Smartphone Food Photography | Lenses and Portrait Mode
Smartphone Food Photography | Lenses and Portrait Mode

9 thoughts on “Smartphone Food Photography | Lenses and Portrait Mode”

  1. Rose Johnson says:

    This video is SUPER helpful as I'm always snapping pics of food that I'm about to cook, am cooking or have cooked! Knowing how to capture these subjects in the right way is most definitely important when trying to communicate visually. Thanks so much for the information, new subscriber here!

  2. K.M. Robinson says:

    Great tips! I love food photography (granted, I do it with my giant professional camera, which is super fun to hold over food, but you totally know how that is!)

  3. WholeWorker - Paul Peixoto says:

    Great tips. Keep up the great work!

  4. Steph Shinabery says:

    I found these so helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Andrew Appel says:

    This is incredibly useful! So many food bloggers need to know this!

  6. Anna Svedberg says:

    Yes, totally been looking for a video like this! 🙂 Super helpful thanks!


    Help! Just posted a picture and took your advice on the lock mode.
    Scrolled the bar to adjust light but it was still a little too orange in the background. What did I do wrong?


    Btw. Love your videos. I always learn. Thank you for that! Keep em coming!

  9. The Omega 3 Zone says:

    Great tips. Useful for non-food items, too. Thanks for sharing.

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