100 thoughts on “Social Media for Photographers – How to Market your Photography Business – Photography Marketing”

  1. Joël Smits says:

    New subscriber and loving your content. This was really helpful! I just have one question. There are quite a few like and comment bots on Instagram. Usually you can tell them apart by how generic their comments are, but most of the time they are the only comments I get. Should I even bother replying to them or just leave them be?

  2. m Cruzado says:

    i've seen just a couple of your videos and told my daughter to watch them also,. I like how down to earth you are and how easy you make things look. I just became a subscribe with this video. Thumbs UP!!!

  3. Czacha Dymi says:

    Love your videos Joe, keep it up. But there is one thing I love the most and I absolutely need to get the answer 😀 Where do you get your shirts from? 😀

  4. eXaviar sanTos says:

    thx again for your vids. im enjoying learning from you. this one supports my idea to evolve my business.

  5. ListenGeneration says:

    well made video — gonna watch part 2 now!

  6. Paulo Martinez says:

    Im a generally new subscriber, and i love your videos, they are very informative and has me reflecting on my techniques. I hope to be as knowledgable as you or more one day !

  7. Vincent Schiphorst says:

    Like your YT!!!

  8. Torgeir Rørvik says:

    Hey Joe Edelman! I am currently working on a Facebook page for myself as a photographer, and wondered if I should or should not have reviews on it? The place where you can rank me from 1 to 5 stars and leave a comment. I am afraid this is to much "try to sell"? I hope you understand, an want to answer 🙂 I like your videos and think you have good quality on your content!

  9. Edgar Barrios says:

    Eres brillante Joe, tienes una manera de captar la atención de tus seguidores y es por la manera tan natural de decir lo que quieres enseñar, te felicito, saludos desde Caracas.

  10. Bryson Martin says:

    Excellent video!

  11. cashino says:

    Great ~

  12. TigerMotionPictures says:

    I'm posting this to see if you will respond i use some of your techniques thank you my work on ig tiger_mp423

  13. Blue Panda Las Vegas Photography says:

    allways soooo useful videos. will never appreciate enough the diy led panels! thanks!

  14. DGYoung Photography says:

    fantastic work. I really appreciate all of the information.

  15. Sobia C'say says:

    Hello! My name is C'say, from Ghana. I must say that this is definitely worth watching over and over again! It is full of helpful tips that you can use throughout your career. Thanks a lot!

  16. Man from PINK says:

    Thank you so so very much. I really needed this especially the engagement part because I had never taken time to reply to the comments on my work, I always thought it was unnecessary but now I know the importance of it..
    can't wait for the next video.

  17. Jimivega says:

    You are great!

  18. Stella KPhotography says:

    Fantastic video. A lot of good stuff 😊 Thank you. I just would like to ask if you have any advice for me if is about the knowledge of tonne able to write the stories to my pictures as I am not good with writing and I need to do this in English which is not my first language. Will be very appreciated for any help and advice.

  19. Jan Engels says:

    Hi… Joe… Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us, I started to join the facebook group too … You can not calculate the amount of time I spent trying to find a video about marketing for serious photographers … the vast majority are just Junk … I wanted to have known your channel years ago … What I like best about it is that the language and content seems to have been directed to me … Thank you very much …

  20. Scott Night79 says:

    Awesome and insightful video Joe thank you.

  21. Riccardo Duò says:

    best video in the subject ever
    you are really good

  22. Jonathan McCallum says:

    Just subscribed! Wonderful video. I'm new to photography and have just started to learn how to share my photography online.

  23. abdulrahim morsi says:

    Great video, rich of informations and tips , thanx joe

  24. Agostino Blando says:

    thanks for your video!!

  25. King Legend 757 says:

    this is an outstanding video. very good content and I learned a lot. I'm a new photographer and am trying to be the very best I can be. thankyou

  26. Osiris S says:

    Really good, really straight forward info, thanks!

