‘The Five’ panel clashes over Pelosi’s challenge to Trump
‘The Five’ panel clashes over Pelosi’s challenge to Trump

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ panel clashes over Pelosi’s challenge to Trump”

  1. Frederico Mega says:

    Is Nancy's super slurred speech an impairment?, or is she just high on diazepan ? you guy's don't test people ?

  2. Pedro Bosque says:

    Democrats are mad because President Trump killed isis.

  3. Roseli Pestana says:

    I AGREE WITH Nancy Pelosi, POTUS is an IMPOSTER!

  4. Pedro Bosque says:

    I love all you guys.

  5. #PATRIOTS UNITE says:


  6. Roseli Pestana says:


  7. Ziff says:

    CNN was correct to fire Juan; Fox was incorrect to hire him. What a freaking talking head.

  8. daniel nguyen says:

    Evil Pelosi disrespect to American Patriots. She is disgrace for this country. She is also one of the most corrupted family in California

  9. Signature Enterprises LLC says:

    So pelosi make a frivolous insult about Trump right after she said it was

  10. Roger Burns says:

    You are the one who is a imposter!

  11. Our Family says:

    She needs a bullet between the eye just to put her out of her misery. I mean, I have seen animals suffer grievously, and a bullet ended their suffering. She is tantamount to the same. Put the stupid B***h out of her misery. After all, she is held together with make up.

  12. Russ Hamilton says:

    Juan is dumb as dirt.

  13. Tammy Wise says:

    The stupid african is lying. I can't stand him.

  14. David Lambourne says:

    Strategies for deniel.

  15. C REX says:

    I pray every day that global warming is real and LA and SF be the first to fall into the ocean along w their representatives.

  16. Concrete cowboy Co says:

    That loud mouth in the suit with dark skin is so dumb

  17. jpb1231000 says:

    He's done more than any 'REAL POLITICIAN" despite all the BS…. But HE'S THE IMPOSTER!!!
    Pelosi's JAW is the IMPOSTER!!!

  18. Nicholas Paul Cooke Mr says:

    This is so dumb, they're celebrating that people shouldn't trust the media, even though they are the media. FOX is too stupid.

  19. Marlina Shaw says:

    Pelosi needs to check herself into the loonie hospital.

  20. Sparta Spartan says:

    When your losing throw in a mainstream poll

  21. Jack Wolkitt says:

    "Take the oath of office?" SOBER UP YOU MORONIC OLD BAT!

  22. Catherine Williams says:

    I would actually pay money to see POTUS testify under oath before congress.

  23. Saphyr Docius says:

    Joe Bidenโ€™s a weirdo.

  24. joysmail2 says:

    Juan is pushing the left's agenda. He wouldn't know 'reality' if it bit him on the butt.

  25. maskaleynne says:

    I love how Juan says he never interrupts…yet he likes to interrupt every chance he can.

  26. Jerimiah Young says:

    The radio news causes road rage. Impeach them and put that tax payer money back to the national ndebt.

  27. Matt Marshall says:

    Juan you are Cheesecake !!! Take a break from Dems Brain Freeze / non-performance before you turn into a smart eggplant ๐Ÿ† with no audience outside the Kitchen…

  28. Sonny Moon says:

    Well I saw Trump's photo on the thumbnail but no Trump here. On to the next video !

  29. Jet Fire 3000 says:

    Yeah, like pinky and the brain, Trump is really a robot, and the brain is controlling him up in his head with leavers and buttons ๐Ÿ˜‚ !!!! What are we gonna do today brain, the same thing we do everyday pinky, try to take over the world!!! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿค–

  30. Hayabusa Dragon says:

    Im tired of the moronic โ€œpollsโ€ being pushed out as some type of evidence. Juan is dumb if that is all he has. 71% of Americans? Yeah well I wasnโ€™t polled in that so your poll can enjoy the flush down the toilet.

  31. Silas the Nihilist says:

    Faux News talking about brainwashing. Lol that's rich.

  32. Frugal Tinkerer says:

    Why do ignorant hippos screech so much?
    Get educated about what's REALLY going on people! qmap dot pub

  33. Jack Prescott says:

    Trump Rocks! Pelosi is a clown. Vote every Democrat out of office and let's get stuff done. Dissolve the Party. It has become a corrupt and criminal organization. You can thank the Clintons and Obama for that.

