The Best Color Photography Background For Portraits Is Gray  – Studio Backdrop Tutorial
The Best Color Photography Background For Portraits Is Gray – Studio Backdrop Tutorial

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  1. Jean Edward Calvino says:

    Thank you for the tip Joe, I got Dove Gray #84 ( a mid gray like you suggested) is my first paper background cant wait for it ! 🙂

  2. DucatiRam ARIII says:

    great video, keep them coming!

  3. Cristene Linsangan says:


  4. I&E Fox says:


  5. Angel Medina says:

    You are an amazing teacher. I was going to buy dove white for my wall background but then I saw your video. Thanks!!

  6. A C says:

    Great video… Great channel! Thanks for all the advice

  7. br0ken86 says:

    So much great information in your videos. Thank you! Subscribed!

  8. TauroFitness says:

    hey Joe I don't have fancy setup like you BUT I have ingenuity lol..I would like to have the same background as your using and like the one that is advertised in description but not sure how I would suspend that in my condo? I have a green screen setup already but not sure if this is too heavy for that rig, any suggestions would be most appreciated…

  9. Andre Alfred says:

    Great video…where did you get the mannequin

  10. Fifaliana Joy says:

    How would these color Gel perform using continuous lighting? which obviously is not as powerful as strobes

  11. bill taylor says:

    I just found you a few days ago. been binge watching since. thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  12. MARRRRC0P0L0 says:

    Great advice, thanks.

  13. ismail mohammed says:

    That is One great video. very helpful.
    And also Can you please explain how to shoot full length shots, rather than just portrait or head shots by adding gel to the background

  14. Safety24Seven says:

    Thank you so much great information super

  15. yanique love says:

    Can you please provide another link to vinyl background

  16. yanique love says:

    Love your videos by the way there super helpful.

  17. francisco rivera says:

    Joe, thank you so much for this!!!

  18. Dennis Keena says:


  19. Matthew Furman says:

    Great video, your quality and consistency of top material is incredible. Your videos are amazing to look at, easy to watch, you are enthusiastic, smart, and engaging. I ordered a charcoal background from B & H. Wish I could purchase through your link. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration.

  20. Felipe Santander says:

    U r the best thank you professor

  21. Reviews To The Point says:

    OK OK; This guy is fantastic!!! Everyone interested should Subscribe, Click the Bell, Give a Thumbs Up and Wow! Don't forget to Comment, and DON'T FORGET to click the Affiliate Links to support this GUY!  He deserves Every Penny He gets!

  22. Reviews To The Point says:

    Question: I have Ott Lights. I did not see a link where to buy the color Sheets that go around the lights.  Also what lights do you suggest to buy that you can slip those different colors sheets in them?

  23. Reviews To The Point says:

    You 1st Affiliate Link (Icon) Is the Oyster Wisp Photography Backdrop you have listed. Is that a Middle Grey Color you were talking about? Also do you have any comments regarding this color and item?

  24. Denny Daniel says:

    Awesome as always!!

  25. Vladislav Igielski says:

    Very nice, well "any grey will work…" What about 70 Storm Grey? Any reason why there's no check mark on it? Thanks. 😉 Amazing tips btw.

  26. Ry Ken says:

    Damn what an awesome vid!! 👍

  27. Jacob Garces Marquez says:

    thanks Joe!!

  28. TechFit360 says:

    This was Awesome Joe! Time for my Gray Wall ! Thanks

  29. LensPassions Photography says:

    Thanks for the tips

  30. Fuseic Entertainment says:

    Making a video studio and will paint walls grey. Can you suggest what lights I'll need to put on the back walls?

  31. MOVE says:

    Great video! I've been just thinking what color of the background to buy

  32. Steve Owen says:

    What cost effective lights do you prefer for lighting backgrounds? Thanks

  33. Anish John-Thomas says:


  34. Aiden Shelford says:

    What light do you use to blow out the background? is there a cheap option too i have a small budget and i’m just starting out

  35. Kris Ramdas says:

    You are a very good teacher. Wonderful personality & great advice!

  36. realsolutionscenter says:

    Do these tips also work for video and not just still shots?

  37. Anais Lee says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

  38. Eflat Productions says:

    This helped because I was trying to find what color to add to Photoshop background.

  39. Prince Arthur Louis Pagan says:

    Excellent tutorial! Love your work!

  40. Dom Talks says:

    Great video!

  41. Lynda Melnicove says:


  42. FLIP CLIPS says:

    I love that it's very helpful😀

  43. Danay Machado says:


  44. Ivan Pinto says:

    Muchas gracias por este video. Saludos desde argentinas


    Joe, I'm learning a lot from your videos wow can't wait to try the gray background and lighting tips for my videos!

  46. baby carrot says:

    Wow!! Im amazedd,,very well explained…sir… thanks for.inspiring usss……

  47. samir Beorn says:

    you'r the best

  48. Alma Rodriguez says:

    awsome! thanks!

  49. MissJill says:

    Thank you! I was on my way to grab some paint for my YouTube channel background while. This was exactly what I needed in order to buy the right paint! Subscribed and liked! Thank you 😊

  50. Jo Davidson says:

    Great Video…Thank you!

