Stephen McNally long exposure black and white photographer – Canon
Stephen McNally long exposure black and white photographer – Canon

33 thoughts on “Stephen McNally long exposure black and white photographer – Canon”

  1. the_nickotine says:

    Inspiring work here, thanks for the upload

  2. John Young says:

    I am Stephen's Uncle…I could not be more proud than to post a comment here. I have a degree in Art and Design History and taught Art and Design for 35 years. I can easily say Stephen's photographs are undoubtedly high class ART. His photographs would stand the test of time in any art historical sense. I can see Man Ray, Muybridge without having a direct influence. Superb you can only get better and get the recognition you deserve.

  3. Ginger Photographer says:

    Wonderful video Stephen! The UK has so much to offer for great photography. Enjoyed your final images, very inspiring!

  4. Marcin Romanik says:

    Inspiring film! I think I will try to start my adventure with black and white photography! And your photos are amazing!

  5. Paul G Johnson says:

    Absolutely awesome video.Your are an inspiration ++++++. Brilliant, wow and amazing.

  6. olafzijnbuis says:

    When I put on the sub titles (in Dutch):

    – I check that the image stabilizer is turned off
    is translated in dutch to:
    – Controleer ik of de beeldstabilisator aan staan
    wich translates to
    – I check if the image stabilizer is on

    in the translation it is NOT CLEAR that the IS must be turned OFF.
    It is not wrong, you should check if it is on, but does not convey the message that it must be turned off.

  7. olafzijnbuis says:

    You did not mention that you better turn ON the Long Exposure Compensation.
    This eliminates problems with bad pixels.
    It does double the exposure time.

    Maybe it is because this video is part of a Canon promotion… No good to mention bad pixels in a promotion video 🙂

    On my Canon EOS 550D it is on all the time. With exposures of ca 30 s it saves me a lot of toughing up.

  8. James Aston says:

    Great video, such a powerful story.

  9. gazkop57 says:

    Excellent Ste,keep up the good work👍

  10. Christian Rawson says:

    stunning images you have a great eye for composition im sure your Brother would be very proud of your continued love of photography

  11. Hugo Da Palma says:

    It's a very good video but not a honest one in my opinion, it is missing what filters he uses during the daylight to perform long exposure. It's impossible to make such pictures without a DN filter.

  12. Ady Banner says:

    Subscribed.. Just getting into long exposure and black and white, great inspiration.

  13. dweezel theyounger says:

    Fantastic. I love your work. Thanks so much for this vid –

  14. Brett Thompson says:

    Great clip . Will be give Black & white ago love history & heritage .

  15. Ethel - Hallow Nightshade says:

    Your photos are beautiful, very inspiring

  16. martin berry says:

    Great, I work in Liverpool and have been to alot of these locations but still have work in progress on the long exposure images

  17. Goran Ristic says:

    Did he used a ND filter for day’s long exposure shots ? @canon and rest of you people.

  18. Russell Burton says:

    Great video Stephen, lovely work, keep it going

  19. Marc Gravel says:

    Very inspirational….thank-you for the great video.

  20. yujin landscape photography. says:

    Absolutely wonderful video, well done, Black & white image.👌 Thank! Stephen.

  21. Robert Marshall says:

    Black & White is King! Thank you for sharing Stephen, great work 👍

  22. Andy Mountford says:

    Great stuff fella

  23. mariano rodriguez martin says:

    Buen trabajo

  24. christopher gray says:


  25. hiflyer53qwc says:

    Very nice Steven!

  26. Peter Humphries says:

    Fantastic video… I'm just beginning, and have done b/w during the day, but never at night, I'll be giving it a go now… thanks m8

  27. D Freeman says:

    What an amazing moving film , I didn’t have a niche , now I think I’ve found mine ty

  28. Frank Koenig says:

    Very nice video and fantastic images but one tip. If you are already using mirror lockup to avoide camera shake you should also take off the camera strap that is flapping in the wind……

  29. mick cooke says:

    brilliant video Stephen ,and cracking photos Stephen ,thanks for sharing

  30. Oppo Pooop says:

    Thank you very much Stephen.
    You have given me the kick in the butt that I needed to get going.

  31. Conrado Gonzalez Zavala says:

    How does he do long exposure during the day? Is he using a filter?

  32. Alberto Cárdenas says:

    Beautiful work Stephen…

  33. Ruud Kuiper says:

    All the talking about the mirror lockup and IS set on off to avoid camera shake, but what about the movement of the camera strap by the wind ??
    The ‘Leicashootr’

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