The 7 MOST Popular and EFFECTIVE Uses of VIDEO Marketing
The 7 MOST Popular and EFFECTIVE Uses of VIDEO Marketing

Whether you want to boost your email
marketing campaigns, drive traffic, build trust, or educate your audience. One of the best things you can
do is to create videos. Why? Because videos is one of the most powerful
tools right now and today I’m going to share with you seven types of
video content your viewers will love. Let’s begin with brand videos. Brand videos are great for building
brand awareness and reaching new audiences. The purpose of these videos is to
introduce yourself to your audience. Tell your audience story of
your brand, what you stand for, and convince them that your product or
service worth their time and their money. With brand videos you give your audience
the feeling that they already know the brand they’re about to
purchase from. Next, we have product or
service explainer videos. These type of videos are
good for educating potential
buyers about your product and service and illustrating
how it will help them. Product or service videos are great
for highlighting the benefits of your products or service, showing its best
features, demonstrating how it works, and ultimately how it’s going
to improve the customer’s life. Nothing promotes a product or service
better than showing it in action. These types of videos are great
to encourage your leads to convert into actual buyers. Let’s continue
with how to videos or tutorials. They are great for building credibility
and becoming an expert in your industry. There is a reason why how to is one of the most search
terms on YouTube. Being one of the most educational type of videos, how to videos basically explain the
viewer how to do something. When people want to know more
about your product or service, there is no better way than creating
step by step tutorial guidelines or some type of instructions. How to videos are great for building brand
credibility and getting your audience to trust you. Next we
have testimonial videos. They’re great for showcasing that your
product or service solves problems and bring results. Of course, you believe
that your product or service is great. In the end of the day, you
are the one who created it, but what customers really want is
to hear it for someone else as well. It’s one thing for you to rave
about your product or service, but it’s completely different when
someone else appraises your product or service. Sometimes the best thing you can do to
convince people to buy your product or service is to show off the
happy clients you already have. Nothing can beat case studies and
social proof. Behind the scenes. Great for connecting with your audience
and highlighting the culture of your business. People love being on
the behind the scenes action. If you have a process, project, a current product or service you
think your customers would really be interested in, make sure you
do behind the scenes videos. They are a great way to highlight
your day to day operations, make a tour of your office, talk about
your product or service and so much more. All of these things are designed
to showcase your customer, how much you care about the customer
experience and to give them a better idea of how your company works. Let’s
continue with live streaming videos. They’re great for
interviews, announcements, product or service information
and behind the scene looks. Live stream videos are becoming more and more
popular through channels like Instagram live, Facebook live, YouTube live, businesses can interact and broadcast to
their audience live whenever they want. Live streams that are a great way to
make your business seem more transparent while boosting engagement and
connecting with your audience. Also, live videos are super exciting because
we don’t know what’s going to happen next, so we always get the feeling that we’re
going to miss something if we don’t tune in. And finally, we have Q&A’s and interviews. This type of videos are
great for attracting leads
and creating more content. These videos are a great way to increase
your video library and to attract people who care about your industry
and what you have to offer. Here you have two options. You can either collect questions from
your audience and answer them in front of camera. This is a great way to connect with your
audience and to answer their burning questions or you can create a series
of interviews and invite guests. A great advantage of these videos is
that the people who you’re going to interview are very likely to share these
interviews with their own audiences. This could help your business become
more visible to a bigger audience. There’s so many ways you
can create videos nowadays, and today I shared with you seven
different types of video content you can create, but stay tuned because next time I’m going
to share with you tips on how you can make your videos look more professional. So I hope you subscribe to my channel
so I can see you next time. Bye.

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