Striving for the killer shot – Landscape Photography Vlog
Striving for the killer shot – Landscape Photography Vlog

Yes. I’ve made it to the top. It’s a beautiful day here in the North Yorks
Moors and I’ve got those 360° views. Hello. Here we are again and today I’m going out
to shoot some more landscape photography. Today, I have a meeting to go to as well. A little bit of business development but,
after that, I’m going into the North York Moors, a place close to where I grew up to
capture one shot, one big sunset shot at a place called Wainstones up in the Cleveland
Hills. So, I’m hoping for some nice colour in the
sky, the light to play ball because, finally, I have a good weather forecast today so I’m
really hopeful of getting that one great killer shot. So that’s the plan for today. I don’t want to waste any more time. I’ve got to get myself sorted, get out of
the house, so let’s go. Okay, a good meeting. I hope that will lead to something good in
the future. Now it’s time to get up into the hills. Right, I have arrived and, already, you can
see it is absolutely beautiful location. I’ve got views all around me already. I am only about five minutes away from the
car. There was some good scenes from the car as well. I captured an early time-lapse which is a
good thing. Today, there is only one shot I have really
come for and that is the sunset shot. I’m here in plenty of time though. I’m going to have a good look around and
see it there is anything else I can pick as well and take some time to compose my shot. So, hopefully, with the weather allowing,
there are some good clouds in the sky, at the moment, that should serve for a really
nice sunset. The wind’s looking like it will die down
as well. There will be some nice blue skies and nice
sunlight. The weather is looking great. It’s so nice to have some good weather again
and it’s a beautiful winter’s day. So, I’m hopeful that one shot will be a
really special one, if I can get it right. So I’ve got a little walk up the hill here
to get onto the top of the Cleveland Way and onto the Cleveland hills. It’s a smashing day. Absolutely brilliant. So, I’m going to get going and see what
we can come up with. So, I haven’t got very far before I’ve
stopped to capture another time-lapse. There’s some great scenery, all round me,
like I was saying. It’s on days like this that photography,
even in these conditions, can be a little bit frustrating and it’s rare I have a perfect
day of shooting. So on days like this, you’ve got conditions
that you don’t want to waste but, really, you’ve only got one or two shots, if they’re
in the same location, where you can really capture that really beautiful light. You’ve got to choose and make a decision
about what shots you want for the day to make the use of the best light. We’re talking about getting those really,
really nice shots. When you’re getting that golden hour light,
those colours in the sky, that kind of thing, you’ve, really, only got one opportunity
or two opportunities: one at the start of the day and at the end of the day, at sunrise
and sunset. You don’t want to waste them. It seems there is never a perfect day of photography,
when I’m out shooting. I’m often really happy, when I get home,
but there’s always a little frustration that makes it hard, that makes it hard work. That’s part of the reason, I guess, why
I love photography. Yes. I’ve made it to the top. It’s a beautiful day here in the North Yorks
Moors and I’ve got those 360° views all the way around: very, very special. There isn’t a load compositions up here
but I’m going to get down to the area where I’m going to take that sunset shot and get
into position. But just look at it: absolutely stunning. Teesside and Cleveland gets a bad name sometimes. It’s often criticised. It’s associated with a lot of negative things
like breakdown of industry, stuff like that, but what it’s often not recognised for is
the absolutely beautiful scenery that we have around here. This is the Cleveland Way, beautiful path
right on top of the North Yorks Moors. You just can’t argue it is an absolutely fantastic
place the come – careful not to trip on a a rock – but I really recommend a trip here. Absolutely, as I always say, stunning. I’m in position for my sunset shot. I think it’s going to work pretty well. The camera’s just here, on the tripod, and
is in a vertical position. I will capture some of the light bouncing
off this wall here, in this little canyon, going through to the sunset in the distance. I do need a bit of colour in the sky for it
to work. The sun isn’t gonna be right down. It’s going to go down behind that mountain
first, when it eventually disappears from sight. That isn’t sunset time. It’s just before sunset. So, there might not be the amount of colour
in the sky that I want. But there is going to be some nice golden
light on these rocks. I’m going to shoot it bracketed so I’ve
got the maximum amount of dynamic range to play with, once it goes into post-processing. This is the big shot of the day, that I really,
really hope it works. What’s happened is, the sun has set but,
as always, it seems when I come here, to the North Yorks Moors particularly, as the sun
goes down, it goes behind a band of cloud right at the end. There always seems to be a band of cloud on
the horizon, when I come here. Is that just bad luck? Anyway, the sun’s gone. I’ve got that shot. We’ll have to see what it looks like. There wasn’t much colour in the sky. Hopefully, a tiny little bit I’ll be able
to pull out. But, before I go, I’m going to hang around
until, hopefully, there will be some colour in the sky as the sun goes down a bit further. What I’m going to try and do is to silhouette
an interesting rock with that colour of the sky in the background. Right, I’m trying to get into position. I think there is going to be some colour in
the sky, So, I have got a really quite interesting looking rock ahead of me that could really
create a good silhouette type image. Whoa… scaring the wildlife. I’ve taken a couple of shots. There is a bit of colour in the sky but I’m
just not getting the shape I want in these rocks, where the colour is in the background
sky. So, it’s proving a little bit trickier,
at the moment, to find the right composition. I’m just going to have one last, little
luck over here to see what I can see. As you can see, these are the rocks I’m
shooting from the camera. The colour is over here. I’m just not getting the shape in the silhouette
I really want. Very frustrating, very frustrating. I’m going to go back and see if I can just
work on the composition a little bit to bring it down to something half decent. Right, I don’t think that’s working. The colour in the sky is now starting to reduce. It could explode again but I’m going to start
walking back to the car. I’ve had a great day, there’s no doubt about
it. A mixed day. I’m not quite happy with what I got. It still could be okay and I don’t think it
has been a total waste of time but that’s the thing about landscape photography, sometimes,
it comes really good, sometimes it doesn’t. On those occasions when it doesn’t, you
have to try and find the positives. The positive for me today is that it’s been
brilliant. I’ve been out and about, yet again. I’ve got a meeting done as well which was
productive. So, all in all, a really good day for photography. Anyway, if you haven’t done so yet, please
do subscribe to the channel so you can see more of me documenting my work as I go. Also, there’s there’s going to be new
videos every Sunday and every Wednesday. So. there’s going to be a lot more of these
vlogs, failures and successes alike. So, I’ll see you on another one very soon. I’m Adam, in the North York Moors, out.