  27. Sonny Joseph says:

    Great stuff! Following your example, Thanks,

  28. Carlos Benjamin says:

    This is better (and more needed) than some of the photography content, which is itself worth checking out. Thanks for breaking this down so well.

  29. Lance Krueger says:

    What do you mean "you don't need to be an expert. People don't like experts…" I think of you as an expert in people photography as a full time professional people photographer. And as a full time professional wildlife photographer for the past 25 years (and yes, somewhat of a dinosaur that's researching into social media and trying to find out how to properly do this. Ie. I'm in the research and planning stage), I was thinking about slanting my social media in the future toward me being an "expert" in my niche within the large genera of wildlife photography. Please flesh this out, that I quoted above. When I look to YouTube for info about anything, the guys that I look at who have the most experience, and have been doing this longer than anyone else, and are doing a better job at it than anyone else, are experts, and are the ones that I want to invest my time in to watch and learn from. Could you please flesh this out, Joe? I really appreciate your "expert" opinion ! 🙂

  30. Patricio Gómez says:

    First Video, I just suscribe, really good work man!!! keep it going!!!

  31. Caroline Krueger says:

    Hey, Joe. I've got a question regarding commenting back to every person that comments on your videos and posts. Is it necessary to comment back to EVERYONE? I feel like that would get very overwhelming very fast. What's your strategy for tackling that obstacle on a daily basis? Do you comment back on every social media platform?

  32. Jamal Batawi says:

    This was really helpful, i am having difficulties in building my own reputation since my society is a bet more preserved. Thank you for the information

  33. Vernon Nash says:

    This is business gold. Your content is superb. Many thanks Joe.

  34. Pav says:

    Thanks Joe! Love your work. Keep it up!

  35. Antonio Avolio says:

    You're such a rock star! Btw these tips are so gold for my content, thank you very much 😀

  36. Al Fath Terry says:

    I have to learn how to speak english properly before i connect with people around the world, sorry for my bad english

  37. agus joharudin says:

    Joe, will it be too much consuming to reply every comment on your new and old videos? That is youtube alone, let alone other social medias.

  38. Marcos Enrique Ruiz Rivero II says:

    13:12 Joel that is not 100% true you answer all comment on your channels; i asked you once a questioned; i used to follow others photographers but stop doing it because they never answer any of my questions or comments. so…

  39. photogonboard says:

    minute 12, enough to suscribe!

  40. David Smith says:

    Love it Joe. Nice work as usual.

  41. Elizabeth Michaud says:

    Thank you! This video helped me a lot 🙂 I just started to take pictures as a professional photographer and i have a hard time finding clients, hope your good advices will help me getting more customers! (i'm sorry if my english isn't perfect, i'm from Quebec 🙂 )

  42. josephseason says:

    Ok you got my vote…subbed. Great content.

  43. Rukt says:

    Thank you so much, Joe! This will definitely help me!

  44. ABHINAV SINGH says:

    i love your honest,valuable information and your shirts too. thank you

  45. Ryan Fields says:

    Thanks so much for the video! so helpful!

  46. Mel Beasley says:

    Great video, I'll look forward to the next one as I'm really struggling.

  47. Lewis Baker says:

    A bit late to the party to see this video, but it's very informative and a few things I never gave much thought. Great content mate, cheers!

  48. shutterman1954 says:

    Thank you for this extremely valuable information sir. I needed to have found your channel long ago. I'm going to apply what you are teaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dennis M.

  49. Susan DeWenter says:

    What does "cc welcome" mean?

  50. JS Portrait Studio says:

    I love your energy on your videos! I’d love to photograph you! ♥️

  51. Daniel Snoopeh says:

    Such a great video. Your videos give me a good starting guide!

  52. IV His Praise says:

    Love you Joe! Your "social" is outstanding always!

