Stephanie Grisham: We’re not going to participate in a ‘sham’ hearing
Stephanie Grisham: We’re not going to participate in a ‘sham’ hearing

100 thoughts on “Stephanie Grisham: We’re not going to participate in a ‘sham’ hearing”

  1. John Jones II says:

    Funny how these democrats start reading the constitution on news networks like they care about it, they do nothing but try to rewrite it, interpret it in differently then it was intended to be, until it stands to benefit themselves, then they're like hardline constitutionists. They are for party and nothing else.

  2. Mando Ramirez says:

    " Nasty Nancy what a Mess "

  3. swingking64 says:

    Dems trying to impeach a booming economy, record low unemployment, national security, job creation and increasing wages, and your retirement accounts. Trump 2020, or the demise of the nation. Easy choice. Vote RED! Make sure to make your vote count.

  4. Viviana Hernandez says:

    Congratulations president Trump..

  5. Marcus Marine says:

    Of course he's🥁🐘🇺🇸 PRESIDENT DONALD J REAL DEAL TRUMP 🇺🇸💛🇺🇸

  6. Eva H says:

    The Democrats are ATTACKING the American People's FREE Vote….and Mr Trump IS the People's Vote. HE won 1st Prize😊😊

  7. Cyi Absalon says:

    Nancy.. . Yea, she gives a full and different meaning to the old phrase, "Don't be such a Nancy!"

  8. W R says:

    Trump isn’t going to participate because he has no defence other than misdirection and lies. That works fine on Fox but not so well under oath.

  9. Daniel Ruprecht says:

    Praying for someone to drop dead can hardly be considered praying for them.

  10. Toditude says:

    Ed Henry, kudos on giving one of your kidneys, but while you were under I think they took your balls!

  11. Toditude says:

    Nancy prays to satan!!!

  12. Steven Bradley says:

    That t-shirt is about as generic as the demo-rat party i'll be surprised if it makes 3 bucks they should have asked Trump's people for design help.

  13. jbgrooves says:

    Republicans just gave up any right to complain about the process of this impeachment, so the majority does not want to hear another peep out of you all about the process. Yes we know you won't participate because you don't want to say anything either under oath or during your own cross that will slam the prison cell doors around you, while you are standing inside one.

  14. Sandy says:

    Trust the FBI? Never again.

  15. May Fung says:

    I like Stephanie’s last answer. The joke is really on the dems.

  16. Hemi Head says:

    If you are stupid enough to go to a country that hates us , then you are on your own .

  17. jager meister says:

    The terrorists are the cowards, but if our troops aren't allowed to be armed does that mean we don't trust our own young men and women?

  18. LEONIDAS says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a Hypocrite. She said she was a devout Catholic but then is a supporter of Abortions.
    No Catholic I know, and I have a lot in my family, would ever support such Barbarism ——

  19. Alexander p says:

    No, someone s life is first and foremost.

  20. michael shampine says:

    Democrats are crying!

  21. mark drewett says:

    The very definition of Hate "feel intense dislike for" So grubby lying Nancy doesn't feel an intense dislike for President Trump…. NOT likely lol.

  22. RV_Six says:

    For sure Nancy prays.
    To satan.

  23. Darrell Downing says:

    Based upon Nancy's past record and her current attitude of resentment of the charge, the only one who is incapable of hatred is Catholic Nancy. Perhaps she forgot her religious teachings of the church that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. So if Nancy is wonder she can over look the sins of MS 13 and chide Trumps use of the term "beasts" when she can absolve them directly from her Hate Free Soul ? Hmmmm…. read Romans 3 Nancy and sit down and review the basics with your local priest.

  24. Ranier Sichon says:

    Good answer. They cant raise money because all their candidate are idiots.

  25. RALEIGH WOOD says:

    LOL Trust the FBI

  26. tony simon says:

    Im not sure why none of the media have asked Nancy if her version of the Catholic religion the same as the everyone else's follows? This animal supports killing babies. What bible is she reading out of?

  27. Randy Nelson says:

    I think she has an illness! Mentally and physically, her actions demonstrate that on how she Leeds the Democratic Party, her own convictions are becoming too personal. She only presides when she has a statement to approach. Pelosi could have handled that so much better but it is obvious the amount of stress she is under
    The reporter's question was acceptable because anyone that does have a question pertaining to false information we are led to believe there is some sort of biased intention. Trump 2020

  28. Sandra Walch says:

    It is true, the only way they can make money. I get emails all the time to donate. Nancy say stuff like shocked, heartsick, disappointed, they haven't raised enough money. Then she says stuff like Sandra hates, she hasn't donated. We have emailed you twice and you haven't responded, this is my last chance before the deadline. Sandra supports Trump. Sandra must be ok, with President Trump's dangerous agenda, questions with tricky words, like the 400 bills they are trying to pass. Like the paris agreement that they did pass. Let me assure you, I am ok watching their meltdown on the fence.

  29. SK says:

    The Democrat party today is Bolshevik.

  30. countrygirl says:

    Nancy should be praying about not killing babies, while she’s at it.

