Snowdonia – Making a Landscape Photography Connection
Snowdonia – Making a Landscape Photography Connection

Hello and today I am in Snowdonia I’m
very excited about the day I’ve already got some pretty spectacular 360 degree
views and I have only just set off so it should be a really great day a little
bit windy, but a great day of landscape photography….. let’s go okay so I’m set up for the first shot of
the day and I’ve just been sort of naturally walking up the mountain having
a good look around and I found this little composition here it’s a vertical
shot but I’ve still got some of that flowering heather. It is coming towards the
end of the heather season but there is still a little bit here and as I’ve been
walking I’ve noticed this natural s-curve in the bracken here…or the heather….
sorry as the ditch kind of is going through the landscape and on little each section of the hill that heather is there and flowering nicely and it
just makes a nice s-curve that then leads you up into that mountain above my
head there. It’s not the ideal time of the day but the Sun isn’t in a bad
position for the shot I’m at f/8 and I’ve gone to ISO 200 in order to let me
get up to 1/200 of a second to freeze that heather because there’s so
much wind just blowing about and I want that to be still in the frame and I’m
just waiting for a little bit of light to poke through the clouds just to light
up that bracken…… why do I keep calling it bracken?? It’s heather. I want the light
to come through the clouds to light up that heather because it just comes alive
when the light hits it so that’s what I want it’s gonna brighten
up a few of these rocks here a really nice shot to get me going for the day so
I’m happy with that I’ve just noticed as I’ve been walking up. Right here we go…. a
bit of light in the scene now and that is absolutely brilliant Now when I travel to a new location the
type of quality of shots I get generally will depend on the connection I feel to
a particular area when I visit somewhere I want to understand it I want to enjoy
it and I want to really feel it and build a connection and an emotional
connection with the landscape because once I do that it’s at that point I feel
I can start to tell the story and put some emotion into the shots I capture
sometimes it doesn’t happen and sometimes it does and it doesn’t even
really depend on the actual beauty of the place I once visited the Grand
Canyon and to be honest I didn’t really like it it is a magnificent spectacle
but for me I just didn’t make that emotional connection to the place I
don’t know why it just happens that way sometimes last week when I went to
Anglesey I was overwhelmed with disappointment when I
didn’t get the image that I was looking for and that’s just the sort of type of
photographer I am. I do try to be more stoic to be more practical to have that
even level that can then allow you to sort of overcome these things a little
bit easier but I’m just not like that and get quite emotional about my
photography as you may have seen there are highs there are lows and a lot of
that will depend on how I’m feeling about the landscape around me. I’ve just
been thinking a lot more recently about the actual shooting of landscape
photography getting out and about, why we do it that sort of things I just wanted
to share that little feeling. Right the day’s looking good it’s just so windy
which is why I’ve had to take cover in this little cove here but I’m gonna
crack on get up the mountain now I’ve got a big steep hill ahead of me and I’m gonna
get to the top where I’m hoping there is going to be a really nice composition
for my main image of the day This boulder here has clearly fallen
from the cliff face at some point in the past it’s now covered in heather and it’s absolutely
beautiful. There’s no shot there but it’s very cool. I have not seen anything like that before.
A nice little break from the climb to have a look at that That is a daunting climb Okay. I’ve stopped for the second shot of
the day and a welcome break from this really tough climb. Can you see this tree
here just sticking out of the side of the cliff it looks absolutely
spectacular I just noticed it as I was walking up and it’s sort of set in those
really dark rocks of that cliff and I noticed it at first and then suddenly
like it is now the light struck it through that this tiny little Canyon
it’s only gonna happen at a very specific point in the day and it just
happens to be when I was walking past so I had the 70 to 200 millimeter lens on
there and I’m in at about 120 millimetres just on the tree so I’m
isolating the tree in the frame that’s the main subject that’s nice and bright
you’ve got that golden light on it and then that’s contrasted against that
really dark cliff it’s a very simple shot but it’s gonna work really well
I’m just gonna capture one more see what that looks like
absolutely brilliant Right I’m at the top and it is extremely
windy the top is actually…. or the real top is actually up there that’s Y Garn. I’m not going up there today I’m tired and I have pretty much got
the composition just here that I wanted it’s a very straightforward shot this is
pretty much why I came here to see this viewpoint and it does make a really nice
composition I’ve trekked out on to a little precipice and I’ve got to say it
is very high and a little bit close to the edge even for me I’m not feeling
particularly brave today so in the composition I have the two lakes down at
the bottom of this beautiful valley and then in the foreground I’ve got some of
the rocks at the top of this cliff and a few of the grasses just moving around a
little bit providing a little bit of foreground
interest they’re covered in some beautiful golden light at the moment
it’s definitely not the perfect conditions for this shot it would be
beautiful in a winter sort shot with some snow-capped mountains some
moody light today it’s very bright but there are some clouds so there is a fair
bit of contrast in the scene it’s not too bad it’s still gonna be a good shot
it’s my first time here in Snowdonia so…. woah…. so I can’t…..woah…. it’s it’s been a
great experience today I feel like I have made a bit of a connection….woah…
with this place despite the fact I’m nearly falling off this cliff. So I’m not
going to wait till sunset today I’m just gonna trek back down it was a harsh trek
and I don’t fancy doing it in the dark so I’m gonna trek back down to the car
I might get a little sunset shot down by one of these lakes at the end of the day
and then I have a long drive home back to Yorkshire. Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this video
please leave a comment down below and let me know what you think I would
really really love to hear from you I do read all the comments I reply to as
many as I possibly can depending on what I’m doing but I’ll hopefully see you on
another one very soon head over to to check out the
workshops and you could come on a trip like this with me get a bit of tuition, a bit
of guidance from me and really improve your landscape photography. Anyway I will
see you on another one very soon I’m Adam this is First Man Photography in……. Snowdonia Out!!!!

