The Best Source of Resveratrol
The Best Source of Resveratrol

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  1. HALLoFameSwag3r says:

    Can you do a video on intermittent fasting and eating one meal a day!

  2. Vince says:

    The other lie I heard a way back, was that wine helps with digestion, so go ahead and drink it with your meal. Then just lately, I heard that drinking any alcohol with your meal actually inhibits your digestion. The latter makes more sense because your liver has to prioritize the toxin cleaning over helping with digestion.

  3. Kamil Osięglewski says:

    Resveratroll 😂

  4. Jaafar Morocco says:

    Greetings from Morocco Dr Greger .. Your great non-profit , scam-free and scientifically-based work is gaining so much popularity world-wide even in non-english speaking countries like mine.
    Thank you sir.

  5. The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

    Just sounds like I'm gonna have to consume more red wine. Hope my liver is up for it. Cheers.

  6. Mr. Earth says:

    Remove all the technical terms and this is all a no brainer if you are remotely aware of healthy living.

  7. mike clarke says:

    I guess raisins, would also have resveratrol in them?

  8. SulforaphaneMeUp says:

    I am glad I quit drinking. I feel so much better and happier. Who needs to relax with alcohol when you already feel so good?

  9. sheyshey1212 says:

    I was one of those people that if they said, "Is good for you!" I was in. I used to follow Dr.Oz and a whole bunch of healthy magazine and I remembered that they all said that drinking red wine was good for you because of the resveratrol. I even remembered the episode on 60 minutes. I was a healthy junky looking to be health all on the wrong places. Thank God, now I know better! I'm plant based vegan and I'm glad that there are people like Dr.Greger stirring us in the right direction. Thank You Dr. Greger!

  10. Mottahead says:

    I've heard (and that's why I'm asking ) that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages would be good for one's health if (and only if) that same person eats healthy food while drinking the above mentioned beverage.
    The reasoning behind this theory would be that alcohol would act like a vasodilator or vascular dilator, opening up blood vessels so that the good nutrients in healthy food would be able to reach deeper into our living tissues.
    Is that any truth to that?

  11. John Doe says:

    So drink 5000 cups of wine a day to stay healthy? Got it doctor.

  12. Lola Engelhart says:

    Thank you!

  13. Black Water says:

    I've had to change a lot in my diet to get healthy so it's nice for once that I don't have to change on this. I never drink and tend to have whole grapes with my salads. Score! xD

  14. furyofbongos says:

    Why would you title the video this way when Resveratrol is not something you recommend focusing on?

  15. Maureen K says:

    Another interesting and useful video.

  16. Karan Pratap Singh says:

    Big PB&J for the win! Lol

  17. Tudor Hulban says:

    thank you

  18. dillene says:

    "A couple thousand gallons of white wine a day . . ." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

  19. Miroslav Manahilov says:

    Can you do what our microflora produce for us like vitamins and etc 😕 :)))

  20. ONCE UPONd A TIDE says:

    Imagine my surprise when my sister sent me a birthday present and there was your cookbook . I was especially impressed and delighted. After many minutes of looking through the middle, working my way to the front I gasped to find your autograph and message. I was teared cause I have been following you since my "Hippocrates " seminars…. and workshops and articles, presentations from before I retired. Thank you for all of your dedication and work and I am one soldier working for change in culture status through food. By the way my dad who I'm sure my sis told you is going to be 95 years old has been eating grapes very dark purple ones as part of his fountain of youth. As they say " like father like daughter " and I can't get enough of them. Looking forward to your views on Role of culture change and nutritional food.

  21. Jessie says:

    Oh snap! Blew the lid off that!

  22. TitusLivy777 says:

    Another great video! Putting the myths to bed..gotta love it!

  23. TallWaters says:

    How come people in the blue zones drink everyday?

