The Effects of Hormones in Dairy Milk on Cancer
The Effects of Hormones in Dairy Milk on Cancer

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  1. EL ESTEPARIO says:


  2. Dr Steven Lome Lifestyle Medicine - Plant Based says:

    Dairy is for COWS ONLY please…so if you wake up and look in the mirror and see a cow…go for dairy. Perhaps you call your mom and she answers the phone moo…go for dairy. Otherwise drink water!

  3. nobody nowhere says:

    "dairy milk" clever

  4. Luke Weaver says:

    Scary stuff. Another big reason to stay far away from animal products, including cow body fluid, most of which contains lymph fluid otherwise known as pus. 😮😫

  5. Dinar AndFriends says:

    Spare a thought for the poor calves, who are taken away from their mothers when they are a few days old and who live lives of total despair in tiny cages before being eaten. And for the mothers, who bellow in despair for their lost children.

  6. What I Learned From Cancer says:

    Prolonged dairy in take causes so many problems, hormone imbalance and cancer are just the tip of the iceberg

  7. WholeElise says:

    Wow.. And people are over here worrying about Soya beans..

  8. Bulsa says:

    So milk is good just not from cows that are pregnant or being abused. How does the consumer know?

  9. Reverend Al says:

    Girly hormones for men!

  10. says:

    Here's my previous on the dairy-cancer connection:

  11. DEEPAK hiranandani says:

    Thank you. Well illustrates what many vegans know in a general sense but are scoffed or worse for pointing out. I shall share this video at once. My regards and best wishes, as always.

  12. Pickle Beaker! says:

    VP and Dr. Greger bashing dairy on the same day? Are the stars aligned or something?

  13. Krispy Bacon says:

    Children with cancer must be chugging that cow's milk.

  14. Arthritis to Athlete says:

    People are so afraid of soy but yet drink dairy like it’s nothing. The world is so backwards

  15. Dr Grey says:

    tell this to the US Dairy Industry with their recent propaganda campaign saying children need to drink cows milk three times a day and not drink Plant milk

  16. Eelke Aptroot says:

    But let's put pink ribbons on milk cartons just in case….

  17. Sunghee Lee says:

    Not your mother, not your milk.

  18. Lichtblick says:

    Dairy is scary!

  19. roldan pelagio says:

    in the philippines the sogie bill is very hot. is there any study regarding mill consumption and becoming transgender? does the hormones affect them and it goes directly on their head?

  20. MartialVidz says:

    Watch the ladies rushing at supermarkets & grabbing the cow puss/blood for their babies/children…even grown men drinking this mess. Cheese is even worse. People can be so gullible 🤔.

  21. Raul Vaquer says:

    Yeah, lets also talk about fitohormones in veggies!

  22. Emily BH says:

    The main problem with dairy is the PROTEIN in it which LEACHES CALCIUM OUT OF YOUR BONES. This is ironic because most women that drink milk do so because they think they are GETTING calcium from milk. Little do they realize, MILK ROBS US OF CALCIUM. "Milk does [NOT do] a body good" ~ Dairy Industry Advertising Slogan

  23. Sam says:

    Fact : cows milk tastes alot better than any other milk. So what if you get some hormones in the process. Eostrogen promotes cardiovascular health. Noone gets gynecomastia from eating dairy and seems like this video just proves theres very little evidence of milk being significantly bad for your health.
    Ps: if you're against milk then you must also be against oral contraception – something millions of women do

  24. Sharon's poetry Corner #Enjoy! says:

    Great information! 👏👏👏👏👏

  25. jhunt5578 says:

    It's funny how bro scientists say soy gives you man boobs (when it's an estrogen blocker). Then gulp down their full fat milk. This is only anecdotal but I swear India has a serious population wide case of gynocamastia AKA man boobs because all of that dairy they consume.

  26. Rabbit Food Fitness says:

    Thank you so much for this video!! There has been a lot of media going around saying that dairy is good for you. It really is not. This could not have been a more timely video!! Thanks again. I am going to do a video on dairy over on my channel soon!