  34. Manus Bothma says:

    Why is Juan on this show?

  35. Michel Guev says:

    Juan its an ABC pooooooollll wake up

  36. linofreek52 says:

    Juan has no idea Democrats used Ukraine and tried to get dirt on Trump ? ..no idea there is a treaty between Ukraine and the USA for investigations and co operation ? He is a pathetic jerk with no idea .

  37. Ron Witt says:

    Juan paints his toe nails

  38. Hayden Briggs says:

    I'd rather go through all of BS before I ever want to even THINK about Hillary being President instead of Trump.

  39. Rick Lawrence says:

    Juan go dye your fro again

  40. Teketel Dalelo says:

    Are Democrats representing Americans or other people from space? I think Americans being told by Democrats please; keep on choosing the Great Republican Leader "Donald Trump" who is doing what he promised regardless of chain impeachments! Donald Trump will be selected for the second time to shock Democrats!

  41. gloknor says:

    The show should be called the 4 1/2 with little Juan on it .

  42. GHOULARDI Boom Boom says:

    How can this injustice of a Saturday Night Live performance of the unseating of a elected President even be occurring in the house of representatives. The twisted evidence from the Demonrats has no factual substance of proof for impeachment.

  43. Vince Vant says:

    Is Juan spanish for friggen moron he needs to go back to the Clinton News Network where he belongs in the commie echo chamber.

  44. raynman67 says:

    I love the Rockford Files

  45. raynman67 says:

    Sure Juan 500 People Polled from who knows what district = All of America

  46. Linzy Creber says:

    Soooo happy that I'm awake not these brainwashed people believing the BS about Trump. 2020 ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  47. brad behnkeB says:

    Pelosi now has a chance to save her party, stop the nonsense now, and start working with the president and and the people of this country, help the homeless, living in the streets, work on mental illness, keep industries coming back where it belongs, keep people working!!! How can you Deny that things aren't better now you would need to be blind. Do the right thing Nancy there's so many things that need attention, climate change, infrastructure, on and on.

  48. gregory t. ferguson says:

    Oh and imposter m********* you're the Imposter for 40 years you've been sucking America dry he's been in there three years and y'all can't stand it he's done more for this country than you have in 40 years in 3 years

  49. John Sabin says:

    O crazy Nancy. Have another drink. Grab your pills. Go back to your chair and relax. Your not going to have to worrie much longer sweet heart.

  50. Christopher Leander says:

    Who does ABC poll? I have never; nor have any of my neighbors or friends been polled by this joke of a news broadcast channel. We'll see how the real poll goes if these imbusiles can actually be granted a public impeachment vote.

  51. Terri Rivera says:

    Juan's lucky his Republican son still talks to him. Dems attacking Trump the minute he came down the escalator versus insulting back in defense is not the same thing, sorry….. I mute when Juan speaks!!

  52. Ronald Russell says:

    Just don't dissagree

  53. ํ˜ผ๊ธ€ says:

    HitlergruB ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“

  54. Vic Val says:

    So what is next? Pelosi and Shiff trial?

  55. KJ Ron says:


  56. Travis Bigara says:

    Nancy is right , he is an imposter. Trump is in the White House but he is No politician……. and thats what scares her, she doesnt know how to predict him and he is doing everything he can to drain the swamp of these career politicians

  57. kenneth peterson says:


  58. MC Davis says:

    Whan is the turd in the punch bowl .


    William Binney said that Nancy Pelosi has NSA program without encryption. What is Nancy doing with that software? And, why are Americans being tortured with NSA weapons and technologies? Where is the DNC server? What is on that server? What is Crowdstrike? Again, why are Americans lives in danger of being tortured with NSA technologies?

  60. William Morgan says:

    OMG. Hearing Juan. Makes my ears BLEED.

  61. notgaybut20bucksis20bucks says:

    ABC Poll?

  62. Shrub 1975 says:

    No Juan it is not a legal proceeding, it's a farce!!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if Juan was one of the crooked 'journalists' indicted for conspiring with the Dems and circulating propaganda and lies to the American people!!!

  63. Haas Konijn says:

    6:00 the same ABC that did not air the Epstein crimes three years ago JUAN ?