93 thoughts on “Snowdonia – Making a Landscape Photography Connection”

  1. Gareth Kelley says:

    Blimey Adam, I was up at Llyn Idwal myself yesterday. My fiancee and I climbed around Lllyn Bochlwyd and across to Llyn Idwal. Lighting was challenging, but the weather was excellent. The Gylders and Tryfan are spectacular views I think. The Ogwen Valley is one of my favourite places on earth though. Cracking images as always pal!

  2. Dave Vowles says:

    Yep another interesting vlog Adam and the final shot was certainly worth the exhilarating climb. It was amazing to see the tree growing from the side of the cliff. Impeccable timing as well to get that small moment in the day to capture the sun on it. I wonder how many others have passed it and not noticed it, never mind being lucky enough to have the sun shine on it an Excellent BONUS. .

  3. Hamish Beck says:

    Adam, as always great stuff, beautiful last image, but please stop RUNNING up those mountains !

  4. Howard Allen says:

    I'm glad that you're back with your usual enthusiasm after last week and with some good shots.

  5. Phill T says:

    As always, great video and brilliant images

  6. NicholasEJones says:

    The tree image is great Adam love the vlog

  7. Howie Mudge says:

    been to Llyn Ogwen and Llyn Idwal many many times it's a beautiful place to photograph ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. scotty4418 says:

    That's the beauty of it all Adam, the image of the tree being an example. That is you have captured a moment never to repeated again. Was a great image and the others were great too

  9. Michael Freitag says:

    Like it like all the last ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Trevor Sadowski says:

    As always Adam you make me wish I lived in a different part of the country!ย  Great video, glad you didn't fall!

  11. Christian Schoter says:

    Good vlog Adam, Wales is a place I must visit to photograph sometime!

  12. David Raynor says:

    feel that exact same emotion think it is made more impactful with me suffering from anxiety but the highs are great, had a feeling you were livin in yorkshire like me by the roads you show when setting off

  13. John jon says:

    Nice work -God bless!

  14. mark pursglove says:

    We were there 3 weeks ago, Cwm Idwal is one of the greatest places i have seen. Great Video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Darren Bellhouse says:

    Another excellent vlog

  16. John Horner says:

    Good to see you didn't stick to the 'tripod hole shots' Adam and tackled Devil's Kitchen. Well worth it for the images you captured and the light on that tree is just one of those magical moments that we all hope for. Well done.

  17. Toby Barker says:

    great stuff. I live on Anglesey, visit Cwm Idwal regularly, and I always find something new to shoot.

  18. Ian Blackman says:

    Excellent video the views from the mountains are absolutely spectacular now I know where I am going to go next year. Looking for some advice is it better to have a wide angled lens especially for landscape photography and which one would be the best for my Nikon D7100

  19. Renegade Scot says:

    Looks a stunning place to visit and photograph. Atb

  20. Edward Snow Nature Photography says:

    Great work! I appreciated this video in that my family on both sides comes from this area of the British Isles. I need to travel there one day and capture this area with my camera. I enjoy your content!

  21. LightroomTV says:

    Llyn Idwal is an excellent location for some landscape photography. We we're up there earlier this year, but the weather was pretty changeable in February.