  24. seslews says:

    Re: The French Paradox; Dr Greger refers to his video that disputes whether the French Paradox is actually a thing. The cherry picked study he uses as evidence it isn't is based on the following facts: Based on statistics collected worldwide by the World Health Organization France has the second lowest rate of death per capita from cardio vascular disease of 172 countries, the French eat more saturated fats, consume more dairy and animal protein, smoke more cigarettes and drink more wine than nearly all of the countries with a higher mortality rate from cardiac disease, also the French are less obsessed with exercise than most Western countries. So the study concluded that because these facts do not agree with current scientific medical dogma on nutrition there is only one answer to explain the Paradox; the French are big fat liars who under report the amount of people who die from heart disease. No reason why they would but according to the stated study they do. They must also be lying about death rates from liver disease and diabetes also because those rates are also low. Before you dismiss my comment offhand or start calling me a troll for disagreeing with Dr Greger follow the link and read the study. I don't pretend to have an answer to what the truth is behind the French Paradox (maybe better health care or vitamin K2?) but there definitely is such a thing.

  25. DimaRakesah says:

    I always wonder about people who obsess over getting particular nutrients for their health, taking multivitamins and fortified drinks full of sugar, while eating lots of fast food and candy. We've completely lost sight of what healthy eating means.

  26. Hulagu Kahn says:

    Would V8 low sodium do the trick?

  27. Sophia Eleftheria says:


  28. Sophia Eleftheria says:


  29. Maple Flavor says:

    ok but does resveratrol not work or is it harmful? perhaps resveratrol supplementation is optimal for longevity. still need more research

  30. Natural 235 says:

    Alcohol is provides a temporary break from ones problems. Conversations provide a longer lasting relief of stress. And it's free.

  31. Katie Pecotich says:

    Yay I get to eat more frozen grapes, I love it it’s like candy 😃😋

  32. kyoungbare says:

    DAMN that red wine…its so good tho!!! :)))Thanks…for the TRUTH.

  33. Ragnar L says:

    I know one day I’m gonna die, so I’ll enjoy a good glass of french wine.

  34. PhoxHole117 says:

    hi, i have a burning question that google can't seem to answer!

    Do you know the mechanisms that control fat cell size and new fat cell growth? Is there a major difference between the two? could over consumption of protein or carbs produce fat cell production while the over consumption of fat actually contributes to the size of the cell? I've seen research that states that fat cell production ceases in adulthood and then there's research that says otherwise. it's very confusing. Dr.McDougall says "the fat you eat is the fat you wear" but it is also possible to gain some fat by over eating the other 2 macronutrients.

  35. Thomas Walz says:

    No surprises… supplements… it's a jungle out there.

    Do the work. Study the researchers and their funding sources too.

  36. LadyMystery1234 says:

    what about taking resveratrol suppliments in a pil form instead of drinking wine?

  37. M S says:

    Thank you so much for breaking the myths . Many people drink wine under the illusion that it is good for heart health . Any kind of alcohol harms the liver . Any purple coloured fruit or fresh juice can give you the health benefit coz the benefit lies in the “ purple pigment “

  38. Sidilicious says:

    Good. Grapes are way yummier than wine.

  39. TheseusTitan says:

    Fantastic video, thanx!

  40. N22I22K22O22 says:

    why do people still even consider drinking this crap?

  41. aldo cammara says:

    As far as I've understood, resveratrol has not studies proving effect on humans, right?

  42. aeneas4dido says:

    5000 cups of wine a day! I've got some catching up, currently only drinking 700 cups a day.

  43. Jeong-hun Sin says:

    But your old video said moderate alcohol was helpful (true or false video).

  44. Idylchatter says:

    I'm rather saddened by this news…. but I am optimistic about the liposomal delivery system that certain curcumin and resveratrol supplements use or are available in. They are also making liposomal lipoic acid, b complex, glutathione, vitamin c etc. If you aren't sure what this technology is, you can google it for yourself. Amazon carries several brands of liposomal encapsulated supplements. The reviews speak for themselves, I found this one to be particularly encouraging.
    5.0 out of 5 starsTaking this product has an observable positive effect on insulin …
    January 21, 2018
    Verified Purchase
    Taking this product has an observable positive effect on insulin sensitivity in an adult-onset type 1 diabetic for which I am the caregiver.

  45. Justin says:

    Or just take a pill…doctors dumb as they were in organic chemistry

  46. HP Lovecraft says:

    The whole wine thing is a scam designed to sell more wine.

  47. Joseph1NJ says:

    Another Oz / Oprah hoax laid to rest.

  48. Raja Shahja says:

    They do the same about Rape crimes which are mostly done under Alcohol influences, but since most feminists love to drink they never ever ever ever mention that fact.