  31. End PC says:

    Good grief, I hope this WH isn't squeamish about calling obvious Islamic terrorism "Islamic terrorism." I want to hear Trump condemn this with the correct words.

  32. Esta Woods says:

    If she's praying then she is praying wrong, she doesn't even know what praying is.

  33. David Johnson says:

    Has Tlaib hailed them as hero's yet?

  34. SJA says:

    Hate, Anger, Resentment is in the driver's seat of the Democrats' train.

  35. lofas23 says:

    Lots oif trolls on here. Are the dems paying in tokens these days?

  36. Authentic Existence says:

    Adam Schiff & the Dems are absolutely disgusting… and Pelosi has the balls to feign respect towards our founders when she wants to use their words against our President, but trash them every other second of the day? This is getting really old!!!

  37. Stephen Eckart says:

    Great old clip of Nancy calling others hateful….

  38. G K says:

    I like Stephanie, she's very serious and no nonsense, just what we need

  39. John Naples says:

    No Trump is IN BED with $$ Saudi Arabia $$. Like BHO, Trump will, again (Kashoggi) give them a pass, but for $$ reasons alone.

  40. Paul Oxo says:

    Listen please time to stop demonizing each other. To anyone out there that cares about constitutional and democratic rights and freedoms. I say its time to take to the streets in a national day of protest demanding Trumps removal. There are many groups and organizations which attempt to voice their concerns, like Me Too, Gun Control Activists, LGBT Rights, Abortion Rights, Black and Ethnic Rights, Climate Awareness Activists. Its time for all of us to come together against this corruption and madness thats destroying everyone's Human Rights. There needs to be a day of action, a general strike across America. I believe the vast majority want Trump and his gang gone. Pass it on folks.

  41. o ** says:

    The chips were taken illegally, and returned, perhaps tampered with.
    They don't want to and can't admit how their intell was obtained. nor to the have the ability to show.
    Someone sent RYAN too to make their story appear real. The presenters are TRUMP enemies.
    They attacked his children. Now he'll release hell up an them. The real threat is lies. Dave has an incentive to protect his brothers
    He will say and do whatever. He has too. We should focus and protect all the children. There Rights are the foundations of all others. Regardless of religion race creed color or character.

  42. John Naples says:

    Grisham is fine but Trump really stepped in it when he put warrior K. Pierson on the down low.

  43. David Staley says:

    how dare the president make a better economy, low unemployment stats, free hostage student, ya this is just terrible , !!!!! NOTTTTTT TRUMP 2020



  45. o ** says:

    Acknowledging the sham and doing nothing is perticipation. Chilfren, the ring people have a brokerage, why?

  46. Bruce Edwards says:

    president trump has committed no crime !!!!!!!!! rapist bill was convicted of 11 crimes !!!!!!rapist bill had to pay genniffer flowers 860,000..$$$ !!!!!! HE LOST HIS LAW LICENCE !!!!!! FOR PERJUY !!! OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE !! !!! ETC. !!!!! 100 MILL TRUMPLICANS WILL REELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 MAGAKAG !!! !!!!!!

  47. Randall Zook says:

    She is a Catholic???? Yet she supports the killing of millions of unborn babies in the US each year??? May God bless her for not having it in her heart to hate another human being???

  48. dennis caswell says:

    rules of engagement number 1 rule .Is divide and conquer.what are the dems doing exactly .

  49. jonathan murray says:

    Nancy get you but in gear get your work done the American people deserve it what are you doing

  50. Mary S says:

    I would love for Pelosi to pray for President Trump in public. I don't think she is praying to God Almighty.🤔

  51. Luis E Minjarez says:

    Nancy P needs to free her self from so much hatred!! Believe me her prayers are not being heard much less answered !! God's word not mine.

  52. Kaa Pii says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.
    Hasn't been charged with a crime.
    Investigations based on broad suppositions.
    Impeachment announced by Dems first week in office. Covert plans to prevent Donald Trump from winning the 2016 election failed.
    Rationale for impeachment based on disappointment by the Left that their preferred candidate lost election.
    Prediction : Trump will slide into a second term upon rails greased with Leftist tears. Marshal law a probability for a time post 2020 election due to violent and rabid response from Democrat and Leftist extremists.
    Be prepared..stock up on supplies. 😎

  53. Dustin Minor says:

    When I think of fox and Trump supporters defending Trump the song comes to mind…"Where not gonna take it".

  54. robert williams says:

    Nancy is so 2/Faced and a LIER like all the leaders of the democratic party….That's why I left their party after 47 years 3 years ago

  55. Maria Santos says:

    I think God is helping him to work so well under pressure of this swamp corrupt democratics

  56. liz Swedlund says:

    We should make every immigrant take a lie detector test and ask them if they love our country, if they want to do us harm etc.

  57. Maria Santos says:

    You are the one how has full of hate and revenge because he won and very popular

  58. Timo Tatro says:

    More than 50% of the American people want him out… That's not a coincidence…

  59. Christopher Goodman says:

    When trump is gone we the us will collapse

  60. Salvador Rodriguez says:

    Trump needs to call out domestic terrorism and racism just like Obama should have called out terrorism.