  22. Nick Livesey Photographing the Snowdonia Mountains says:

    Hi Adam, I really enjoy your videos and it was a great to see you here in Snowdonia. I live just 10 minutes away from the Ogwen Valley and know these mountains intimately. As a photographer with a mountaineering background no one knows the Snowdonia mountains better than me. If you ever return and want a guide then give me a shout. Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. andy mcwatters says:

    love your enthusiasm,great vid

  24. Anci says:

    Heya Adam, what's the 70-200 you took the tree shot with? Can't find a 70-200 in your gear link.

  25. Narek Bagrian says:

    Hey Adam are you still doing the vlogging parts on the 800D? Im thinking of picking one up soon as my first camera

  26. Scott Hughes Photography says:

    Great Vlog Adam, Snowdonia is simply stunning and I need to get back there at some point

  27. Peter Ellarby says:

    That must have been a long day, but great photos, so worth it.

  28. bujin1977 says:

    Great video. I always like seeing photography videos involving places I know well. I'm a fairly regular traveller to Cwm Idwal – or at least, I was last year. I've been exploring other places this year and haven't been up there since March.

    (Just a side note, Y Garn is pronounced "uh garn".)

  29. Rick PLAYLE says:

    Another fine presentation Adam , very cool location indeed, just wondering how old are the tracks and paths in that area, they look well trodden, have they been there since antiquity ?? cheers

  30. Drew Anderson says:

    Adam, thanks for the video. I certainly relate to the part where you talk about 'connecting' with a subject : I, too, find myself quite emotional about my photography and a good 'connection day' can make all the difference to my mood. Keep 'em coming ! Drew Anderson

  31. Graham Fennell says:

    Hi Adam, great video. Been watching you for a while now but this is my first ever comment! Definitely can relate to you wanting to make an emotional connection to a place before you can produce great work, without soul there is no art. Keep up the good work.

  32. Sandra Dann says:

    It is the emotional connection for me as well. Love your approach to landscape photography. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    PS I like your cap turned backwards ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  33. Lloyd Evans says:

    Did the 4 peaks in May which was an absolute killer, don't envy you doing it on your tod. Great shot. Beautiful location that i'm definitely going to have to go back to when the weather is a little better.

  34. Rob Outen Photography says:

    Great vlog Adam, I was there a few weeks ago in horizontal rain! Made taking images really hard but that's why it's enjoyable. Fantastic images, really like the lone tree one. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Graham Barnett says:

    Some great difficult video footage there Adam.

  36. izzy abuleela says:

    What a beautifully composed lone tree. I know we have to get lucky with the elements sometimes but you put the hard work in in getting up that mountain path and it p[aid off. Great vid please keep them coming.

  37. Quaker521 says:

    I agree with you about the connection Adam. I was up Sutton Bank last week and just did not feel anything and did not even take a picture and yet the area holds a place in my heart as I remember going there year on year with my parents picking bilberries! Of course I may have just been having an off day – plus I do tend to lose my mojo through the summer. Roll on autumn.

  38. Derek Willson says:

    Hi Adam, I never tire of being in Snowdonia, stayed overnight in my little tent at Llyn Bochlwyd in March this year, Very cold and windy but got some cool (no pun intended) images. Lovely shot of Pen yr Ole wen ,the colours at this time of year are lovely, see you next time Del.

  39. Dominik Sobieniak says:

    Its time to get a tent Adam =D

  40. Thomas Johansson says:

    I love the tree image. Don't get me wrong, I love the wide open expanse shots as well, but there's something mystical about that dark rock wall background and the lit tree in the middle.

    Love hearing you thinking your way through the shots as well, such as pulling up the ISO to have enough speed to freeze the motion of the heather. That's the kind of small detail I don't always think about when I'm out shooting.

  41. Miguel A. Corona says:

    Fabulous Adam. You got your workout on this one – the heather has been my favorite on these last two vlogs. Great color contrast. Cheers!

  42. Photografia Australis says:

    Great photographs and Vlog, and yes, making a connection to a landscape is sometimes not as easy as one thinks. At times the grandeur of the place can be overwhelming and can lead to an image-maker feeling as if his missing something. Nothing that a good warm cup of tea and stillness of the mind can't solve.

  43. Andrew Marr says:

    Wow, so this is what Snowdonia actually looks likes…amazing! I was there about 2 months ago and I didn't get these breathtaking views. Instead I had nonstop rain, low cloud and high winds (not great conditions for landscape photography or vlogging). It was wonderful to see another side of Wales, with the gorgeous purple flowers, majestic mountains and stunning lakes. No wonder it's a popular place for photographers. It was such a treat to watch your experience of Wales Adam, thanks for sharing this mate!

