the american dream and fix this mess. Defund DC and start over. All we need is military to secure our borders. The rest belongs in the states. Restore the 10th amendment. Restore the 1st and second amendment. The founding fathers were adamant about a limited federal govt for good reason. We are seeing why they limited the federal govt. Time to clean house.

  43. telerover says:

    Juan… just shut up.

  44. William Osdborne says:

    When will some one call the Dems what they are. They are an insurgency that needs to be taken down now before the US collapses. What kind of laws can't be enforced??? No laws at all.When the markets fall the Chinese, Russians,or the UN (Killgaly Protocol will invade North America.

  45. Buddy Reynolds says:

    Another reason to vote Republican in November.

  46. DAVID MASSIE says:


  47. adoggification says:

    I live in Colorado and yesterday I seen the railroad full of these big gray things called, "Vestas" tons of them on the railroad hmmmmm???

  48. pendragonshall says:

    The Democrat party is using this. There’s no other way to look at it. If there was something horrible in the Republican Bill, point that out and if you have to cut it. But they can’t. And they all were singing the praises of it even Chuck Schumer. But now they’re going to put so much crap on a new one no one will approve it and the economy will tank even more and that’s all they care about. Twisting everything until The economy is totally wrecked and they think they can use that, against Trump to win the election. And as for Juan Williams. He didn’t cheerlead the Democrats but he should’ve stepped up and called them on this. He didn’t. I have no respect for that man.

  49. J. Kay Metcalf-Benton says:

    Nancy and Chuck seem to want more fame. How about renaming this virus the “Nan Pan” or “Chuck Yuck”!

  50. Stuart Klotz says:


  51. tony tucker says:

    the public's money should be used for hospitals and food …….. republicans want to pay airliners , cruise ships , and hotels to sit idle …….. why?

  52. TheGr8one1022 says:

    Democrat bots downvoting as usual haha. Nice try, losers

  53. Tom Lawrence says:

    China and the DNC are one

  54. Lynn Love says:

    Senators playing chess rn

  55. Tom Lawrence says:

    I Hate the term Workers….try Citizen, people or Americans

  56. VVVDRK MIND87VVV says:

    I want to see NO OPEN BORDERS added to the stimulus package!!! But I’m living in the real world were Republicans never get what they want.

  57. Jack Mehoff says:

    I will throw one huge party when Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer dies. And the sooner the better.

  58. Silver Back Stacker says:

    A TRILLION to workers? If each American got $1,000 that's $300 Billion. So where's the other $700 Billion going? You'll never see that $1,000… but the bill for the $700 Billion you WILL see with INTEREST! So each American pays $5,000 to businesses, then goes back to work during a pandemic.

  59. May Brisbin says:

    shreds tough talk yet dems punk eager to take it republicans AGAIN go figure punked again for decades repubs are in on it

  60. Rusty Tygart says:

    I’ve had enough anyone in my family decides to back the left and they will be shunned and all families should do the same it’s time to cleanse our nation of these evil selfish Democrats

  61. VC YT says:

    GM never paid back its $38 billion bailout to the taxpayer.

  62. Simon Snider-Nevin says:

    '..because of those LOSERS in Congress'
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  63. Robby Rutzen says:

    I hope pelosi gets the virus and dies…there I said it so no one else has to! She's the 3rd Antichrist and doesn't care for America at all! She's the embodiment of where ignorant voting leads to!!!

  64. Davey Givens says:

    Geezus, Juan looks like a dumbass sitting there with that fake pasted-on smile.

  65. gilbert gonzalez says:

    Sounds like palosi is looking for a quid pro quo

  66. Scratchin' Jack says:

    Hmm…The socially distanced Juan "Useful Tool" Williams sounds the same as Juan "Useful Tool" Williams in studio. What gives?

  67. Ana Irene Martinez says:

    Wait. Pelosi is asking quid pro quo, Trump to stop lawsuits? Really?

  68. Atlantic to Pacific Design build. says:

    Time for everyone infected to drive straight to the Capitol Building and start touching every surface and sneeze on any Democrat congress hacks if you get the opportunity. You have a biological weapon. Use it on Democrats

  69. Michael Scarpone says:

    But if it was for foreign country they would sign the bill right away Schumer and Pelosi need a bullet

  70. workaholic53 says:

    Just when it looked as if the Senate would act on behalf of the American people, Nancy Pelosi, at the behest of "tinkerbell" AOC, rushed back to D.C., waved her magic wand and screamed "turn to crap" and threw a wrench in the process. Make no mistake, the "poop fairy" did her magic to the entire nation.

  71. Duane Ryder says:

    If this doesn't confirm the dems want to keep us down, I don't know what would. Voting rep from now on! Sick of these clowns

  72. Michael Scarpone says:

    How about we stop all payments to politicians in this troubling time just like We the People we're not getting paychecks so why should they

  73. A Law Trader says:

    Lets give corporations 100 trillion and tax poor and jobless and homeless people to get that money back. What do you think? Who is with me?