  61. Linda Diehl says:

    I'm very impressed with Stephanie Grisham. I had my reservations when Sarah stepped down, (broke my heart, actually) but Stephanie is a trooper for sure, and I'm behind her all the way.

  62. Philip Garrison says:

    Cause they're not raising money any other way…

  63. Erik Asphaug says:


  64. Arnz- Creicher says:

    I hope the republicans win the house, the Senate and the presidency in 2020 to Drain the fugun swamp

  65. John Williams says:

    Trump: Not fair no House vote. Democrats gave him what he wanted.
    Trump after house vote: Not fair private hearings. Democrats gave him what he wanted.
    Trump after public hearings: Not fair I am not allowed to participate. Democrats gave him what he wanted.
    Trump please participate: Trump doesn't want to participate.
    I guess there is no pleasing Trump.

  66. Susi S says:

    Stephanie Grisham She sure isn't feisty… President Trump has had some feisty tough ladies working for him.. this one certainly doesn't show the passion the others had… I am a little disappointed..

  67. Theodore Kushaba says:

    My they’re Saul Rest In Peace my Condolences to there’s family and love one thing twice before bringing student from Islamic world to studies in USA this is 2nd Times happens in America

  68. Sori Lius says:

    Ah here we go again with the Fox News secretary.

  69. John Doe says:


  70. John Doe says:


  71. jr Stz says:

    A silly hearing that all along wasn't deemed fair because there was no rebuttal process. Now that phase of the impeachment is imminent it's a silly proceeding. "Excuses are like assholes"

  72. Theodore Kushaba says:

    Pelosi shaking like Earthquakes sham on here and shifty s shift and Nadler G B American and Blessed President Trump With Victory In 20/20 (Merry Christmas And Happy New year 2020

  73. John Doe says:


  74. Victorious Pauper says:


  75. Bev Breeze-stancliffe says:

    Great speech from Stephanie👍

  76. nuran arrowood says:

    yes they should be detained and questions

  77. nuran arrowood says:

    dems so jealous for president Trump impeach here RACISIST there that all they do

  78. nuran arrowood says:

    Dems don't have a 100% evidence all is BS and hearsays

  79. nuran arrowood says:

    I know catholic won't do that like you Pelosi you are not

  80. Wizard ofAUS says:

    Makes perfect sense for the MAD MANGO to bring Saudis to a Military base and teach them to fly – like they did once before in Florida before flying into the twin towers

  81. Auntym says:

    Trump dumped Democratic Party. Scorned=hatefulness

  82. william sands says:

    Lisa, I love you baby.
    You sexy little thing.

  83. William Ludlow says:

    I'm think that Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff. Clinton, and Comey are Russian agents.

  84. William Reese says:

    The nation is already divided between the Clintonites (Satan's minions) and the righteous, or trying to be. Well time is just about up for them, they know they are on the losing side and eternal justice will prevail in the end no matter what they say and do.

  85. Bert Brown says:

    If you get a subpoena you will.

  86. summer wind says:

    She's a hypocrite as the Speaker and as a Catholic. Vote them out!

  87. You Tube says:

    Is that a 5 o’clock shadow ?

  88. MrDarren5012 says:

    Trump 2020 !

  89. Thomas Humphries says:

    They will continue to divide the country till they are chased screaming into the sea.

  90. Truth Serum says:

    Same hearing? Or just scared of being held accountable for what you have you say?
    Remember Trump compalining that the Dems weren't letting him participate?

  91. Christopher says:

    Translation: we have no defense

  92. Peter B. says:

    Ever start writing something and just burn it yourself…."Never read about American Nationals causing trouble in other…(Brain: CIA = American Nationals ) ….hmmm….How about those football games this weekend???"

  93. Blocked User says:

    guaranteed there are upside down crosses hanging on the walls in Pelosi's house

  94. John Ogo says:

    Your NOT Catholic nasty nancy you big LIAR and your a disgrace to people who are real practicing Catholics and are blessed! You will be judged by your sins!!!

  95. Kurt Sarachick says:

    Pelosi : "it's patriotic"…. really? It's patriotic to impeach the president who has more Americans working today than EVER before in our history. The lowest minority unemployment EVER. The best economy EVER and the highest middle class household income increase EVER… So what Nancy… the country isn't doing well unless we are struggling to feed our families? I think citizens should start a class action lawsuit against MSM outlets who have been lying about President Trump since day 1 of his campaign… The lies are easily proven to be lies and also easily proven to be part of a coordinated effort with the Obama administration officials to attempt a coup against the president of the United States.

  96. Michael Downes says:

    Someone should ask Pelosi how does her current actions will affect her legacy??

  97. Chatla Suresh says:

    Why the fox news profile picture turns full black like dark in color?

    What's this all about blacking? Dooms day😥😩😰

  98. Chatla Suresh says:

    Freed from Iran and why was Iran holding him? And he is Chinese🤔. That's again something fishy😉.

  99. Job says:

    just want the rules to be whhat Goddess commands! way too good aand truly a superior women

  100. Chatla Suresh says:

    At least she must wear some decent clothes and don't show up what's hidden underneath.
    Short borders is also leads to trespassing of border's.

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