  44. Gary Clayton says:

    On a recent trip to The Lake District I too had problems with the hight . Great video

  45. montrealfilmguy says:

    Adam doing landscapes in Snowdonia.I'm already giddy with my sandwich ready the first minute of video when he says.."Let's go ! "

  46. MrPanthers23 says:

    Love your videos/photos. When you show us your final images, would you mind showing your settings?

  47. Straight says:

    Thanks Adam. I was there two weeks ago, the road from Bala to Capel Curig is breathtaking.

  48. Teresa hikes says:

    I am jealous..i want to visit snowdonia!

  49. Craig Wliams says:

    Thanks great blog as usual Adam

  50. alexander peckham says:

    Nice video as always. Was wondering what bag where u using in this video?

  51. tonybassplayer says:

    Great vlog Adam. Got my first trip to North Wales planned for early October and really looking forward to it.

  52. Alun Finnigan says:

    Your one of my go to 'photography vloggers' Adam. Your work always inspires me to get out to do more. The tree image is definitely the 'highlight' here – its ironic that your surrounded by magnificent landscape and a simple tree takes the honours

  53. Ginger Photographer says:

    … climbed the Miners track back in August, first time as an adult but when I was a young boy I think we probably climbed it 10 times!

  54. Chris Hewitt says:

    Hi Adam, That is a truly spectacular bit of countryside and I could imagine visiting it many many times and always finding something interesting. Always enjoy your videos. ย Cheers Chris

  55. Alan Minshall says:

    Brilliant. Love it

  56. Jarrod Tobeck says:


  57. ฮฮŸฮœฮ› says:

    the issue with somewhere like the Grand Canyon though is that it takes time to find some feature or element and connect with it, time which a holiday may not permit. nice upload again adam, im climbing snowdon next month hopefully get some good images too. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Paul Burwood says:

    Hi Adam. What would be interesting is a VLOG on how you processed your first image, as it looked so much better as a still than in the filming. I also really liked your other images, although it was a bit of a shame about the shadow created by your camera and tripod in the third image. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Overall, I liked the final image the best.

  59. Mark Bray says:

    Wow Adam, so glad you got some good weather for those wonderful Images.

  60. Elzbieta Arno says:

    Thanks Adam, some more wonderful images. The Welsh countryside is so picturesque, like much of the UK.

  61. No Bullshit Promotions says:

    So jealous of you my man. Spectacular place, do you plan to do some Scotland Highlands? Or what is your next trip gonna be? love your vids

  62. Mike Mitchell says:


    Stoicism is for the weak, L'audace, l'audace, toujours de l'audace!

    I am envious of your Snowdonia trip. It's an enchanting location, but a daunting drive from Nashville.

    As our friend and friendly competitor Paul G Johnson might say, "Job's a good-un!"


  63. Tony Turner says:

    Lovely images, Adam. Especially liked the 'sole' tree on the cliff face. Regarding the lovely final image of the two lakes taken before you headed down: did you use a polariser as the colours in the sky were beautiful? Great stuff.

  64. David A Griffiths says:

    So glad you connected with my local patch! It is pretty special round here. Would love to show you a few more interesting localities if you're back again in future …

  65. Peak photography project Chris Nowell says:

    Yep weather wise can be a harsh place. You have captured it all light up very well indeed ๐Ÿ‘

  66. Mike Perea Photography says:

    Great channel my friend. I just started watching a few videos and I love it! Keep up the great work! Just subscribed!

  67. Tim Blake says:

    Awesome images Adam great video as usual, nice to see Wales without the rain for a change hehe! Snowdonia certainly has some awesome vistas.

  68. Paul Bell says:

    This really is a beautiful place. Looked a tough climb though. Great images as always ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. Westenberger Stephan says:

    Hello Adam,I know exactly what you mean aboutย going out. So imagine all your pictures you have taken are gone and you`d need to ask yourself only one question (keeping the mentioned picture loss aside) and that is: Have you had a good day and did you enjoy being outsideย to explore and enjoyย nature and landscape? If your answer is Yes, then you did everything right! Easy right?
    If you can share in addition your pictures you took (which is on one side a reward for yourself) to tell others how magnificant the landscape was, is an additional reward for the audience.ย I guess this is why we watch your vblog, either to see new spots, watch great landscape or get new ideas out of what you share. Cheers, Stephan.


    when can i see a astro photography from u ?