42 thoughts on “Striving for the killer shot – Landscape Photography Vlog”

  1. Andy Hornby says:

    Great video as always buddy

  2. Westenberger Stephan says:

    Hi Adam, great picture at sunset! At least you got one nice shot. 🙂

  3. OfficialMSB says:

    Go to the Asbourne mountains

  4. kris logan-brown says:

    another great video Adam, did you manage to sort out your vlogging camera after its little dip?

  5. Enrique says:

    Thank you for sharing Adam.

  6. Chris White says:

    Another great video Adam. You communicate your passion for photography very well. 🙂

  7. Anthony Martin says:

    I bet you can find some good bugs up there once the weather warms up. Can be a good
    mix with landscape photography so on those
    times when the conditions don't turn out right you might get some good bug shots.

  8. Lee Thor89 says:

    Great video mate, I was there about 2 weeks ago. Beautiful place!

  9. Drew yung Kwei says:

    Thanks Adam, I grew up in Salford and now live in the US so watching your video's is a great way for me to reconnect with the homeland and it's always a pleasure to hear you say I'M ADAM and then learn something useful and possibly inspiring.

  10. Quaker521 says:

    Great video Adam. You have picked a great area there, I think that it is one of the better sections of the Cleveland Way. Makes a nice change to the rain swept Lakes!

  11. Mark Harris says:

    There's not a better feeling than a planned shot coming together, which very closely happened. However, even if the cloud didn't play ball it was a great location, composition and you certainly got the best possible photograph. But we are always looking for that little bit more to get the perfect image, and, to me, when that stops I will hang up my camera because that is the point of the effort we put in. If any mode of photography was easy would we do it? I think, that as a rule, photographers are people who thrive off the challenge and are always looking for that improvement. I love the North Yorkshire Moors, such a special place and possibly my favourite National Park but the Peak District gives it a good challenge. Great video Adam, still going from strength to strength.

  12. David Raynor says:

    still loved the shots you did get hope i can get near stuff of that standard

  13. Adam says:

    What monitor do you use to edit your photos? Or do you have a recommendation for a photo editing monitor? Keep up the great work 🙌🏼

  14. Danny Asker says:

    you stuck your finger up 2 the climber??

  15. Mikhail Campbell says:

    what bag do u have

  16. Chris Martin says:

    Good video Adam. I have enjoyed following your videos as they have helped with my landscapes. I failed last week with the sunset at Roseberry Topping after a day full of sunshine. Teesside gets a bad press but you have helped to put a different light on it. Looking forward to more vids.

  17. Ian Brown says:

    Hi Adam, I like your videos but this one is my first thumbs down. IMO too much about the journey and for newbies not much actual detail about photography settings etc. But then again you have a wide audience!

  18. BoldHussar says:

    Great video, I was born and bred in Middlesbrough, miss Cleveland a lot.

