Speak Russian (Expand Your Vocabulary): Answers to “Привет! Как дела?” 🤗 | Russian Comprehensive

ПривЕт! Как делА? Today I want to share
with you several different ways of answering this question: “How are you doing?” – “Как делА?” And you can also use some of these words for positive reinforcement, if you love someone’s idea, or if you
agree with them. Also remember please, if you’re a beginner, this is a great reading practice for you, too. Remember this word? How do you read it? In case you have troubles with reading long and difficult words in Russian, check out this video.
All of these words are adverbs in Russian, and it’s good to remember how you can tell
an adverb in the Russian language. Most of them would end with “-о”. And there are also short forms to say “It’s okay / fine / not bad”, that are often used in messaging: Personally, I prefer saying “Всё хорошО”
as a general answer to a common question “Как делА?”, but if you feel like the things are not going well in your life, and it’s a person who has genuine interest in it, you can also say: And if you don’t feel good at all, and
you want to be honest about it, you can say: So, let’s practice! Choose a word that you
like the most and that you didn’t know before. Как делА? отлИчно! You did great!

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