Spanish Water Dog – TOP 10 Interesting Facts
Spanish Water Dog – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

The Spanish Water Dog is a deeply affectionate,
active and faithful companion with beautiful unique curly and coiled coat. There are top 10 interesting facts about Spanish
water dogs. [Intro Music] Number one: History. It’s believed that the Spanish Water Dog is
a very old ancient breed but there’s not enough information about their origin, but we do
have some theories; one says that they were brought from North Africa by the Moors who
occupied Spain during the eighth century. Another theory says that they were brought
to Spain by Turkish traders and that is why they were sometimes nicknamed as Turkish dogs. It’s very probable that they’re related to
other water dogs like Portuguese Water Dog, French Barbet and Irish Water Spaniel. Number two: Not a water dog. Okay, it’s true that Spanish Water Dogs are
capable of performing good at water retrieving and they certainly like water but the breeds
name is more of a historical record than a modern-day description. There are mainly amazing herders and unlike
the American Water Spaniels or Irish Water Spaniels, they are not even in the sporting
group but in the herding group. This is a very versatile breed and next to
water work and herding, they were also used for hunting and especially special thanks
to their sensitive strong noses. Number three: Coat. Probably the most distinctive feature of Spanish
Water Dog is its curly wooly coat. You can find them in many different colors,
most commonly in black, brown, beige, white, bi-color particle or tri-color. And even though the tri-color is prohibited,
it certainly exists. Important thing to know is that their coat
should never be brushed or trimmed and you should leave it completely natural. Number four: Protector. Spanish Water Dog is not an aggressive dog. You don’t need to be worried about that, but
because of their extremely high loyalty, they tend to be very protective over their owners
and family. Early socialization with people and other
animals will help prevent overprotectiveness. Number five: Size. This is a medium-sized dog with athletic body
and average height between forty to fifty centimeters which is sixteen to twenty inches
and weigh between 14 to 22 kilograms which is 31 to 49 pounds. The females are naturally a little bit smaller
than males. Number 6: Exercise. If there is something really important to
know about this dog breed, then it is how very active and highly energetic they actually
are. They do need daily proper exercise, mental
and physical. They really have tons of energy and they need
to vent it off. Because they are very intelligent, they need
task oriented play times, good training sessions or some other kind of a job to be happy. You can try some dog sports with them. They are very good at agility, tracking and
flyball. Number seven: Training. This is a very intelligent dog with strong
desire to please. If you combine those two traits together,
you will always have a highly trainable dog. Not only that, the Spanish Water Dog has strong
work ethic and they just enjoy your training sessions. It’s important to be firm and patient but
never harsh on them. They are definitely capable of learning a
lot of tricks and commands. Number eight: Herder. The Spanish Water Dog is a herder in the first
place, they just have it in their blood and it’s very likely they will try to herd everything
including other pets, moving objects and even young kids. That is why you should always supervise them
and not leave them alone with other smaller pets. Number nine: Health. This is a relatively a healthy dog breed with
good life span between 11 to 14 years, but of course, just like all dog breeds, they
do suffer from some health issues. Most commonly from hip dysplasia, progressive
retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, allergies, cataracts and cherry eye. Number 10: living with. It’s true that this is a highly energetic
breed and they need a lot of exercise, but if they are provided with enough exercise,
they are very relaxed and calm indoors. They make great apartment companions. They are also very social and they will want
to do everything with you and it’s very likely they will follow you from one room to another. Yes, even to the toilet. Tell me in the comments what do you like the
most about the Spanish Water Dog and what is your experience with this dog breed. If you are new on this channel, consider subscribing,
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