  49. Cian Oswald says:

    French government is under the pressure of the wine lobby…. recently, a government's member, who is by the way a doctor, was not able to speak out about the dangers of wine consumption.

  50. White Ninja says:

    If you don't like it, then don't take it. Quit whining about it.

  51. Mariano Montiel says:

    Please make an update on kappa carrageenan!

  52. Caleb says:

    Anyone that drinks alcohol is an idiot and deserves to die from organ failure.

  53. Steve Kim says:

    My grandmother said you need to eat the food and not rely on supplements and it looks like the science has proven her correct.

  54. B Robertson says:

    You won't live any longer not drinking wine but it will definitely 'seem' longer ! 🙂

  55. BL Meyer says:

    this kind of research is what makes people not believe ANYTHING TFS!!!

  56. J Cirafic says:

    I take resveratrol 100 mg a day in pill form, it gives me more energy and helps digestion.

  57. Allostasis says:

    I highly doubt there is not a singel human study on Resveratrol showing benefits.

  58. IAmAgainst says:

    Is it me or this channel is dedicated exclusively to reinforcing the beliefs of those who are already heavily brainwashed into the cult? Nobody with an interest in health rather than in animals rights activism would buy this crap.

  59. Dominik Notz says:

    What about the OPC content in red grapes/wine?!

  60. bookmarkthis says:

    What about raisins ?

  61. bookmarkthis says:

    What about seedless versus seeded/older varieties of grapes?

  62. Mir Schultz says:

    I've always preferred grape juice and nice, fresh, crisp red grapes to wine. The only wine I consume with any regularity is a dip of the bread in the cup or a sip during the Christian communion ritual when I visit the Anglican services. But most churches I have been a member of use grape juice, anyway, and that's what we use at home when we do the "remembrance feast" in the house ourselves. Matzoh and Welch's. 😀

  63. Harmit Singh says:

    Lololol 😂 I love this Doc for dismantling million dollar marketing schemes. Regardless of how technically advanced our civilization has become we just need to realize the basics of good health is good eating.

  64. Alan Heath says:

    As for the million cans of beer, do they have to be drunk in one go or can they be spaced out during the day?

  65. ThoseStairsTheFirst says:

    Grapes are not the best source of Resveratrol though. That would be Mulberries.

  66. GuacamoleKun says:

    cries while upvoting

  67. Miki-Mik says:

    Japanese Knot Weed is the best source of resveratrol

  68. Reo Oliver says:

    One of my favorite books is #Freakonomics so I love your approach to research

  69. David Rojas Elbirt says:

    What about the beneficial yeast as a probiotic thats actively present in Wine?

  70. derrik tie says:

    Bullshit!!!!I take resveratrol in powder form everyday and it really helps me …save ur lies for court doctor BS

  71. Ivan B says:

    Awesome video! What about omega-3 fats for vegans via EPA and DHA? I believe Dr. Greger was in favor of algae supplementation as an ok conservative approach.

  72. small footprint says:

    Why do you always have to be so logical? What about all those 'middle men' ? How're they all going to make money off us? They won't? Just eat some whole grapes, huh. Guess I'm ok with my silly little whole foods diet, after all.

  73. ___ says:

    "Wine is only good for those who sell it" sums it up perfectly!

  74. Lee Churchill says:

    But what of the anti-coagulant effects of alcohol?

  75. Plant Seeds Stay Woke says:

    resveratrol may be a promising strategy to support treatments for the reduction of skin wrinkling, as well as reducing systemic and skin oxidative stress.

  76. Peyote Slurpee says:

    booze is for fruit flies

  77. Karen M. says:

    I didn't know this about wine but worse; I didn't know it about fish oil either!

  78. Marc Gratton says:

    I love it TKU

  79. 4 says:

    I love wine!

  80. UpMyPSI says:

    Well this is all well and good but if Nutrition Facts is interested please follow up what I am about to say. Eric Roberts (the actor) had a very mysterious experience connected to the use of resveratrol which was recommended to him after a he hit a tree with his jeep and was injured in many ways including loss of memory. He was able to get access to it and he described how it helped him immensely. I'm leaving out the most mysterious part because sometimes the findings of scientific research can only discover to much and I would like you to find his story and watch it.

