The Effects of Hormones in Milk on Infertility in Women
The Effects of Hormones in Milk on Infertility in Women

25 thoughts on “The Effects of Hormones in Milk on Infertility in Women”

  1. Dominique K. says:

    Can you do a video on PCOS and androgens in women?

  2. truefuschniken says:

    Thank you!!!!

  3. Dr Grey says:

    And people still drink the stuff that comes from a cow it just amazes me.

  4. Sinan Şenkul says:

    0:32 Are you sure about that, Mr. Greger? This may be true if the participants took the estrogen by injection but you say drinking milk can also cause estrogen spikes. Sounds non-scientific

  5. J Van says:

    When people spend 50K on IVF while stuffing their faces with meat and dairy every day.

    Yay, capitalism.

  6. Sinan Şenkul says:

    Check this out to see what effects do dairy have in terms of hormones:

  7. Fernando Crociani says:

    Bel video!

  8. Angie says:

    Really enjoy your eyopening educational videos 👍

  9. Heather Hodson says:

    Can I ask you a question about Alzheimer's??? I fear I'm losing my dad…

  10. little lentil says:

    Ew extra placental hormones cheese pizza please

  11. ShadowsandCityLights says:

    I love milk though. 😢

  12. Carly Franklin says:

    I feel like animal hormones are worse than trans fats.

  13. Peter Rabitt says:

    I once saw a video of a teenager drinking (on a bro-dare, no doubt) a glass of horse semen. Yep, blech. Anyway, I was grossed out by it, but upon thinking about it, I realized that cow's milk is basically the same thing. GOT MILK?

  14. Peter Rabitt says:

    I was like #1,000 and it satisfied my OCD soooooo gooood. 🐰

  15. OffLeashIG says:

    did the study take into account for lactose intolerance or antibodies? it is known that even in individuals without lactose intolerance, that dairy can be seen to the body as a reason to cause inflammation. i love cream, cheese and yogurt so this is super scary news!

  16. B B says:

    11 humans that think they are baby cows disliked this video

  17. Donna Roberts says:

    @ 3:38 Dr. Greger says let's look at the graph of non-smokers! Whoops! Anyone else catch that?

  18. TheGullible Vegan says:

    Thank you Dr Greger, you are the king of epidoodiology I will pass the information onto my Swiss Grandmother who couldn’t have children because of her milk drinking culture. I’m going out now to buy some of this pant milk which has flooded the shelves in supermarket just in time of you telling us milk is bad.

  19. anthrogal19 says:

    Women currently struggling with fertility might want to stay away from these comments. This video in general is going to be hard, since they don’t know enough yet to help.

  20. Marc Milton-Talbot says:

    Makes me laugh when people won't drink soya milk because of the hormones,which are only plant ones and have a protective effect.Dr Greger has a video on this topic too.

  21. Daltira says:

    Like the new style. I can see you!

  22. अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra says:

    how to gain weight on a vegan diet without adding food that bloats you like legumes?

  23. anuuuul says:

    Are there any links between animal products and hair loss? If so, could you do a video on that?
    Thank you for the amazing work, Dr. Greger & the team!

  24. Thomas says:

    this guy looks as about as healthy as you can get hahahahhaha

  25. suicune2001 says:

    I have a friend whom I suspect is sensitive to the hormones and estrogen in dairy. I became suspicious when she said one of her daughters has debilitating menstrual cramps. I remember a video where Dr. Barnard said milk and animal products can increase menstrual pain. Now I find out my friend hasn't had a proper menstrual cycle for about a year and a half. She's 48 so maybe that's normal? But when she goes to the doctor and asks if she's in menopause, they claim she isn't. So I'm wondering if she's getting a false positive because of all the junk she eats.

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