  74. Monica Angelini says:

    I love Fox shamelessly spining the responsability to dems when this situation could be avoided by the greedy in chief

  75. Dr. Red Pill says:

    why is Juan smiling the whole time? He doesn't normally do that.

  76. freesf ftrefv says:

    Long story short Democrats are assholes who don't care about nothing but trying to defeat Trump in some childish game they invented

  77. Levi Williams says:

    I hope people vote differently…..

  78. RenR70 says:

    Republican thinking – give money to businesses to stay open & keep employees. Democrat thinking – give money to the people so they can put it back into businesses. Who is right?

  79. Ultimate Keyboard Warrior says:

    If you vote democRAT in this upcoming election, you deserve everything you get. I am set financially and there's no way bernie can touch my money. Thus I hope he becomes the president in 2024. Sometimes people need to learn it the hard way.

  80. Ron Hansard says:

    Why can't the President just do what needs to be one by executive order?

  81. Harry Morgan says:

    There's an easy solution to the schumer-pelosi problem: botulism.

  82. warman58 says:

    What kind of people elect such vile representatives?

  83. SKYLIGHTS' UFO's says:

    Chuck is communist punk….I am calling on Nancy to resign ….she is no different than Chuck

  84. Eradicator says:

    Pelosi and Schumer need to GO.

  85. karen donaldson says:

    What were you Americans thinking when you voted for Obama twice ??

  86. WJFK says:

    Nancy, there are women on corporate boards, there are women who own their own corporations. Stop lumping us in with your feminist victim groups who don't know what they're doing or can't get there on their own.

  87. Glen Rhoten says:

    Please fix audio. I cant hear your videos

  88. Jake says:

    Thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists?? The dems are probably seeing this as an opportunity to settle into full blown socialism. If they pass the right kind of legislation we as a country will never actually recover from with out going into a civil war. There is so much more going on here than a fast spreading super cold. Because let’s be real covid-19 really isn’t as bad as they want you to realize. What those brain dead demorats are doing is they are throwing there one last hail marry to seize full control of this country. If this is over and done with in 15-30 days and the virus is a memory. The dems are done for probably the rest of my lifetime at least. They are digging them selves a grave they will never get out of. If and when this passes. But I honestly don’t think they want this crisis to pass right now

  89. Psalm 121 says:

    What do you call this…
    Arrogant stupidity…..
    you got to wonder doesn't anybody study history background I mean these people make no sense we're talking about the livelihood of the American people.
    So demonic.
    Nancy and Chuck are two people that are holding America back from being a stronger Nation under God these people are tripping.

  90. doorran says:

    House Dems' coronavirus stimulus bill includes $35 million for Kennedy Center, $600 million for arts and humanities — and $278 million for IRS.. 14000 pages guarantees that no one is going to read this .. unless they delay the aid for people.


    These companies instead of giving employee raises they bought back their own stock. There are no do-overs in capitalism. Corporate socialism, well that's a different story

  92. neuralcircuit says:

    They weren't even that critical.

  93. David Robertson says:

    In time their wishes will be granted. This was likely staged to show us what is on the horizon. We are now in the end game. Anyone who believes the propaganda that this is all to help the people are still asleep. Since when were you afraid you might catch cold? The real danger is how catatonic the people are.

  94. TheCannonator 2019 says:

    In November, let's all make sure we vote these devil's out of office!! Let's make sure we vote for President Trump, and ensure we have a Republican House and Senate!!

  95. S955US84 says:

    The DEMs never want a crisis to go to waste – rather they'll try to exploit it to their own ends,
    Think DEMS – think DISGUSTING.

  96. W Wis says:

    we know that can not beat Trump at the ballot box. So lets delay help smother our economy and see if that works. NEWS FLASH we know what the democrats are up to, not going to work!

  97. KillerGymSox says:

    Can we just have a civil war now? I want to watch those partisan assholes swing from trees. I will watch until the crows eat their eyes.

  98. Michael Bibow-Finucane says:


  99. James Watson says:

    Nancy flew in on her broom stick.

  100. Christopher Pearson says:

    Let's spot a common denominator to all this psycho-political lunacy. The [HCV] 'Pandemic' was preplanned and deployed on a predetermined schedule coinciding with the collapsing Fed Ponzi scheme financial economics – regardless of any local political affiliations anywhere in the world today. The only variable here is that 'She Lost' [HRC] but if she hadn't we would be seeing all the 'added inapplicable's' that we see in 'Phase 3' and more representing the lunatic leftist's 'Green New Deal' etc., etc. Just what we are seeing now. Conclusion is implicit in all the above. This is what we are witnessing. President Trump and his Administration have co-opted the final outcome of a long preplanned Agenda.

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