  53. Bala Chandar says:

    Hi Joe does these methods work in India

  54. Karim Elgoneimy says:

    Starting a side photography business and this has been a very beneficial video. Thank You!

  55. Alex Pritchard 45 and theme says:

    Just subed, nice vid. =)

  56. J. Sudduth says:

    Hey Joe, I just stumbled across this video. I've never heard of you but I am very impressed and I am now a subscriber. Thanks for the common sense and plain talk advice.

  57. Pradeep Javedar says:

    Thanks for the fresh new point of view of the expanding social media platform!

  58. Roth Read Photography says:

    Well worth watching and following Joe's advice – why wouldn't you when he is a social media success! Extremely insightful and very well presented! Joe engages from the beginning, never misses a beat, is straight to the point and entertaining. Thank you Joe – see you in Part II.

  59. Claire Fraser says:

    Great video Joe! So many obvious things that we just don't think about that can make a big difference. Wrote down a few that I'm going to start doing! Thank you!

  60. Fast 5 Fred says:

    Thank you for the great perspective. It's helpful to be reminded of things like this. I need to be more social on social media for sure.

  61. RGB NIHAL says:

    sir am from nepal n i watched ur video this is just very helpfull tq for such video

  62. Nixon JP Trebejo says:

    Any tips for a new comer trying to get into this as a hobby?

  63. Lewis Baker says:

    This is amazing advice! Thank you for the tips! I look forward to using these principles to create the foundation of my own brand! Wish me luck!🙏

  64. tyka666 says:

    Recently I watch a lot of photography tutorials on yt. To put it simply – You are the best of the bunch. Great advices, great photos, great experience and most importantly, I get the impression, thay You genuinly want to share the knowledge and not holding anything back. Great channel. Thank You.

  65. Djalane Mohamed Amine says:

    Awsome awsome tips, I would love to be able to thank you properly one day… Thank's !

  66. Jakob Bourne says:

    Other methods such as influencer marketing can be an effective way in marketing your business, especially when you use reliable platforms for it like phlanx

  67. Kai Lianne says:

    I am so thrilled that I subscribed to your channel! Great advise for a new photographer like myself! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! off to watch part 2…

  68. SylverRaptor says:

    Dude…stop. Dinosaur? Really? You know you see them everywhere right? From the arctics to the deserts. On every tree. etcetera.

  69. Nashith Rasheed says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing all of this tips! By the way i could not find your facebook page?

  70. Josué Bernard says:

    Where’s the next video,i like that one.Thanks for the info.

  71. Mikey Anthonisz says:

    This guy, is the Gary Vaynerchuk of the camera , my prediction we are all gonna snap this intellect info up. Joe Edelman wished I found you sooner.

  72. Arije Mami says:

    He looks just like bobby mares! Very useful video thank you!

  73. Lyndsie Miles says:

    This is exactly what I have been needing! Thank you!

  74. Royce Faggotter says:

    Hi, I found your channel through photo merchant, and I like very much what you say, thank you.

  75. Ajax Rodriguez says:

    I've played this 3 times on a loop! Such great tips and content! Thank you Joe Edelman!!!

  76. Nuts and Bolts says:

    Great information! Wished you would have started the video by saying “grab a pen and paper, your going to want to write this down”. Now I’ll have to rewatch the video and make some notes.

  77. Joey Castellon says:

    I didn't get the "CC Welcome" part. Would anybody mind explaining this to me? Thanks!

  78. Jeremy Lerman says:

    This 2-part clip of yours, Joe, has become the most vital, useful and most important content I've watched in 2018. Learned so much. Can't thank you enough for posting and sharing your wisdom. Sitting here completely astonished, mainly about how poor I've been with social media now that you've drawn my attention to it. You've taught us how to relate to social media in such an eloquent easy to comprehend manner. Wow. The clip of the year for sure. Thank you, Joe, thank you.