  71. zenvis50 says:

    Your passion and pics at the end always inspire me. Learning and enjoying my photography too. I have made a few YT vids with my Nikon P900.

  72. Mike Robertson says:

    That looks like a cracking day and the shot you got of that tree was great. ย I was up there in February this year where we tried to get a sunrise shot from the top but had to turn back after 3/4 of the way as it was getting waist deep in snow and a little too precarious. ย To get back down we done it the quick way, sat down and slid all the way to the wee lake at the bottom, great fun.

  73. Ryan Mutch says:

    Snowdonia is on my bucket list whenever I eventually make another trip to the UK. Love those views.

  74. Paul Compton PDphotography says:

    Great eye Adam

  75. Dion Wright says:

    Great vlog again, thanks Adam

  76. Keith Grafton says:

    Consistent quality and great time-lapse as usual. So much work and effort appreciated by your subscribers.

  77. Charlie Barber says:

    Can you use a cheap SLR to see if it affects you shots

  78. Noel Ritchie says:

    Thank's Adam your work is inspirational, loved the tree image, I really look forward to each of your videos.heading off tomorrow myself on a two week photographic trip to China
    Noel Ritchie. Geelong, Australia

  79. Andy McDonald Photography says:

    Great video Adam, really love that tree shot. Looks so simplistic but lovely at the same time.

  80. martin waters says:

    Really great vlog Adam. Enjoyed it a lot. I'm just trying to persuade the Mrs to book me on one of your days for Xmas present. Cheers

  81. Gary Gough says:

    Another great video Adam. Glad to see you're making a connection to Gods country ๐Ÿ™‚ figure of speech of course, I'm not bible bashing ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  82. ankur jhunjhunwala says:

    Lovely video, Adam! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  83. Yamanotefy says:

    There are such lovely places where you reside Adam … thank you for taking us with you.
    Always like a little holiday from everyday life!

  84. Andy Carlisle says:

    Great video Adam. Beautiful landscape and worth the trek. I know what you mean about emotional connection with a landscape. For me the Scottish Highlands and North East Coast. It's something about connecting with memories and visiting over and over again. Keep up the good work.

  85. Stephen Heath says:

    You are very dedicated, I love your videos, I love your passion, Snowdonia is beautiful, and your photos do it justice, I'm glad you had a better day than last weeks on Anglesey. Thank you.

  86. mcgarnacle21 says:

    Love what you said about the emotional attachment of a location. One of my favourite places to go isn't particularly beautiful but it's where I took my first sunrise photo so there's a real connection there and I feel it every time I go.

    The tree shot was stunning as well. One of your best in my opinion. How lucky and what a great eye you have to have seen that.

  87. Gareth Danks says:

    One of my favourite places in snowdonia. That and ogwen lake the other side are stunning. Hope to do a vlog there very soon! Amazing place for Astro snaps too! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ“ท

  88. Ian Brown says:

    Hi Adam another very informative real world video. I was in the Lakes all last week and like you got some "nice" images but not what I would call wall hangers. Mainly because I didn't get up early enough or stay out late enough to get the best light, which is so important. You are very limited to what you can achieve under harsh lighting. You certainly got higher than I could ever get, maybe black and white may work better under strong light but I have always struggled getting fine art images with the sun above.

  89. A Baker says:

    wow – Thanks for sharing. I'm going up to snowdonia tomorrow (from south wales where i'm from). I'm going to do some mountain walking and trying out my new 10-18mm lens. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder to look for things to shoot on the way up, not just at the top.

  90. peace of cake says:

    You're one of the very few with whom connect truly as a photographer and making a photograph. Keep creating <3

  91. Stephen Riley says:

    Hi Adam, I enjoy your videos! I have a static caravan on Anglesey so there was particular interest in the last 2. It's a shame you didn't get better light at Llanddwyn, did you know that a golden hour shot made the Country File calendar a couple of years ago? I have also been to Devil's kitchen a few times, usually have my grandchildren with me so I was pleased to see what it looks like from higher up and it was stunning. Next time you should go to Llyn Padarn and shoot the lone tree( loads of shots on Flickr), maybe South Stack Lighthouse too, but there are loads of opportunities in North Wales

  92. Jared Barnes says:

    Great video! I'm heading over to this exact spot next week so very helpful to get some more composition inspiration!

  93. Choco Later says:

    Lovely place Snowdonia. I am sure you will make connection with mountains Pico Ruivo in Madeira island (Portugal). Definitely worth visiting for few days I suggest one week.

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