  81. james adou says:

    Au final , on retiendrait que le resveratrol n est pas bon et que c est juste un produit de l industrie pharmacetique???

  82. colonyofcells iamamachine says:

    Costco has started selling dried wine grapes with seeds inside from california (probably has some radiation from fukushima too). Can be added to cereals and the grapes with seeds inside have a slight crunch. The brand is rayzin com. Another option is buy knotweed powder from internet.

  83. Treblaine says:

    If the "fish oil supplements" were just alpha linolenic acid (ALA) of course it won't have any improvement as western diets are so packed with omega 6 which suppresses the formation of ALA into DHA and similar by competition with enzymes. A sprinkle of ALA is against the tide.

  84. shockwave1986 says:

    I’m disappointed with this video. Resveratrol has been shown to have both benefits and no-benefits depending on which parameters is being evaluated in humans. There are a number of meta analysis studies undertaken which have shown benefits in terms of blood glucose, no benefit for cholesterol, some benefit for blood pressure and some reduction in inflammation…etc. There’s many other studies which you can look up for yourselves. I appreciate the job you’re doing but I think you should revisit this blanket statement that Resveratrol has no human benefits and present a larger body of evidence.

  85. Citizenthirteen says:

    Make sure the grapes are organic. Conventional grapes are a member of the dirty dozen and toxic.

  86. Ronaldo Saad says:

    Americans and Japanese people use to eat hot food, and Americans die more with esophagus cancer than Japanese. Americans and Germans use to drink a lot of beer, and Americans die more than Germans with liver cancer. Americans and French drink a lot of wine, and then, Americans die more than French with pancreas cancer. Americans and Italians eat a lot of pasta and Americans die more than Italians with obesity. Would be because they speak English???????

  87. Andrew Think says:

    Resveratol is a phenomenal nutrient. I take supplements. I'm not sure if this video is just outdated as the research is very recent but yes it is a game changer.

  88. Samson says:

    Yea…… You can believe EVERYTHING you see on the internet right? Ok 1st of all I love how this guy "highlights" passages in supposed "documents" he never fully shows you. I say figure it out for yourself do I think it's a miracle cure? LOL I'm just not that stupid! but I can tell you I have been on resveratrol for months now & I see a change in my skin and feel other changes as well. What "works" for me will NOT work for everyone & in fact you may upon trying it experience different results all together or none at all. but try it for yourself before you discount it as "hype"

  89. lpgoog says:

    Why does leading Harvard longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair like it so much?

  90. Mr. SkinnyBeef says:

    You mean I've been eating 5000 pounds of grapes a day for nothing!? Son of a….

  91. III says:

    suggesting that eating sugar from grapes, vs a concentrated antioxidant drink with no sugar, no yeast..
    the vegans and fruitarians kill me with their arguments for sugar..sugar is sugar. live or die, why so stubborn, why go out like Steve Jobs, Kobe Bryant..
    i started drinking dry red wine about a month ago..I don't fvk with sugar, so fruit is out. but i wanted high orac antioxidants, & maybe a slight buzz as bonus.
    my digestion improved. my depression virtually gone. those factors alone are worth it. one glass a night of french malbec or cabernet, & its not placebo, its real.

  92. III says:

    1% vs 99%
    do your own research, try it out for yourself.
    he totally lost me recommending eating sweet sugar grapes over dry red wine, zero sugar.
    he's a slave to sugar like the rest of them, yes natural sugar, but sugar.

  93. lorddarthstar says:

    Drug INC wants you!

  94. Abc 123 says:

    What’s with all the testimonies of the paleo diet curing autoimmune diseases? Because it is whole foods with lots of veg?

  95. Nunya Bidness says:

    The French paradox was diet. High protien and animal fat. Lol

  96. Nobody Nobody2 says:

    so you saying that Reseveratrol doesn't work?? in supplement form that is?

  97. Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Anyone here ever heard of moderation?

  98. Chandra says:

    Sir please keep it simple so that anyone can understand!! What’s conclusion in this video?!!

  99. xxx xxx says:

    But wouldn't consuming grapes also increase my glucose levels ?

  100. Tommy Masters says:

    So now I do not know who to believe about resveratrol, award winning David Sinclair, or you?

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