  27. Doug Livingstone says:

    Milk is a great source of dietary pus.

  28. Michel Passebecq says:

    Horrible pronunciation

  29. Notkng says:

    How about other dairy milk alternatives like almond milk or soy milk?

  30. Plant Maven says:

    Humans doing what comes naturally: ignorance.

  31. chiyerano says:

    I cannot help but remain in utter disbelief at how some men insist on consuming dairy with all of its hormones but avoid soy because they are afraid of becoming 'feminized' by the supposed estrogens in soy, never mind the very real estrogenic hormones in dairy that often help to give them man boobs and love handles if they eat enough of it. '..understanding the role of dietary hormone exposure in the population burden of breast cancer is not possible at this time.'? Hopefully this will change in the near future as at the very least inquiring minds want to know.

  32. Wernher Here says:

    Like Joey says, "ya not a baby cow bro" ✌🏻️

  33. MakeUpTraffic says:

    The funny thing is that every experienced cat owner knows you can't give kittens cow milk and have to buy cat's milk replacement from the store. It has completely different nutritional and hormonal profile.
    At the same time they drink cow's milk themselves… Jesus, people are dumb.

  34. The Carrot Industry says:

    Stay rooted, my friends!

  35. Soy pusher says:

    Yeah it make sense as I grew moobs when I was having cow’s milk, now I drink goats milk they’ve gone and I’ve grown a beard

  36. Lauren Burger says:

    After listening to the Carnivores saying RAW MILK GOOD, UG! – I now have to question the breast tissue I see on some of them, and wonder how it will impact their sex life. . . .

  37. Anthony Romano says:

    Milk puss is just as appetizing.

  38. Mike Skylark says:

    In short: BAD.

  39. hildir2 says:

    Is grass fed butter and milk ok at all?

  40. Loveless says:

    What exactly dairy products do to women before menopause? 3.5 min out of 5 min this video lasts you spend talking about how cows are being abused. The other 1.5 about how dairy is bad for men and kids. Your videos are getting less informative doc.

  41. Luke Weaver says:

    I loved Jack LaLanne's reply when someone asked him why he didn't drink cow's milk; he said, …"because I'm not a suckling calf!" 😂👏💪

  42. Evan Deitrich says:

    Dairy is scary.

  43. sami987 says:

    is there any real alternative for dairy based baby milk formula? it is quite common that mother cannot breastfeed and has to rely on these products.

  44. DarkerSideOfDawn says:

    Why not?

  45. Ama Rose says:

    RIP to all the babies that were slaughtered in the veal industry and the mothers that repeatedly lost their babies. The real victims of the dairy industry.

  46. Babar Tahir says:

    I don’t drink a lot of milk, use it for tea. But I know it’s probably not good but find it hard to give up cheese (pizza) yogurt, butter, ice cream:(
    I wonder if the Doctor completely avoids it?
    What about alternatives?

  47. Kenz300 x says:

    Go Vegan
    Eat less meat, dairy, eggs and cheese. 
    Eat more whole food plant based beans, greens, onions, nuts, seeds, berries.
    It will be healthier for you and better for the animals and the planet

  48. Shari T says:

    Thanks for doing the research and posting! It's this estrogen connection that got me to finally 'quit' dairy 1 1/2 years ago. So glad I did!

  49. Path to Wellness says:

    😂 why did 12 people give this video a thumbs down?

  50. Jeong-hun Sin says:

    Hah. Learning French keeps paying off. The other day, I was reading some French news article and saw "gestation". It meant pregnancy in French, and English dictionary had that word, too. But I thought it was a dead word in English. And yet, after only 1 or 2 weeks, I heard "gestation" here.

  51. SLZ says:

    15 women per 100,000 women get endometrial cancer (0.015 per 100). With the relativ risk of 1.41 for more than 3 servings of milk the rate is growing by 0.0061 (0.021 per 100). And 1 serving didn't change the relativ risk at all.