  79. Positive Ageing says:

    Hi Joe. I really enjoyed your video. The content was wonderful, helpful and insightful. The way you come across on the video attracts viewers. I found your advice to be spot on and truly useful. Thanks so much for the pep talk and for encouraging others to take up a camera and enjoy the experience. Photography should be fun first and anything else is a bonus. Best wishes for now and yes I did subscribe.

  80. Felipe Santander says:

    I appreciate every video you posted

  81. Glenn Lawrence says:

    Absolutely loved this vid. Your presentation is immaculate and engaging ty.

  82. Dave Morse says:

    G'Day Joe, so many wise words, well done. Thanks Joe, learnt so much. Cheers Dave.

  83. German Bueso says:

    Hi Joe! I really love all your videos, my little work as a photographer has improved a lot since I started to follow you and I think there is a lot, a lot, and a lot of wisdom on each of your videos, I would love to see maybe a series of a revisited version of some of your best early videos but this time with your new gear.
    BTW… Thanks for your videos, "Your best shot is your next shot" means a lot to me in my daily basis.

  84. Alex Grebench says:

    This is a fantastic tutorial! I absolutely love how it skips the gimmicks and goes straight to the essence of what needs to be done. Thank you!!!

  85. Saket Singh says:

    Your maximum points got matched with my view, but I am really very shy to post photos too frequently (atleast twice a week). I'm not sure but it feels like I'm moreover doing show-off, though I have enough photos clicked and is stored in my library.

  86. Photo Panda says:

    Yes I m ready. And it was very helpful.

  87. Axis Imagery says:

    Thank you for this video

  88. Linda Ursin says:

    Happy to hear I'm doing most things right 🙂 Just have to get better about telling stories

  89. Chris Scoggins says:

    Joe, that was one of the best YouTube videos I have ever seen. I love that you promote social discipline and respect! Do you have any plans on writing a book covering all of this? Thanks for the video! Chris

  90. Ramin Izadpanah says:

    You are genuinely good ,great tips and advice….Cheers Ramin 🙂

  91. Mats Andersson says:

    Great stuff, Joe. I'm on it!

  92. Karthik VM says:

    It is very helpful and meaning full points for any photographers

  93. Flex With Geoff says:

    Your videos came to me right on time. I appreciate all the tips and advice and will start engaging more.

  94. Alex Grebench says:

    Look man, I feel trapped. I can’t post consistently to my social media because I just don’t have enough photos to post. I got 2 paid gigs over the last 2 years and I’ve taken the photos of all my friends several times at this point. Sadly I get no referrals, I can’t get more photos to even post online to ‘market’ myself. Sure I have room to grow but I can’t even practice to get better at this point since there’s literally no one to do photo shoots with. I tried to do TFP shoots but every model has flaked and I don’t know what to do. Maybe my work is shit, but from what I can tell it’s at least halfway decent. I apologize if I came across as quite negative, it’s just that I feel so hopeless and helpless when it comes to actually doing photography. Nothing I do makes it better. I don’t want to quit but I also don’t know how to go forward

  95. Super Creative says:

    Great video, Joe! Your energy and presentation is wonderful.

  96. Alexandr Vasiliev says:

    Great video ) Thx a lot for it and Hello. I just started my photography journey and I have few month to try it professionally) Sounds stupid probably, but Ilike it too much, will not forgive myself if I do not try. I learn a lot photography and decided to use Facebook as my starting social media platform. The question is: how much % do you rate own web site in total social media photographers life? Do not know if asked correctly, but assume we have 100%, YouTube 40%, Facebook 40%, site 20%. It is just an example) How do you think it really is for your business? Thx a lot for any reply.

  97. Ed French says:

    Joe, just found this video and it is golden. Solid advice from a sincere pro. Thank you for it!

  98. Elizabeth Marie Photography says:

    Great video! A lot of helpful tips. Where can I find part 2?

  99. Sandra Chatwin says:

    This is GOLD! I feel like I need a notebook to take notes, it is that good. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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