Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest – Landscape photography journal # 14
Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest – Landscape photography journal # 14

you so today’s video is little bit about
surviving. I don’t make fire all the time. only in the wet if it’s raining or in
winter. I never do fire in summer or when it’s dry and usually there is a
fire ban at that time anyway. just for the safety,
I love forest I don’t want to burn anything you know I don’t want to make
it a wildfire so so that’s that. that’s what wake me up today. I was kind of like
mentally tired. the weather what I saw… I was like… yeah it’s gonna be crappy.
but you know what that fire now makes me… pumps me up actually, so I’m already
alive and if there is any lights tonight I will even take some pictures. I just heard somebody shot somewhere in the hills. did you heard that? it’s hunting season. I not a hunter, i like to see animals alive. just saying, everybody is different needs. everybody has a different needs. this my most used fire starter right
here 🙂 and of course
the smoke always goes anywhere you go the smoke always follows you, that’s the rule I guess it’s supposed to be like that. we have a such a saying in my language
the fire is a good helper but bad master what that means that you know if I’ll
get out of control it’s always bad of course so keep that in mind please
anyway I don’t think I will get any pictures today the lights getting worse
and worse I mean I might get some moody cloudy foggy pictures maybe on the top
of the hill right there. yeah will see if I find some inspiration. once again if
you do fire keep it always safe never leave it unattended. keep it as small as
possible don’t do it in summer on in situation that you don’t necessarily
need it only when you’re really cold when you wet and you know basically in
survival situations and that’s it so always put the fire down when you leave very important the light is not perfect. it is what it is
we’ll do something… alright my friends the light is getting
worse and worse every minute and it’s raining more and more so I don’t think
it’s a good photography situation today but you know what I’ll do whatever I can
it was a nice light earlier here. I was scouting that area. I was beautiful kinda. I
was shooting against the light but then I was sitting this way on those little
peaks that you don’t see now and that was beautiful as well. anyway it is what
it is now I’ll just take that one shot here with that light a little bit in the
sky and those mountains in the background and I think I will get out of
here it is pretty moody, okay I’m here… yeah it
is pretty moody today so it is what it is I got dirty lens. I’m gonna clean
that. i thing I was running with the tripod on my shoulder with the lens pointing
up, oh well. a little bit lower. okay, f11, focus infinity, iso 100 of course white balance cloudy because it’s cloudy :))
and that’s it let me take the shot… here’s the shot. it might be actually good for
timelapse, but I don’t wanna stay here now. not prepared. I mean I am but I don’t have
anything for the camera but I bet it would be nice I’ll probably take it just
a little bit of video footage just you know, to show you. okay, let’s review the
picture. everything in focus you see those I just missed them. anyway
see those are the hills those are the hills that I was talking about earlier,
when I was here scouting. there was like a nice light on those trees and he was
less clouds it was just really pretty well not right now, so… okay so I actually pick these detail
here. up there. I kind of like the light over there. just on the peak, covered by clouds and the light is just poking through just a little bit. it gives to it
just nice little moody atmosphere i guess yeah
the rain is kinda like on and off I thought I would go a little closer to your water
actually I still probably I should go yeah let’s go it’s raining on and off the light it’s
not so good. kinda disaster today photography wise but you what. I still
enjoy it here looks like I found a trail here yeah I rather spend a time here in the
woods even if it’s raining it’s not cold
it’s actually pretty warm again I guess because I was just running around a
little bit I warm up but yeah I mean isn’t it pretty
even in rain it’s absolutely pretty absolutely beautiful as Thomas Heaton
would say. yeah he’s my… he’s somebody who inspired me yeah I have to admit that. I
mean I was always into photography and little bit into videography but
definitely he inspired me. how to take a better picture and even vlogging, but I
know it did inspire many people. and not only him, there are other people’s like Adam Gibbs, lately even a Gavin Hardcastle Nick Page of course. all these peoples
are the ones that I always look up to and … look at the light. oh I gotta shot
that. yeah let me let me set it here it’s absolutely, absolutely beautiful
love it. love it, love it love it of course I’ll taking a few more shots. I feel happy now I do. I have a good shot. I
think I do. think I should still get closer to the water
since the light.. if the light is still there by the time I get to the water
it’ll be.. it’ll be awesome. let’s go. yeah I cannot get really close to it because
it’s really muddy, I mean it’s basically that grass here it’s basically
underneath the water but it’s kind of working out, there is that little kind of
like lagoon here. with that peak on the opposite side. so I think I’ll grab a
shot of that as well Yeah right here… looks like we are pretty lucky because the light… the light is still coming through
the clouds and it’s like absolutely gorgeous it is. I mean with this poor
composition what I was able to find in this hectic moment still beautiful we
have a water we have a forest we have a nice clouds with light what else I can
wish for I mean it doesn’t get any better maybe if I was up there like I
originally planned for backpacking but didn’t feel like today I cancelled out
at the last minute ended up here once again I’m kind of
happy right now let me do my work I’m actually back on the road here
because I was hiking around that Creek for quite a while
my feet are completely wet. well not really just a little bit, the pants. yeah I know the composition wasn’t perfect today the light was kind of like ha ha ha
not so much it was raining on and off all day long I got here, i was kinda
mentally exhausted, but then I made a little fire that basically mentally woke
me up and I got ya I got again energy and I went for the pictures. look at it. it’s still pretty actually it is what it is I mean sometime you have a good
beautiful you know sunset sunrise there’s cotton candies type of shots and
yeah those are pretty different but I like those but sometimes or most of the
time it’s just, just like today, or either a completely clean sky, or overcast and
rain and maybe some light here in there I will leave you right here, with few of
those pictures I guess and I hope you enjoyed that video today, thumbs up,
comments, if you have any questions down below. I will answer all.. all my 20 subscribers, I will answer you guys 🙂 and yeah consider subscribe if you wanna see more crazy adventure, video like this one. don’t forget to hit the bell button that will tell you i have a new video out. and yeah I’ll see you next one. peace. you

4 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest – Landscape photography journal # 14”

  1. Antonio Agamata says:

    It's cool! Sharing your adventure and showing the great landscape. Wait! No bears around?

  2. Dennis Dragan says:

    A very ambitious video project, very well done. Wow… lots of time and effort must have gone into it. The stills were beautiful… no need to worry about the lighting. Two (2) thumbs-up! 👍👍

  3. 3DGEM3 says:

    All that shooting, they were definitely having fun just shooting. Also, I haven't noticed a fire ban in the federal forests, we've always been able to burn.

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