  52. Najeeb Sheikh says:

    Why is research on the connection between dairy and breast milk not possible at this time according to that one study?

  53. Doug bananaboy says:

    But soy has …

  54. Fluffy Hamster says:

    Holy Cow!!! 🐮=💀
    What about all the children, who are forced to drink Milk, because their parents are ignorant and stupid? And then have recurring inner ear infections, so that in the end, they need to have drainage in the ear? 🤔
    What about the children who develop severe Asthma because of Milk and Dairy products?
    It’s should be a criminal offence to give Milk and Dairy to children, and ignorance is not an excuse 🙉🙈🙊.

  55. Lander Hendrickx says:

    This video is NOT sponsored by the dairy industry.

  56. Question Mark says:

    "Although results of published studies are not unequivocal, it seems that there is stronger evidence suggesting that amounts of estrogens in cow's milk are too low to cause health effects in humans."
    "Children aged between one and five years were expected to be the at-risk population when exposed to detectable steroid hormone concentrations. Based on the mean and maximum concentrations of progesterone detected in milk, the contribution was 0.85% and 0.9%, and 1.48% and 1.6% of the acceptable daily intake for boys and girls, respectively. These results imply that the concentrations of steroid hormones present in raw milk should not present a health risk for young children."
    "With consumption of normal quantities of milk under consideration of an orientation value for the daily intake of milk (including yoghurt) of 200-250 g, the hormone quantities that can be expected to be ingested should be seen as very low compared to the natural self-synthesis of these hormones in humans. Furthermore, the hormones are metabolised very quickly (pronounced “first pass” effect of the liver with peroral intake). The available scientific data do not currently give any reason to assume any relevant health risk."

    The dangers from dairy hormones may be far-fetched, other problems of milk (production) more important…

  57. Maureen K says:

    "So, ixnay on the educationay". In today's world that's all we need to know, according to some.

  58. Bonobo3D says:

    The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) supports guidelines telling kids to avoid plant-milks and 1 years olds to drink 3 cups of whole milk a day. 
    Mic the Vegan reported this (also revealing that the Dairy Industry helps fund the AAP) in his recent video:

  59. Xenia Zalman says:

    Mind blowing as usual. Thank you

  60. Llxexll Eso says:

    More please 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  61. Fluffy Hamster says:

    Thirteen employees of the Dairy Industry downvoted this video 🤔

  62. Ashley Bennett says:

    There was a study that just came out that said Milk is more hydrating than water!!!! Seriously?!?!

  63. Eran Goldberg says:

    Could you please debunk this paper on dairy?

  64. Eri Spaugh says:

    Great video! My daughter and I cannot have dairy neither meat, because of hormones. My child was in risk of premature puberty, because of dairy and meat, and as soon as I changed the diet things got back to normal. But many don't believe you and look at you weird when you tell the truth!

  65. tamcon72 says:

    The trolls who pepper plant-based YT comments with "soy boy!" insults will be incandescent with rage. Here we go!

  66. Dimensionalconsciousness says:

    Amazing the most advanced humanoid on this planet but still justify sucking cow tit .. “it’s raw bro” “healed me after I almost died”

  67. Hotep Imho says:

    would you fail a drug test if you eat a block of butter before?

  68. Marc Milton-Talbot says:

    ..and you get people refusing to drink soy milk because of the [plant] hormones in it LOL.

  69. esteffannyh says:

    I try really hard to inform people about this. I really do, but I am so sick and tired of being ignored.

  70. CBB says:

    Dr Greger is a Rockstar. Our baby girl is one year and if anyone scrolling through these comments can suggest alternative "milks" rather than cows milk formula, I'd really appreciate it.