  19. Chris Hewitt says:

    Another interesting video Adam regardless of getting exactly what you came for. Of course not being from the UK I was starting to think "what a nice path, in the middle of nowhere” and “who lugged those rocks to build it” – maybe there is an interesting story and photo in the path alone ?

  20. Tony Turner says:

    Another great video, Adam, and much to learn from it. You mentioned that you were going to bracket your exposures for your sunset image. Do you ever use ND grads instead and if not, why not? Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

  21. Weekend Wanderer says:

    6:23 someone needs to track down "D. Burns" and make him clean up that graffiti.

  22. tonybassplayer says:

    Another excellent vlog. Had a lovely day out myself yesterday and just took my time in one location and got a few decent shots. Previously I would have dashed about a bit rather than maximising on one area.

  23. Andrew Marr says:

    Great work again Adam. Looked like you had a perfect day, wonderful light, gorgeous clouds. I can understand your frustration mate, when the sun was blocked by the bank of cloud just as it was setting. I often come up against that situation here on the west coast. Everything is lining up for some beautiful colour and then suddenly nothing. There’s always next time, love your enthusiasm!

  24. Legoat says:

    Which camera did you use to vlog your video?

  25. Martin Berry says:

    good work Adam- thoroughly enjoy the videos – keep at it

  26. Mujahid's Photography says:

    I must say, I love your "I've got those 360 views" line. I fully relate to it. It brings out sense of achievement, belonging, and adventure when you are right on top of the world. I love the sunny vibes in your video, felt very peaceful and quiet… amazing place.

    I fully relate to the "little bit of frustration". I spent the entire day on the beach 70km away from my house on Saturday, and towards the end of day, a bunch of clouds made my sunset 15 minutes shorter, which was frustrating (am busy post processing the video). The biggest challenge comes in when you have to chase the sun, shoot and vlog at the same time, especially on the beach when you can't just put your camera anywhere. I normally tell myself sometimes "screw it", I will get the photo first and then comment on it later in the video.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I really enjoyed every bit of your video. We all have our days, i guess, if we didn't have bad days, good days won't be of no value. Keep uploading…

  27. Iain Geere says:

    Another great video in the bag Adam,nice to see the weather was better for you this week.Lovely place to walk up there and the day is never wasted when you get home and see the images you captured.Thanks for taking the time to make and share these Vlog's ,they really are great to watch,until the next time,cheers again .

  28. Russell Webb says:

    Adam, If you figure out a way to get rid of that band of cloud that always seems to appear please let me no!!

  29. Joao Carlos says:

    Your videos are a great opportunity to see that beautiful landscape. Thanks for sharing another one.

  30. Craig Skinner photography says:

    Always enjoy your videos when you're up my old neck of the woods 👍🏻

  31. Sarah Moorcroft says:

    That brought back wonderful memories of walking the coast to coast path, I just wish I had had my DSLR with me then, mind it would have taken double the time to complete just to be able to capture all the amazing views:) I really enjoy your Vlogs Adam, very professional and informative, I am learning a lot from them.

  32. Teresa hikes says:

    such a beautiful country. cant wait to visit in may. but i'll be in the south.

  33. Dani Malaga says:

    Good work Adam. Clouds are not always where we want them to be but that´s part of the game I think.

  34. David Burns says:

    …….it's not me, I have not been there (yet), I deny everything. I had to screen shot that part of the video as I could not believe it: D BURNS 2016 ; Great video Adam, love your style and honest critique. Look forward to next one.

  35. Rachel Lerch says:

    Great video Adam! I loved especially how you said that in each trip there's a challenge that makes it a little bit hard and that you love it. I can totally relate. You had a shot with the rocks silhouetted against the colour in the sky. Was that photo or video? Very nice. Great work!

  36. Leanne Geisler says:

    Great video Adam. Could see your frustration there at the end but still think your shots were amazing. Love the "flick the bird" rock 😁

  37. Phil Cleven says:

    Lots of talk, not much photography!

  38. Nicolaas Strik says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your You Tube page. I subscribed and I'm enjoying your video's. Thank you!

  39. Mighty Droid says:

    that timelapse was AWESOME

  40. John Haswell Photography says:

    HI, i've seen all of your videos and you have been a real inspiration to get out and give vlogging a try myself. Can you please help me and point me in the direction of what to use for video editing? I want to be able to add the shots I take with music and also text in the video.
    Any other tips would really be appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  41. zenvis50 says:

    Great video with lots of enthusiasm and a bit of frustration. I am out and about learning with my Nikon P900 and enjoying my new hobby.

  42. my photos & videos says:

    Nice sir

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