  64. Vice Castro says:

    Shame are you stupid

  65. Vice Castro says:

    Trump is guilty

  66. Vice Castro says:

    Look at all the guys around him they are in jail

  67. Vice Castro says:

    Fox News after trump is gone is done fox is full of it

  68. C McCall says:

    Every poll I have seen requires a donation at the end of the poll in order to lock your vote & see the results thus far. I will not donate to play. I have an opinion that a percentage of retires will not or cannot pay to vote either.

  69. Devin DeCremer says:

    Juan's sexism on full display.

  70. Lisa Peecher says:

    Fire the dem he makes all us sick. Trump 2020

  71. Nick Alvarez says:


  72. NoHope4Nigeria As a country says:

    Polls who is paying for this nonsense polls Juan, ?

  73. NoHope4Nigeria As a country says:

    Juan your not a good man, those guys in jail have not done half of what many Trump haters did but are working freely because they are corrupt party, Juan your a disgrace

  74. Nick Alvarez says:


  75. NoHope4Nigeria As a country says:

    Democrats are using their fake polls to consul themselves because they know there is no hope for them comes 2020

  76. Von Graul says:

    How about I give them the actual finger. (The digital one, too) ๐Ÿ–•

  77. Von Graul says:

    Juan: "this is political, it has nothing to do with the law…"

  78. System Servers says:

    Go getum Judge!

    Somebody shoot Juan and shut him up.

  79. Joe 2 says:

    Juan is gone

  80. Big Ram says:

    Juan is a village idiot

  81. John Mcgrane says:

    Came for the five got the view

  82. will well says:

    pelosi…… We love that imposter…….!!!!

  83. Joy Ofoni says:

    That Juan person should not have spoken to the Judge that way,I am not American but his reply showed a lack of due respect to gain TV points or what?

  84. Lillian Outten says:

    God bless nancy all the ๐Ÿ˜ elephants are nothing but crooks. And that lady sound like she swow a duck nancy forever aman

  85. Yankeegurl82 says:

    she is a friggin idiot pelosi. 2 words game over .

  86. Yankeegurl82 says:

    juan u know ur partys done.

  87. SPOON MAN says:

    I watch the 5 until Juan Williams speaks. Can't watch a full episode until he gets fired.

  88. Angela Vardamaskos says:

    She is a liar ๐Ÿคฅ she is so corrupt is beyond this woman she should be removed from office the President Trump is not an imposter over 63 million people vote for him…. the imposter is you mr pelosi how many people vote for you a hand full maybe? So stop lien no one believes you corrupt democrats

  89. James Westhaver says:

    My challenge to Pelosi is for her to say 5 sentences in a row without showing signs of dementia … !

  90. TheMentalMillionaire says:

    You can SMELL the lies coming out of her putrid evil mouth.

  91. Rhonda Shepherd says:

    ALL ACTING to distract the American public while they commit more crimes , steal more money and take your guns. TRUMP IS ONE OF THEM and HE IS A MOVIE ACTOR. Sean Hannity and every other MSM media pundit are shills . Democrats and Republicans are on the same team and all work for the bankers.

  92. Mike M says:

    Insecurity? Believe this is a case of projection… Dems are extremely insecure because they lost their power. Would like to hear one interview from Pelosi where it doesn't sound like she's been hitting the bottle.

  93. dudeinco says:

    Trump should present his case against their stupidity, and absurd allegations?

    He should write it on a post-it note: 'Nuh uh'

    That's literally all this circus deserves.

  94. Jennifer Christensen says:

    This is b.s. I can't wait for the president to get even with these fools. And as far as the fake news reporters…YOU need to be locked up. AND…


  95. Cheeky Charm says:

    These are not witnesses . Most never even met the President.

  96. Michael Rostine says:

    Juan Williams, I don't believe 71% of the people in this country have TDS.

  97. Cheeky Charm says:

    Theyโ€™re lying on him to get him to testify under oath…I hope he doesnโ€™t fall for it..

  98. Per Olsen says:

    OMG…..fox…………..YOU ARE DISGUSTING………….

  99. Per Olsen says:


  100. Truth Finder 777 says:

    Thought "America runs on Dunkin donuts" but in reality it runs on drunkards like this!? What a shame!!!!!

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