  71. Mike B says:

    So, is this study #6999?? We only need one more to finally get that 'Surgeon General's Warning'… hahahah! (7000 for the Tobacco industry after all..)
    This is just absurd… WHY this hasn't hit front page n….. ooooh right, they also own the News Media outlets through 'donations' and 'commercial' ad revenue…

  72. Jessus Christ says:

    let me guess…. CANCER

  73. Some Soul says:

    Quit drinking other animals milk folks, the milkstache ads are more crapitalist bs

  74. Lewis Moore says:

    It's a shame that is taste good

  75. bigjokerhere111 says:

    I'm nauseated 🤢
    EVERYTHING is telling me to quit this KETO gimmick I've fallen for

  76. lisa Whent says:

    I have no stop buying any dairy for my kids they had are not milk drinkers but Heavy on yogart and cheese. Myself I don't touch the stuff. But from here on replacing with the coconut and almond yogart. Better choice👍

  77. Shady Pikachu says:

    ever since I saw I saw what they do to the poor cows to produce milk, I never went back

  78. Newblish says:

    Ok enough, the bias is absolutely insane. Grass fed meats and organic meat/eggs BLAST your testosterone and this guy makes it seem like low quality versions are all that people eat. Dr greggor, who cares about factory farm steroid injected cows? Enough. Intelligent people eat grass fed beef and they thrive. Enough with the bias, start comparing organic meats/dairy and not factory farmed estrogen/steroid injected garbage. We all already know its not good.

  79. Daniele Card says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  80. STOCK HIPPIE jan says:

    are birth control pills unsafe for transgenders?

  81. Craig Hull says:

    I enjoyed two glasses of a2 raw milk today. Very healthy, but I'm sure non of you know jack shiz about raw or a2 milk. The you're not a baby cow is a weak argument. If your basis of arguement is that…you have been brainwashed.

  82. NaGym says:

    Could you make a traduction in french ? Thank you.

  83. Melissa Meyer says:

    I wonder what affect the hormones have on the fetus and their future sexual preference if the mother is consuming cows milk. There's a lot to learn here…

  84. Rex Buyeo says:

    Hands down, the single worst thing you can put in your body after bleach.

  85. Marisa C.L. says:

    We need more studies. I can digest fat yoghurt and ghee butter. These are one of the few foods I can digest. When I eat a lot of vegetables, I feel sick. How do you explain this? And I know dozens of people like me.

  86. Joseph1NJ says:

    And yet, while milk consumption is significantly falling, pizza consumption is rising.

  87. HeyShaded says:

    No wonder, they dont want us to be able to fight back.

  88. April Hall says:

    👍@ 1:53 = Telling people what goes on in the dairy industry does not result in high rates of approval.

    The bit of good news there is that it indicates that a lot of people do indeed care about what goes on in the dairy industry, but they don’t currently know, and if they are given the facts, they might be inclined to stop consuming and supporting it.

  89. LIFTING THE VEIL says:

    I love how dr greger always make it a comedy show out of these upsetting revelations. Makes it worthwhile

  90. kingmike40 says:

    The difference between Tobacco and dairy. It's legal to give kids milk.

  91. Z says:

    what about blue cheese?

  92. Kyle Miguel says:

    thank you for all you do Dr. Greger

  93. michael onello says:

    Thank you Dr. G
    Vegan healthy foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  94. Kara Marzetti says:

    I enjoy watching these educational videos. Plus he always puts a few funnies in there. Can't wait to read his new book.

  95. Unlawful P-P Head says:

    I need to stop drinking milk

  96. Olivier Hokke says:

    "Understanding the role of dietary hormones on breast cancer is not possible at this time" ? Didn't you, Dr Greger, do a few videos on exactly that? How estrogen feeds breast cancer cells, while the estrogen in soy for instance does not?

  97. Digital Dreamer says:

    29 people cant give up cheese and dairy 😂

  98. Arely Hernández Moctezuma says:

    Es una lástima que habiendo tantos casos de cáncer de mama. No se hagan datos más claros para informar si los lácteos en especial leche de vaca es perjudicial o no tanto en las que ya tienen el cáncer como en las sobrevivientes. :C

  99. Swaleh Bawazir says:

    The best long distance runners from Kenya drink a lot of cow milk and are healthier than you even at their old ages.
    I disagree with you

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