Teresa Shellenbarger, Professor, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Teresa Shellenbarger, Professor, Nursing and Allied Health Professions

You know students these days are using
cell phones in every every aspect of their life and I’ve been
working with one of our doctoral students and you know wanted to really see how we
can incorporate that rather than asking students not to use their cell phone in the
classroom we want them to embrace that technology. So we’ve tried a couple different
things one of the things that we are doing is Poll Everywhere which is a
software program that allows students to kinda vote with their cell phones. We post
questions on PowerPoint slides and then they can kinda respond in an anonymous way so that it’s less
threatening for them We can display that on the overhead
projectors onto the PowerPoint and get immediate response from the students
about questions that we ask in class. We’re doing a couple other things with
that, again in ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. We’re doing something called Google
jockey, where we ask students to kinda use their cell phone or use the computer
in the classroom to search for things that we’re talking
about. So, if a particular aspect comes up in class and we wanna
have statistics on something we’ve got somebody in the classroom
who’s searching that real time for us and providing us with that data. One other things that we realized
with cell phone technology is that there’re all of these applications out
there. Everybody talks about having an app for that. So we looked at how could we incorporate those
apps into the courses that she’s teaching and so we’ve had students try to find
apps related to health and health care using that in the course. We’re currently starting a study
looking at electronic health literacy so how students can find information, are they able to
evaluate that health literacy, are they using those apps to improve
their health so things like are they checking their pulse with their
cell phone, are they monitoring their dietary habits, how stressed are they
and are there apps out there that they can use to
monitor that. So, it’s really kind of exciting how we’re using that technology and looking to see
how we can improve our students’ health as well as then ultimately patient health
as well.

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