  51. Mike Cianci says:

    16 thumbs down? You guys have a better solution? I thought this video was spot on! Thank you for your tips!

  52. Cathlaine says:

    I've been looking for nice backdrop I prefer black and gold Fabric and i found your video. This is great ideas.

  53. Stephanie Mccannon says:

    AWESOME tip! Thank you for posting this.

  54. Noel Whitman says:

    The best photography channel on Youtube.

  55. Richard Crowe says:

    If there were only one series of videos, this is the one to have…

  56. John Urban says:

    You're the best Joe! Thanks!!

  57. Sergio Fialho Photography says:

    Which background is better for a knockout? Why bother getting other colors on the background when you can cut the person later and add any background? Silly questions from a curious mind. Great video.

  58. pooja more says:

    Sir I am from India… I shoot my video …so please tell me my best background color for the room..

  59. Andreya W. says:

    Awesome content, thanks!

  60. renata alberti says:

    thank you thank you thank you

  61. Matthias Lenardt says:

    Really good! Thank you

  62. Diana Chappell says:

    Just discovered your video, love it. No extra fat! Subscribing now – hope you're still posting!

  63. G Zingaro says:

    What is the brand of vinyl backdrops you use?

  64. Randy Benemerito says:

    Hi Joe. Love your video specially for me whose planning to buy a backdrop for my photoshoot. How about a gray backdrop having a grunge texture. Is it ok rather than having a plain gray backdrop? What is your advise. It will be highly appreciated.

  65. P2MediaLA says:

    Great presentation! Clear, concise, and informative.

  66. JM JM says:

    Wow.thank you friend 😀✌🏼

  67. Rupert Hauser says:

    Love your Videos … 😉

  68. Cherly Mae says:

    Thanks a lot for making this video.👍👍

  69. Cee Tee says:

    Awesome video! Thanks!

  70. G Zingaro says:

    Which grey do you recommend from Savage?

  71. Digital Bob // Video Production says:

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  72. BRADMASTER says:

    Thanks internet bro 👊

  73. jennyluvsfood says:

    i was looking for a backdrops for my music/cooking channel ..this was v helpful …thank you 😀

  74. David Clark says:

    refreshing to hear from someone who actually knows what they are taking about – and has prepared before filming! Enjoying browsing your back catalogue!

  75. Rodolfo Ribas says:

    Absolutely amazing tutorial!

  76. Minnie Ponicki says:

    Do you know what the exact color would be in paint? Charcoal or…
    Also, what kind of strobes are you using specifically?
    Love your videos and your website is the bomb baby! You have wonderful ideas that work.

  77. Moshe says:

    Great tips for saving money ! Can you show us some tips on how to shoot long exposure both at night and bright sunny day?

  78. Jason Medas says:

    i was gunna buy 6 colours in backdrops ….. WOW

  79. Buley Builds says:

    excellent, thank you!

  80. Kenza Mahardika says:

    Thank you! this is very helpful, really appreciate it

  81. Sarah Carrell says:

    Best video I found to answer my questions, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Super informative!

  82. Klara Sophia Ban says:

    its amazing trick,thanks dude

  83. Stella Romero says:

    Those were fantastic tips! Thanks!

  84. curtis ashley says:

    i am beginning to dabble in photography, and this video was very helpful in figuring out what i need.

  85. Amani Waganda says:

    I thought the thumbnail was Logan Paul lmaooo

  86. Ken Cox says:

    Great tutorial, this is the first I have seen where a black flag is not used to stop gel coloring face, would this be because the subject is set away from backdrop? would you need to use flags if you moved subject and light closer to the background, or is there a trick to avoid needing flags? 🙂

  87. Ahmed Ganainy says:

    And if I could only find GRAY TINT – STORM GRAY – SLATE GRAY …. What would be the selection?

  88. Enrico Gugliotta says:

    Very sad to discover only now you and your channel. Very precious and helpful tips. Thank you so much.

  89. JSAV America says:

    You are awesome!

  90. Mo Gray says:

    This is a great video, thank you!!!!!!

  91. Valerie Macmichael says:

    Love it, fabulous video clip, thank you 🙂

  92. locoderemate says:

    Hi, thanks for the video, i see the studio has wooden floor that is kind of shiny, has this been a problem with the lights or strobes reflecting on the subjet or all around the room? I have the same type of floor at my home studio trailer and the roof is only 8 feet hight and is painted light beige, horrible. What would you recomend to put on the floor to not make it reflect light,,, any idea? Thanks in advance.

  93. Jack says:

    Vinyl or paper?

  94. Alvaro del Rio says:

    Great tip in a great video. Keep practicing your Spanish, for the next test with something more complicated like. "Hasta la vista baby" ;- )

  95. Sina Asgari says:

    Which gray from savage are you using in this demo


    Excelente video, me encantan estos consejos, asi si aprendo al segundo y todo es posible!!!!!

  97. Mauricio says:

    Joe, any recommendations for a good/cheap strobe light?

  98. Moses Angel says:

    the way you explain things and the tips you give are always the best. you give so much detail its great. thanks for all your help.

  99. Mike Nebula Photography says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO Thank you so much Joe for these AMAZING TIPS – You ROCK BABY BABY BABY

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